Ramblings #0816


8.56am – Good. At least I know that she just don’t know how to differentiate and link the name of the colours to the respective colours, and not because she’s colour blind. That’s one of my worries since the lil’ hub seems to have some slight colour blindness. 9.00am – Little milkie is in good…
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Ramblings #0815


3.33am – What? Woke up so early for milk? Must be because she never drank any before she sleeps just now… *Walking towards the kitchen with a haven’t-wake-up-fully toddler trailing behind* 8.33am – Within minutes, 2 fat bloody mozzies died in my bare hands. Where did all these stupid mozzies come from??? 9.10am – Am…
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Ramblings #0814


12.27am – February is going to end in a few more days. Gee… That’s 1/6 of a year gone and again, I hadn’t achieved much. Not for myself, not for little milkie (and neither is the lil’ hub). I really ought to get down to do and follow some serious planning. Or else, the lil’…
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Ramblings #0813


4.23am – Geez… I’m automatically waking up to check on little milkie to ensure that she’s not feeling too cold or got bitten by mozzies. And then checking if any mozzy got electrify. Urgh. No good… I need to sleep… 5.35am – Pinching feeling on the left side of my body. What is that? 7.47am…
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Ramblings #0812


9.51am – They gave you the wings but you are not supposed to fly. That’s what I feel like, at times. Why? Why can’t I reply a simple email? So what even if it’s with mistakes? Do I need to go through everything and anything with you before I send it out? That’s not the…
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Ramblings #0811


Woo… what a tiring day! Well, definitely a very satisfying one! So much so I wonder if I’m the only one enjoying it! I sure hope not, from the look of little milkie’s, I’m pretty sure she enjoyed herself too! There goes, my first playdate for my baby,,, Love the colours. Love the cakes. Love…
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Ramblings #0810


After half a day of non-stop baking, decorating and washing, I’m finally done and going to get my dinner near a coffeeshop around my parents’ house, and then I’m greeted by the chingay parade around the neighbourhood, with Teo Chee Hean (after that then I realized it’s him) saying his thanks to the people under…
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Ramblings #0809

8.41am – Mozzie… mozzie… where are you…?

9.27am – Back in the office feeling weary. Even more so after looking at some photos of a friend taking a break with her husband. Hmm… where’s mine? It would have been great even if it’s just Bintan…

10.18am – I hate to be sick. Losing appetite. Nauseous. Bad night sleep. Sigh… recover soon, please…

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