Ramblings #0816

8.56am – Good. At least I know that she just don’t know how to differentiate and link the name of the colours to the respective colours, and not because she’s colour blind. That’s one of my worries since the lil’ hub seems to have some slight colour blindness.

9.00am – Little milkie is in good mood today, for she actually said “Goodbye” to us instead of the usual crying and not letting us go to work. Furthermore, it’s while I just played with her, and she knew exactly that I’m going off for work when I reached for my bag. Has she finally reached the stage where she understands that by hook or by crook, her mum and dad will still go and work? *LOL*

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Ramblings #0815

3.33am – What? Woke up so early for milk? Must be because she never drank any before she sleeps just now… *Walking towards the kitchen with a haven’t-wake-up-fully toddler trailing behind*

8.33am – Within minutes, 2 fat bloody mozzies died in my bare hands. Where did all these stupid mozzies come from???

9.10am – Am very late. Overslept.

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Ramblings #0814

12.27am – February is going to end in a few more days. Gee… That’s 1/6 of a year gone and again, I hadn’t achieved much. Not for myself, not for little milkie (and neither is the lil’ hub). I really ought to get down to do and follow some serious planning. Or else, the lil’ hub will always kept on nagging and saying that I’m the same as him – only talk, no action.

And really, there ain’t a lot of things that I really need to do in my list of goals, other than my blog, my “business” and my baby. Nonetheless, I’ve been having issues executing them especially when I’m back at home. Little milkie will always hijack my nettie and that results in me unable to do anything at all. So, should I get another nettie? Or should I simply stay outside for a little while longer and get a dongle? That’s definitely something which I need to solve before I can manage my time better.

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Ramblings #0813

4.23am – Geez… I’m automatically waking up to check on little milkie to ensure that she’s not feeling too cold or got bitten by mozzies. And then checking if any mozzy got electrify. Urgh. No good… I need to sleep…

5.35am – Pinching feeling on the left side of my body. What is that?

7.47am – FINALLY!! I saw a dead mozzy beside!! I thought it was sticking on the machine and went to hit it, to realise that it’s already DEAD! Woohoo! One down! Better than none! At least I know it’s working! *Feeling happy*


9.43am – 11 more days and the PMP certification will expire. Urgh… Doing on last minute catch up. Hope I have enough time… Must start working today again. Last week’s a little messy after being very sick for a day, and goggy for the next few days. And then there’s the very late planning and decision on the tea party. So, GANBATTE today and ganbatte again!

10.05am – 气又不顺了…

10.58am – Sigh… shouldn’t have bought the clothes. Caused so much trouble. That’s the reason why I don’t like to ask people to help to buy things when they go overseas. Just give me a number, any number and I would have limit it. But how would I know the limits especially when I’m not being told? Use my common sense? You should see how I usually buy apparels. And it’s agreeable to be 16 packs before I hit the “CHECKOUT” button. I seriously am lost and confuse over here. Nonetheless, since I’m the one asking people for help, so I shan’t say much other than it’s going to be the first and the last time. Sigh…

Again, the world would be a much better place if everyone is a little bit more easy-going… the word is… “if”…

12.42pm – Woo… Didn’t notice an actor in our body combat class. Name? I have no idea. Didn’t even notice till my colleague pointed him out to me. A Chinese. Acted in one of the recent Channel 8 drama… eh… something Nanyang one. Li Nanxing’s younger brother. The one that likes Joanne Peh. Not too bad looking. Quite tall too. And I think I’ll be seeing him in this gym soon. *LOL*

1.11pm – Got out of the class earlier. Felt breathless today. Probably haven’t recover yet.

2.36pm – Oh. The Boss is here. And I thought I’ll be free today. Think she’s only not around due to some audit discussion. Sigh… Guess I’ll need to start work already… *SULK*

2.54pm – A new toy that cost $300+? Hmm… must really think hard…

3.46pm – Rotating between 3 things today – blogging, pmp-ing and auditing. And then… something caught my attention (I’m listening to the webinar)…

  • Sympathy – A relationship in which whatever affects one person affects the other in a similar way (e.g., You’re frustrated; therefore, I’m frustrated).
  • Empathy – The identification and understanding of the thoughts or feelings of the other (e.g., I can see that you are frustrated. What is frustrating you?).

And she (Jacqueline Dennis) says we need to strike a balance. First understand, and then to be understood. Well, I totally agree! ^^ Okay, let’s get back to work.

4.29pm – Food for thought: If you are a guy and picking up your wife at her work place is giving you a lot of problems such as waiting too long for her, no waiting slots etc., would you (a) ask the wife to go home on her own (b) go somewhere slightly further to wait and ask the wife to walk over (c) go somewhere slightly further to wait and then drive over only after your wife had come down (d) ignore all problems and focus on the main motive, i.e. to pick your wife up (e) continue to complain and rant on with no change (f) others, please state.

4.38pm – Suf-fo-ca-ting.

