Thoughts – CNY Special Day 1

Right. So it’s the first day of CNY, and as usual, the whole day will be almost packed and I wouldn’t have the time to note down every single details. So this year, I’m just simply going to summarize and highlight some of the things that happened today. So here goes…

I started, or should I say, I ended my yesterday at around 4am this morning, after painting and decorating my nails. It wasn’t exactly one of my favourites as I simply couldn’t find the colours that I want. And due to the laziness, some of my nails were stained and turned yellow from the previous coat.


Right. Anyway, so I finally headed off to bed and slept in the most uncomfortable position with my arms right beside me, and not able to cover myself fully with the blanket even though it was relatively cold. Thanks to my vain self for painting the nails only at such late hour. The sleep wasn’t long, and after around 4-5 hours of sleep, I woke up and did what I had to – the yearly flower arrangement that I promised my mum (she sponsored me to take up the flower arrangement course while I’m still in college, and in return, I’ll have to arrange one for her during CNY every year).


It wasn’t really that hard. And it isn’t hard for anything that you’re interested in and you put your heart into it, even with such little resources. You just need to think of the best way to do it. Nonetheless, I do admit that I have not fully utilized this skill of mine, and so were the other SKILLS. Sigh… The problem when you have too many not so polished skills, and little time.

Oh yes, you haven’t seen what was on the wall this year right? Ain’t really that bravo as it’s generally all last minute work, but that will do since the inspiration spell doesn’t seem to come this year round. Thankfully, there’s some help from the cuz and sis to settle one wall. *LOL* But then again, it’s somewhat tiring for me this year as I packed myself with too many activities earlier on *recalling on my PME diploma*



So, the day continues with the little one happily “partying” as we (or generally maybe just me and my mum) gave her more lee way on the food that she can eat. Really. It started off with a big bite on the yummy buttercream cake. First try on buttercream definitely led her to want more. But to be honest, she really is quite obedient at times, to not insist on eating when we said it’s the last time.


Then there’s milo sweets, pineapple tarts (excluding the pineapple), kueh lapis, yakult and… I lost track. Bottomline – she’s definitely enjoying every bit, other than the meeting with so many strangers.


 Ah yes. Here’s another observation. I won’t say exactly that my baby is obedient, but then, I felt that she’s got more manners compared to a lot others. Sometimes I wondered if it’s because she’s slightly older by that few months, or it’s the behaviour taught by the parents or their caregivers. It’s like, she don’t usually snatch things from other kids (other than my nephew, whom she’s so close with, and that’s also because that nephew of mine kept on snatching from her also). And no, she don’t go around hitting people that she’s not familiar with. It’s like, she will say “share share” if the other kid refuse to share with her or snatch things from her.


I’m not one that will immediately go to my little girl’s help if she got “bullied”, nonetheless, I’ll always be around once I noted that she needed me. But here’s one dad who came to her rescue, after her younger cousin snatched her sweets, before she even ask for it. I don’t know, I just found it rather funny. Oops :p

Well, this little cousin wasn’t the only one I met today with such attitude. I guess that’s how kids are taught these days, or maybe not taught at all, or worse, can’t even be “controlled”, as what some might say (which to me, are all rubbish, as it really depends on whether the parents/caregivers want to teach or not).

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Shopping – SK-II Facial Beauty Regime

Finally, I’m using the products that cost a BIG hole in my pocket – my new SK-II facial products! Alright, it’s new, but I’m definitely not new to it. I’ve been using it on and off, and getting it from counter as well as from those shops around the neighbourhood. But this time round, I’m back to buying it off the authentic counter as I sense some kind of difference in quality from those you get from the authentic counters, and those sold over the smaller shops.


Anyway, generally I only got the basics. And as my skin is a combination of the oily and the normal, I’ll have to be a little bit more selective on the kind of facial products that I use – the not so oily. So here’s what I’ve got:

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion: Toner, in short, supposed to clean up the pores or close the pores. But whatever it is, it definitely somehow clean my face further.

Facial Treatment Essence: The supposedly must have. A tad smelly but I’m kind of used to it by now. Gives you a “tight” and “fresh” feeling after putting it on.

Stempower: The first time I’m using this, so I ain’t sure how good. But supposed to reduce fine lines, which *cough* I seem to be getting a few lately… Sigh…

Cellumination Day Surge UV: That’s my sunblock for now. Nice smell.

The smaller ones are some samples given but I doubt I’m trying it for now. Will see if my skin can accept the 2 new items that I’m using before I try on for more. Apparently these products are not really suitable for all, so my suggestion is to get some samples first to avoid any allergies.

