Ramblings #0772

9.15am – The energies are very positive today. I’m full of it to make sure that I cleared off as much things as possible. Today, is the last day of 2013, and 2014 is going to be a really discipline year. I had to, in order to succeed. So… GANBATTE! And a very GOOD MORNING!

9.25am – Let’s start with the blog…

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Thoughts – SMART New Year Goals 2014

Hi, a very good morning from a really sleepy person. Why am I up so early? Well, I’m trying to note down an early New Year resolution for next year and so I’m giving up my sleep and waking up a tad earlier to type this out before the little one wakes up and I had to start playing with her. You see, it really ain’t as easy as last time. Even when I tried to write down briefly my SMART goals last night, I had to resort to using plastic crayons on the rough paper, because I’m pretty sure that she will want to write too. Indeed, she came over the minute she saw the paper and writing tools in my hand. That explains the numbers and some scribblings on the paper -.-”’


2013 had been a very messy year. Though I did manage to attend some short courses every now and then to satisfy my cravings for knowledge, it wasn’t well fully utilized. And every other day, it was the same old routine of work-home-baby-sleep and repeat, without much ME-time nor friend-time. Travel plans had been postponed once again and in the end, to only end up at Sentosa.

Anyway, I had to be really discipline for the new year to come especially when it comes to financially. Little milkie will be sent to a childcare next July, and to some Art classes for the first 3 months of 2014, so a quarter of my salary would be gone for sure. Another quarter to my parents for taking care of her and what not. Then another to all my bills and insurance. So I’m left with a quarter where I can’t spend (much) and should not spend as I’d already depleted part of my savings this year. Like I said, it had been a messy year, even for my financials.

It’s going to be a challenging year and so I’ve got to set some really solid goals and stick to it. SMART goals, I don’t know how smart it would be, nor am I going to write long sentences. But at least I’m keeping the list short with focuses only on 5 things:-

  • Career a.k.a. my ‘plans’ with the lil’ hub
  • Little Milkie’s learning progress
  • Healthy diet (doesn’t mean I don’t eat) & simple exercises
  • Personal grooming to prevent myself from becoming an old auntie
  • Financial – save and stop spending

Press on! I can do it!

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Ramblings #0770

You know… I’m pretty sure I don’t really like the current career (or so it’s called) of the lil’ hub. Like now, he needs to go off to work, and so will be tomorrow, and the day after and after. And then, I’m back to work. How much more wonderful can my holiday be? When I’m free and he’s not. Sigh…

It’s Boxing Day. Let’s cheer up a little and try to clear some stuff. Will try and set the 2014’s New Year resolution later on. I need to succeed to get the lil’ hub out of whatever crap (that’s what it feels like to me) he’s doing now.

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Thoughts – Christmas Morning 2013

Why am I up so early? Because it’s CHRISTMAS!!! *Humming in head: We wish you a merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy new year!*

The parents are still asleep, sis, baby and the lil’ hub too. I’m awake now to enjoy some peace and quiet after a few very hectic days preparing for the celebration later on. Okay, I owed you the updates but that’ll be for the later.

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Ramblings #0766

6.12am – Let’s plan. Go office or not? Use which bag? Hmm hmm.

6.30am – My saviour is here! Sis is taking dad’s car to send me to the office now. Woohoo!!

6.42am – Okay. Let’s be the Santa Claus! Quick! Quick!

6.50am – Done! Now i just hope that the bus won’t be too crowded.

6.57am – I think today is my lucky day! *happily seated in a rather empty bus*

7.18am – Dish cloths bought. *Phew*

7.20am – I paused at the sight of the stacks of free newspaper at the train station. Almost went to grab a copy till suddenly, the thought struck me again – what’s the point of reading some not the whole truth story? I’ll pass.

7.23am – Wow… the train is… so packed…

7.27am – I feel like an auntie. I think I really should stop using such auntie looking recycle bag… (and it’s written “Toshiba” outside)

7.36am – Hmm… seems like I can go and grab some McDonald’s breakfast.

7.58am – Ah… so much better. It really is a bit difficult for shorter people to sit on high chair especially when there’s no ledge for resting of the legs. I need another seat… *glance around*


2.02pm – *Phew* Luckily I reached 5 minutes earlier. Otherwise I’ll be drenched!

3.51pm – Downloading my astrology for 2014. Hopefully it’s going to be good, especially for doing business… *pray hard*

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