5.45pm – $399… $399… $399… $399…

9.46pm – Great. One hour after the Singtel guy came and asked if I want to install and sign up for their fibre Internet, my current Singtel cable Internet got problem. And it’s NOT the first time such coincidence happened. There’s at least 2 other occasions where I felt that there’s some issues too. Crap.

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Shopping – Powerpac Mosquito Power Strike 6W

After walking round and round in the supermarket, I finally managed to find this on one of the shelves along the recommended section. Recommended, and 3 pieces left only. It’s easy to assume that I’m not the only one that has encountered this trouble – the mozzies trouble.

Right. It’s the time of the year again. Then again, the time of the year for mozzies to thrive seem to have lengthen as the year passes. I remembered vaguely that it used to be only during May till July. But now it’s only FEBRUARY! Goodness…


Anyway, I grabbed 2 of them and headed for the cashier. I didn’t want to end up with another empty shelf if I needed more. It only covers an area of 30m2 which definitely isn’t enough to cover the whole house (with corners).

This is the 6W one, which states size L. Cost me $15.40. Apparently there’s a size M, which is priced at $14 and is out of stock. And another size XL, around 2.5 times of the one I got, and cost more than $50. The size, is about 10cm x 10cm x 30cm (estimated). Doesn’t really occupy a lot of space, so it’s good.

Now, let’s just hope it works! *Pray hard*

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Ramblings #0812

9.51am – They gave you the wings but you are not supposed to fly. That’s what I feel like, at times. Why? Why can’t I reply a simple email? So what even if it’s with mistakes? Do I need to go through everything and anything with you before I send it out? That’s not the way to teach your subordinates to learn, same thing applies to your children. Let them fly and fall, if needed. You are there just to guide, not to screen.

10.01am – *CRY* No bonus this quarter… *SOB* *SOB*

10.31am – 气不顺…

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Thoughts – Understand Your Child

An hour ago, the little one tossed and turned around. I knew most likely that she’s going to wake up, for I saw her eyes opening up at some point, and then she sat up at some other point. But she didn’t call out to me until quite a while later, asking me for milk. I looked at the time and it said 5.21am. Well, it’s not too much to ask for milk at this time and so I stood up, and asked her to wait. But the moment that happened, she cried and said that she wanted to follow. Well, I didn’t want that because firstly, I’m not fully functionally yet and I don’t have the strength to carry her, and secondly, I want her to sleep after that, which means I don’t want her to be too awake.

That woke the lil’ hub up, who simply just said with a very stern voice, “Stop crying.”

I told the lil’ hub to make the milk while I accompanied little milkie, but that didn’t stop her from crying. And so after almost a minute of wailing and me trying to coax her down, my level 2 method came out, i.e. I ignored her and talked to monkey (her soft toy) instead. That does it, after around 30 seconds, she stopped. Deciding that it’s useless for her to continue to whine and squeeze her tears out because I’m not falling into her trap. But the moment the lil’ hub came in, she started screaming, asking the dad not to hold the milk bottle. So I took the bottle from the lil’ hub, took out her pacifier and just stuffed the milk bottle into her mouth, and that shut her up.

Case closed. Right… it is close, on her part. She gladly continue to drink, and then after that passed the milk bottle to me and slept, with me tucking her in.

But before that, I’ve got one disgruntled lil’ hub who kept on saying that he’s going to buy a cane and hit her if she does that again. And then complained that she still woke up in the middle of the night to drink at such an old age.

Goodness gracious! Can and will caning cure everything? NO! It probably will just make matters worse! You need to understand how your child functions, and there should always be different levels of discipline. She only cried for less than 5 minutes and you wanted to cane her? So what happened if she cried for 30 minutes for no reason? Use a gun to shoot her (if you have)? Yes, it’s in the middle of the night and you are irritated, but I should be the one who should get more pissed off because I can’t sleep now! (for being such a light sleeper!)

And what’s wrong with waking up to drink at night? It’s not as if she does that often. And it’s been passed at least 6 hours from her last feed. She’s not waking up at 2am, and crying non-stop, nor insisting to play. It’s just hungry, and need milk. I’m hungry at that point too, so should I be caned as well? DUH!

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Ramblings #0811

Woo… what a tiring day! Well, definitely a very satisfying one! So much so I wonder if I’m the only one enjoying it! I sure hope not, from the look of little milkie’s, I’m pretty sure she enjoyed herself too! There goes, my first playdate for my baby,,,


Love the colours. Love the cakes. Love the simple dessert that we carved out. Yes. Got a lot of help from the lil’ hub, sis and her friend.And really thankful for them, or else I doubt I can finished it on time. Though my friend was late. Nonetheless, we had fun (or maybe trouble for the rest), but I had fun, LOTS and LOTS of it!

Shall not ramble too much over here for I’m supposed to post it in Pans & Play. So… let’s hope I get to update there soon, with the photos and what not!

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