Ramblings #0675

8.27am – On my way to the course. Feeling okay except the thought of tonight’s dinner makes my blood boil. I guess it won’t be a good day with that thought in my head. But as I’d mentioned. There’s a limit to how MUCH I can tolerate on such nonsense. And this just ain’t one of them.

9.32am – I dislike you. And as long as you talked, I feel like punching you. *When stupidity chases after you even when you are far away…*
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Thoughts – Bully. Old. Sadist. Sucks.

I’ll probably be MORE than just a little sarcastic when I’m writing this as I’m simply totally beyond spoken words. And the more I think about it, the more it’s driving me NUTS! I don’t care and I’m not going to care if somehow it’s going to cost me my job to write on my OWN blog. I’ve got my rights, mind you! It’s just beyond my level of acceptance of stupidity and considerateness of a person!

Great, so let’s start by having some conversations-made-up!

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Ramblings #0674

8.56am – It’s Tuesday. Tuesday… Tuesday…

12.59pm – ONE BIG THING DOWN! Collected the thousand tickets from USS. It’s Family Day this Saturday! Can’t wait to go for it!

1.08pm – Oh. I’m supposed to bring my lappie back home today… Urgh…

1.27pm – Suddenly feel like going back home and cuddle my baby.

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Food – Ministry of Food (MOF) @ AMK Hub

What do you do when you are so pissed off, and needed something to balance yourself up? One of the easiest way – EAT! After hearing all the bad news early this morning, my whole day was almost ruined. It didn’t take me long to decide that I’ll go for a nice meal so as to perk myself up (and probably applies the same for my colleagues). And so, right at the lunch time, we dashed off as quickly as possible, to Ang Mo Kio Hub.

So here we are, at the MOF @ Japanese Sweets & Coffee at Ang Mo Kio Hub. It’s located at the basement 1 of the AMK Hub, relatively near to one of the escalators. For this branch, there’s only Japanese food, and there’s quite a wide varieties. The prices are quite affordable too although for the same price, I might prefer Ichiban instead.


I ordered a salmon set, and it cost me around $20. Consist of the salmon and 3 pieces of tori karaage, miso soup, rice and a small little cup of tea. Would be a lot better if they include the chawanmushi. *LOL* Nonetheless, it tastes not too bad.

Not really my first option when it comes to Japanese food, but still, it’s edible. And with it’s accessibility plus the lunch and dinner crowd everywhere else, this could just be one of the options with lesser people (if you are damn hungry and couldn’t wait).

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Ramblings #0673

3.33am – That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. Little milkie’s been tossing and turning, and making noises (she’s awake), so she will be fed. And I’m going to clear my stomach that had been tossing and turning too for the past half an hour!

4.01am – No good. Stomach don’t feel good still.

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Movie – The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Did we escape and sneak out again?! YOU BET! *LOL*
Okay, I know we (lil’ hub and I) are being really naughty to have ran out like that in the middle of the afternoon, but I wouldn’t want to miss this one, especially when the trailer seems so nice!


A fantasy story, based on a novel (after which at the end of the whole movie, after I googled a little, then I realized) by Cassandra Clare, this is a story about this teenage girl, Clary (starring Lily Collins) who started to see weird things and a symbol which she couldn’t understand. And after an incident where she saw a guy (Jace, starring Jamie Campbell Bower) killing another in a pub, things became even weirder. Her mum, who apparently hid some truth from her, didn’t get the chance to explain to her, and was captured by the bad guy, named Valentine.

By the time Clary went back to her house, she was greeted by this monster dog. Luckily, Jace came to her rescue and killed the monsterous dog. After that, Clary found out that her mum, like Jace, is a shadowhunter, and that she hid the truth from her, so as to protect her.

Nice? Well, I’d never read the novel before, so as one who just watch a new movie, it wasn’t too bad, really. There might be some parts where it’s a little cheesy and blurry, like the one where Jace and Clary kissed at the garden. And then there’s this portion where I don’t understand why Hodge (an old guy who used to be a shadowhunter) were so scare of Valentine. And then I don’t understand why the portal will just freeze and explode. And what’s the purpose of the mortal cup again?

Oh, am I divulging a little too much?

Well, why not just stop wondering, and go watch it, and then subsequently wait for it’s sequel to come out. Alternatively, like what I’ll be doing, search for the novels and read it!

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Ramblings #0672

Let’s catch up on my work while little milkie and lil’ hub is still snoring away…


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Ramblings #0671

The eyes are closing but yet the brain refuses to call it a day. Tons of projects and ideas still awaits my attention to be completed. Am I being a tad too ambitious?

I’ve got another week to complete and reach my goals for this month. I must PERSEVERE! PRESS ON!!

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