Ramblings #0749

8.51am – I don’t look exactly that beautiful. Just a normal average petite looking girl but yet (weirdly) at times, I still get stares and whistles from guys, even till now. Euk. I hated that. What’s wrong with all these people? Isn’t there other better choice?? -.-”’ I’m so much better off if you leave me alone.

9.05am – Am I considered early today? ^^ *happy mode*

10.12am – I need to force myself to crack my brain for that stupid error which I still can’t find since yesterday. Somewhere, the data had to be wrong. So let’s just let the rest do some hard work. Shall not think too much today. I’ve still got lots to discuss with the lil’ hub later on.

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Ramblings #0748

1.52pm – Can you believe it? I’m starting my blogging today only at this time. Yes. That’s how busy I am, for some reasons. Woke up late, reached office late at around 9.24am. Received a call from the Malaysia colleague right after I entered the office. Boss happened to walk pass (and I’m so glad I’m on the line) but never said anything. Then I proceeded to solve the issue on the report, which I didn’t manage to before the training started at 10am. And I’m ON THE LINE again now because of this issue which wasn’t solve earlier this morning. Anyway, training ended on a very fun note (I gave them a set of 20 questions test which I set), and I took a picture of the “students”. Will definitely miss one of them soon, who tendered and will leave by end of next month. Lunch came and I went up, packed the food and got a call from the lil’ hub. Ended up eating with him under a void deck. Had a nice discussion, and let’s just say, hopefully our goal will really be fulfilled. It really did sound a lot more workable than his property ideas now. We’ll see…

4.16pm – Still stuck at the report issue… what is missing? And now the excel hung my computer…

5.23pm – The whole sky has darken… damn… I hate rainy days at times…

5.29pm – It’s 5.30pm. Should I go now or should I wait a while? Hmm… my boss saw me coming in late today… damn damn damn. It’s going to rain…

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Food – Lexus Fast Food @ Far East Shopping Centre

Been on a hiatus for a tad too long on my reviews. Blame it on the mood swings that doesn’t seem to go away. So, let’s start picking myself up by having some nice food! And it definitely is a good decision to tag along with this colleague of mine, while she selects her future maid, for she always bring me to places which I seldom go.

So here goes, introducing Lexus Fast Food! *LOL* It’s a funny name, I thought, the moment I saw it. And am a little surprise that there’s actually around 4 people queuing to buy the food. It had nothing to do with the fast food that I knew like McDonald’s or KFC. It’s just a small little shop with 4-5 tables, and is a little choky everytime the uncle started to stir fry something. And other than fried rice, bee hoon etc. on their menu (pasted on the window), they have some vegetables rice kind of stall at a corner.

It’s just cheap and simple local food located in the expensive central area – level 5 of Far East Shopping Centre. Good choice if you are working around the area. $3.50 for a relative big plate of fried rice. No presentation or ambience, definitely. BUT again, it’s cheap, and it tasted not too bad. I ordered the salted fish fried rice and there sure are pieces of salted fish around (unlike some where you can hardly find it).


Oh yes, last but not least, the sambal chilli tasted quite alright too.  ^^

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Ramblings #0747

1.03am – Great. The baby’s finally asleep. I wonder why does she likes to fight against her bio clock and keep herself awake? Hmm…

1.10am – Let’s start wrapping the presents! The mum’s starting to nag! And I know I need to pack my room a little too. It’s getting too crowded… actually… I just need to move it back to my own home but… never mind…

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Ramblings #0746

8.52am – How nice it is, to know that, I’m forgotten, early in the morning…

9.10am – Hush hush little milkie… Mummy needs to go and work… I’ll come back and play with you okay? I promise…

9.18am – Despite the fact that eventually you did send me to work, I felt like I’m no longer in your vision. Your whole world is filled with your new excitement and there’s totally no space for neither myself nor the baby. You are too tired yourself such that you can’t even handle it properly. How, then, can you handle the rest of the things?

Am I to be really what the prophecy said? To give and never to expect? Then, what happens when I’m really down now? Am I really to be on my own? Can you, just take a look at me, now? Even if it’s just for a short while…

9.32am – Once again, the decision to go on a holiday overseas or locally had been dismissed off. Is it really that difficult? Or should I simply just proceed to go ahead and book without your agreement? You’ve got a trip to look forward to, be it for leisure or business. I told you that I DESPERATELY needed a break but till now, I’ve got NOTHING to look forward to. And not to remind you that I’m still running on empty fuel.

11.08am – It definitely doesn’t help to have people around you having the same kind of negative thoughts and feelings…

1.24pm – For weeks, I dwell in this vicious cycle which I’m trying to get out. But this time round, the wall seems much higher than it used to be and I felt hopeless. Sending a help signal to the wrong person at the wrong time makes the hope of getting out of it even more bleak. I’m frustrated. Frustrated with my brain for always sinking every now and then.

3.18pm – While the brain is a little cleared out after a walk, let’s do some work.

5.16pm – … and he asked me to remember to pull myself away… because no one will does that for me…

7.07pm – Time to go relax and clean my face a little. Hope it lifts the mood up.

10.28pm – Took almost an hour to, ONCE AGAIN, convince the auntie to choose a better school over a convenient average school. What’s more, it isn’t the choice of my cousin. The word is “TRY”. If you don’t try, you will never get it. But if you TRY, who knows, you might be lucky and strike a lottery. Right? Thankfully, she gave up fighting at the last moment. Sigh… I’m glad this will only be a ONE time.

Now… time to turn to the active baby…

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Ramblings #0743

9.32am – There are ups, and there are downs. But when the downs get a little too much, that’s when you need to raise the red flag and get help. It’s another down day, drowning myself in unknown spaces. Am running on empty fuel. Am drained of energy. Am a zombie today.

I reached out my hand this morning but yet I’m still not sure if that hand will be out there, waiting.

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