Lastly, drink lots of water and try to sleep before 11pm. The natural remedies are still the best!

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Ramblings #0794

10.08am – Who has got the mood to work? Definitely not me, as I filled my brain with images of how to finish up the decoration in the hallway, and then planning out the time later on to run some last minute errands, finish the decoration, go back home for reunion dinner with the MIL, and then lastly, the reunion dinner at my parents’ house with my aunties and uncles. The schedule is tight, and I definitely need the cooperation of the lil’ hub. If he refused to go back to my parents’ house early, that’s it. And that’s a HIGH possibility.

10.24am – And suddenly… I wonder if I can find a full series for next year… Goat? Hmm… in cross-stitch form? Mosaic? Rainbow colours? Hmm…


10.50am – Hmm… I’m thinking… What was I thinking yesterday while I’m walking back home…? I remembered I linked something up… Oh yes, the baby, little milkie. When I was pregnant with her, I did wish, many a times, that she’ll look like me, and be like me, but emotionally stronger than me. She did come out like that. Is it a coincidence? Or is the energy that I have that resulted in this?

The ancient alien theories, mentioned by the cousin. The power of the mind, God, guardian or whatever. Ancient art, metaphysics, Mathematics, patterns. The world, is definitely more than what we see and know. But what?

The Great Moon, governs all knowledge and secrets… Shall I? Tap… it’s help?

12.06pm – LO AH!! Here’s my first LO HEI, and am doing it in the office with my fabulous! Huat huat huat ah!!


12.30pm – Time to GO HOME, on my own. The lil’ hub’s still at home. DUH! Seriously no sense of time. But never mind, shall not let him ruin my happy mood, and will rush back now to finish up the decoration. ^^

1.03pm – Jesus Christ… The NTUC is PACKED! Looks like I’m only able to get my munchies after CNY.

2.00pm – Going back to my own house for lunch with my MIL. *hungry hungry*

2.27pm – Where’s the food…? *fainting*

3.21pm – Ang bao packed! I’m ready for CNY!!


5.04pm – Great. Of all times, the car had to break down now… Ah… I’m only glad that we managed to reach the carpark than stuck in the middle of the road.

9.56pm – Amid the hiccup earlier on, we (excluding the lil’ hub) continued to have lots of fun!


Here’s my little baby in front of the pool of food, cooked by both my dad (and/or mum) and my godmum.


And then there’s me and the moody grumpy lil’ hub who refuses to look into the camera.


Lastly, the mess caused by my second lo hei of the year! Well, apparently little milkie loves it as she was seen smiling away after the whole event. So sweet…


So that’s it. There’s still tons of things to be done after this. And I definitely hope the little hyper active one goes to sleep early tonight (which I doubt so). Shall try and continue tomorrow. Ciao!

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Ramblings #0793

10.44am – Right. So I’ve been calculating my financial status since the morning and alas… I must have really overspent a little way too much for these past months. Yes yes, I know I ought to cut down, but really, as what the prophecy had said, there really IS a lot of temptations this year. And WOW, they are really all GOOD temptations. Sigh… so much so, indeed, it’s hard to resist. Nonetheless, I’ll try, really try…

11.55am – Goodness… only 10 minutes into this Spin Cycling class and my sweat is dripping like crazy!

12.46pm – I’m so glad it’s finally over. Hands off the bike, butt off the bike. Goodness… it’s the first time I’d ever tried and my legs are breaking. Though I only manage to hold for a few seconds, it’s enough to crippled both of my legs. I really wondered how those people can survive… Now… the legs felt numb…

2.56pm – Money, money, money… I started to really worry about it since I graduated from University. After which, bills started showing up with my name on it. One, two, three… and it continues to grow as you take up more responsibilities. Sigh… it’s a rat race out there. I hope little milkie won’t need to face that. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean I’m going to spoon feed her and let her have a life unlike mine. It basically means… I’m going to start her young, so that she’s got a head start compared to those of her peers, and then from there, hopefully, can get her above the race. Alternatively, a whole different concept as what our parents had shown us – a stable education with a stable income in a boring life.

*Looking at her photos on my screensaver* Darn. She’s so bloody cute, just like me. *LOL*


4.11pm – The Empress left. Hmm… let’s wish her good luck in her future endeavour. Again, she’s not a bad person by nature. Just a little too micro-managing at the point where she’s at her peak, and couldn’t manage well everything. Oh well, we shall see from now on…

4.33pm – I’m so freaking sleepy… Hang on… Hang on… an hour more…

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Ramblings #0791

12.15am – Sigh… the baby just slept, after crying for quite a while. She wants to go back to her granny’s house. I guess, she’s still not used to sleeping here.

