Ramblings #0846

7.36am – A nice sleep beside the lil’ hub! Ah… almost forgotten that today is Monday.

8.56am – Sigh… had I known that the lil’ hub is going to quit, I wouldn’t have opt him out for the company insurance, then at least he can claim for seeing a doctor. Hmm… wait a minute… did I claim for the flexi benefits last year? O.O

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Ramblings #0845

12.00am – HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEBE!! I LOVE YOU! (although you are still quite irritating as ever)

10.53am – Can you imagine the excitement I have when I saw that email telling me that it had been successfully changed and updated without any other new errors popping up? 9 months of waiting, and I FINALLY got it back… My domain – www.womendeloft.com, without the “the”. And I thought I’ve lost it for good! LOL!!!! Old one is still better!! MUAK MUAK MUAK! Thank you so much, Vodien!! You’d made my day!

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Ramblings #0844

1.15pm – “They have 6 eyes and yet can’t see.” said the security guard. Yes, that’s happening to a lot of people out there. Eyes that doesn’t see…

I was queuing up for a cab and supposedly it was my turn. The first cab came and the lady in front of me went ahead. The second cab was a little further down, and when I was about to walk towards it, the 2 ladies behind me did before me. The third one turned and glanced at me while I starred back with a lot of “question marks” around my head. But she continued when 2 of her friends already went inside the cab. Am I too short to be noticed? Probably I’m being “covered” and blocked by the many barangs that I’m carrying such that I became part of the objects.


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Thoughts – Marriage in Real

The mood’s swinging up and down again. The organizer’s closed for the past few days, and my schedules and what not, are all messed up. I needed some form of a break, for fresh air, and the clearance of the mind. But the lil’ hub don’t understand. He never understands, how stressful it is for me to want to meet that goal, so that I can rest my mind and continue the others. But maybe, really, I should just give it up, and start my “no expectation” theory.

How funny how life always ended up…

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Ramblings #0843

12.58am – Once again… Disappointed… Maybe I should just give it up altogether…

7.35am – There goes the lil’ hub… Gone for a week? Seriously, if it’s really the truth, would my flare up or any sort changes your mind of not going? NOOOO… What is the point then? You would end up arguing with me, again. If this is the sort of reaction that you want (i.e. silence), I’ll just give it to you. *numb*

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Ramblings #0842

1.32am – Great. Simply asking me to find another husband isn’t solving the problem, that’s called running away from problems, and giving bullshit answer. Sigh…

7.23am – Nonetheless… I did have quite a good sleep… ^^

9.37am – “Oh when I need you… you’ll almost here… and I know that’s not enough…”

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Ramblings #0841

7.25am – *Reading back on the episodes of Rooftop Prince where he finally realizes that he misses her* Ooooooh… How sweet… I wonder if my Bebe misses me that much last time… Hmm… I doubt not. Damn.

8.56am – It’s going to be a nice day because the boss is not in office today!!! Woohoo!!! Time to knock off early! Just nice for an appointment later on. Heeheehee… Good morning Tuesday! I am still so freaking sleepy! Sooooooo looking forward to some nice sleep…

9.43am – Another one bites the dust.

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