Ramblings #0726

9.03am – Definitely feeling better today as opposed to yesterday! Maybe it’s for the fact that I’d had some good sleep and thus the happier mood. Today marks the last day of October and it’s the HALLOWEEN! Seems like there wasn’t really much fate for me to paint my nails to orange and black (pinky still injured). But it’s alright. Life’s still good!

Okay, am going to plan for the month of November. Let’s hope and pray that I get a little bit more organized than October. As I’d mentioned, it’s been quite bad this month. Again, life’s still good. *LOL*

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Ramblings #0725

9.06am – I’m back in the *urgh* office. Mornin’…

9.13am – It’s a bad month. The month of October where nothing much was done. Everything seems to be hanging half way. November doesn’t seem like a good month to start anything major too. So that left with the month of December. So… let’s just leave November to more planning and preparations.

10.32am – Hungry… the breakfast is not filling enough. How? If I eat something now, I’ll be too full later on for lunch. Urgh.

11.37am – I’m writing the SMART goals but it seems more of DUMB goals to me. DUMB – Doubtful, Useless, Meaningless, Boring. What is the point of re-writing it when each and every task is already written and provided to me? Why am I still in this company? I kept asking myself. But would changing to other jobs make life better? 2 years had passed since I first came in. Can I survive for another 2 years? Or maybe I should decrease it to 1.5 years, and not be so responsible, and that would probably make me feel better… *LOL*

2.26pm – Still feeling… low…

2.57pm – Feeling unbalanced.

3.01pm – On a day such as that, it’s best to stop doing everything and just clear your mind and relax. The aura is bad. Time is crawling. I’m dreading the work that I do.

4.42pm – Just finished discussing the goals with my boss. Seriously, what’s the point? I don’t see much benefit other than it taking an hour plus off from my time today. I’m still as moody and I reckoned it must have been due to the unbalance of work & life. I’ll probably have to work harder on that to keep my spirit up!

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Ramblings #0724

6.52am – It’s no joke. I’m taking MC today to see my poor knees that’s giving me problems since the age of 10. But recently, it seems to have deterioated to an extent that I find it worrying. Or should I say, I didn’t really care nor know much when I was younger. As you get older, your worries start to increase and it definitely isn’t assuring to know that the “jelly” between the joints can wear out totally.

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Ramblings #0723

8.19am – Ah! I didn’t know that the lil’ hub won’t be sending me to work! Die… I’m not even dressed yet!

8.48am – Saw the passenger alighting from a cab. Looked at the watch… Should I or should I not? Hmm… Hmm… Let’s see if I’m fated. If the cab comes before I reached the junction, I’ll take. ^^

8.52am – I’m glad I took the cab…

9.48am – Finished my breakfast and calculated my total damages for the past few weeks of uncontrolled shopping. Die… Almost $3,000! O.O”’ How did it end up there? With Christmas coming, I wonder how am I going to top up that amount back into my bank… *facepalm* Who ask you to shop so much…

10.44am – I really wonder what’s the point of setting the goals when it’s being set by the TOP and not by own self. Hmm…

11.30am – The office seems a little quiet today. The admin’s on compassionate leave and the other two are nowhere to be seen. Typing’s proved rather difficult for me today too, since my nail on my tiny finger (left hand) cracked. It’s now then I realized that it’s so important to me for pressing the few buttons such as Ctrl & Shift. Ouch, still hurts when I uses it.

5.10pm – Urgh! Tried to figure out on how to fix the vertical thumbnails for the whole day and still couldn’t fix it! So annoyed with myself!

5.16pm – That’s it for today. I give up. I’m going to try another method to stop myself from wasting more time.

11.52pm – WOOHOO! I solved it! I solved it!! Let’s call for a celebration by taking MC tomorrow! *LOL* Bon nuit, minnasan!

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Ramblings #0722

9.14am – The head somewhat feels heavy after the “fight” earlier on. But well, she’s sleeping peacefully now, which is definitely a good thing. I tried but that’s as much as I can sleep for now. Hmm… wonder if we’ll be going anywhere later on… Maybe bring mum out to shop or else she’s going to be stuck at home tomorrow again. Realy glad that it’s a Saturday and that I don’t need to work.

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Ramblings #0721

9.11am – This is one of the reasons why I’m beginning to detest my work place. Forced & fake celebration.

11.24am – The mood is still as bad. Maybe, I should really start looking elsewhere, even though my plans for the second baby might still be on the way.

1.49pm – Half the day’s gone. Thank goodness. The time is difficult to pass… very…

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Thoughts – Diet & Food Log

Is this a good day to start the dieting and exercising plan? I’m not too sure but I’m definitely more determine to try once again after my 25″ Levi’s denim skirt could not be EVEN pulled up through my big fat hip just a while ago. SIGH. Not to mention my chunks of other nice dresses that’s chucked at a corner in my wardrobe. I can only say, it’s better than 6 months back but seems like there’s still a long way to go…

Well, my previous one month plan disappeared into thin air but now I’m going to try again. After all, failure is just part and parcel of life! So, I’m just going to put this post as a STICKY. And note down the kind of food that I’m eating and the exercises that I did, and also the clothes that I wear (my mum’s been complaining that I kept wearing the same few clothes only). Too bad that my knee’s been giving me some extremely big problem which made jogging totally impossible. Anyway, GANBATTE! Here I go… AGAIN, my 1 month plan! *Never say die…*

Updated: (31 October 2013) Let’s start everything on a new month! And that’s tomorrow!! :p

Updated: (5 November 2013) FAILED! *LOL*

01.11.13 Breakfast – Milo + 6pcs Biscuits  NIL wear-log-20131101
Lunch – Bah Chor Mee + 4 Zhui Kueh
Dinner – 1 Fried Chicken Breast
Snacks – Milk
Water – 8 cups
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Ramblings #0720

6.52am – Really envy those people who had no issue with sleeping, and can sleep anywhere and everywhere. I’m awake, again, since almost an hour ago. Thanks to little milkie who dropped her pacifier, and my bladder for insisting to go for a release.

I seriously wonder what’s the problem here. Have had this sleeping disorder since years and years ago. Sigh… Anyway, am taking full day leave instead of half day.

8.08pm – For the sale! Am dead tired and sitting at Outback. Stoning. Brain dead.

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