5.23am – Great. Woke me up, crying for milk but yet after I finished making the milk, you are sleeping soundly on your bed again… -.-”’ 玩我啊!

8.24am – At night don’t want to sleep, morning don’t want to wake up… Urgh.

11.14am – Great. Bravo. I left my wallet in little milkie’s bag. Sigh…

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Ramblings #0790

12.45pm – Why does idiot always like to spoil my day? Yes, you are talking to me, but what can I do to stop a repetitive baby? ANSWER HER! It’s just that simple! Do you think I can concentrate on what you are saying when there’s a little voice calling mummy and repeating her questions? Use your butt to think, dude! *pissed*

3.07pm – It can be done, with some self-controlling. I only bought 4 pieces of clothes this time round and surprised myself for such picky picks. Well, I have to try and control this coming year, isn’t it? For there’s going to be lots of temptations… I do wonder though, where did all these temptations come from? *LOL*

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Ramblings #0789

7.10am – Gee… shall wake up and do a little of my website. Else it seems to be stagnant there.

8.10am – Okay, almost done. Left the uploading. Time to appreciate the bouquet from the lil’ hub, again! How sweet… Soooooo bright… ^^


8.14am – I’m so lazy to go to work. Sigh… but it’s alright. Shall try and survive for a Friday. And then I’ll be off to a nice weekend with some shopping on Saturday and attending Joey Yap’s seminar on Sunday! So looking forward to it. I think I better try and think what books I want to get. Ah… books and courses. So many things to learn and yet so little time… and that had always been the case. Sigh… shall try. Plan, plan and plan for more!

9.41am – Another 19 minutes to my weekly meeting. Then I’ll probably need to run off to get a padlock which I kept on forgetting to buy. And then off to do some exercise with a personal trainer (which I don’t really need it). And then… hmm… can’t think of any yet. Shall think later. Off to do some work first.

2.05pm – Legs really breaking… Anyway, went to the gym just now with a personal trainer. If, it was the personal trainer that talked to me about signing up etc., seriously, I would have just consider for a little while more. But too bad, an ah beng (not that I mind) came out, and talked to me as if I owed him some money. Furthermore, with a relatively black face especially after I told him I got to rush. Totally not customer oriented at all. Failed. The company should have sent him to some courses on how to treat your customers first before putting him in the frontline. Sigh…

2.16pm – Oh yes, suddenly remembered. I need to remove the lil’ hub’s name from one of the old blog. Damn it. I didn’t remember myself putting his name in it. It’s so… not secure at all. And see! In the end he found it because he was searching for his name! Pui!

2.55pm – I seem to be always in a dilemma. No, not that I don’t want you to join in my venture, it’s just that I don’t know how. And capital itself isn’t good enough. I mean, it’s not as if I don’t have the capital. I need more of like, someone who can do the same work as I do, or those that I really couldn’t. And also the same amount of time instead of just throwing everything back to me again. That is, one of the reasons why, till now, I haven’t joined venture with anyone else other than a dear friend of mine, Nana. And that’s because the work we do is almost equal – we simply share it. So… if I ever gave you a not-a-yes-or-no answer, well, it’s basically because I have no idea how to fit you into the picture yet. I really don’t, especially when it’s just starting off. And then lastly, the sensitive part, how is the money going to be split? Currently, with me and the lil’ hub doing the business together, it’s simply just throwing all the money into a bucket, and that’s it. Sigh…

3.49pm – Some stickers for the little gal to play. She will be damn happy to see these!


4.14pm – It’s weird. The time seems to be crawling today.

4.56pm – Oh gosh. I finally bought the book after considering it for days! But I did try to search and download online, and search the library too… I really did… oops…

5.18pm – Too slow… he thinks too slowly… way… too slowly…

5.36pm – Some day… it really is going to happen… the unexpected… I’m telling you know. You don’t have to believe me. But the weather’s going to change. A lot of things are going to. Mother Earth’s not happy with the humans. It’s just… when… and… where…?

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Ramblings #0788

5.33am – “The sky was clear and blue, accompanied by the cooling breeze. How nice it is, to have a vacation over here. Sally walked over and said hello to both the lil’ hub and I. It’s been a long time since I last saw her…

… I sat on the beach, building sand castles with Ceci. A lobster suddenly came out of nowhere and scared the both of us. Luckily, it only passes by us. We continued, under the nice cool breeze but then things get a little weird as I scooped the sand from behind me. I’m pretty sure I hit something, and so I turned around… *gasped* It was a baby octopus, of around a metre long, stuck in the sand but I sort of got him out.

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