Ramblings #0916

x.xxam – Did someone just tell me that I won?… … … Or am I dreaming?… … …

5.36am – Heavy rain and yet everyone sleeps like a log. How I wished, again, that I’m one of them. Been waking up around this time relatively often lately. Sigh…

8.15am – Gee I’m late for work. But I won $8 from World Cup!! *LOL*

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Ramblings #0913

12.36am – I’m just going to sleep…

6.04am – WTH… Why does little milkie cry more than half the time when the lil’ hub is sleeping beside her???

6.52am – … and I am still awake…

7.25am – … am I still awake?…

7.45am – … great… I have to be awake…

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Ramblings #0912

8.49am – OMG! Did I just rejected a roti prata breakfast invitation!! Woohoo!

9.17am – Trying to lie to me? The calories for roti prata ain’t high? Do you think I’m a 3 year old kid? 2 pratas with curry is at least 500 calories. My usual 3-in-1 less sugar milo with 6 biscuits is only 156 calories! That’s 3 times lesser!!! Now I know why I gotten so much fatter for the past month, you are part of the reason. The roti prata in the morning. And then the other one, McDonald’s at night. Must restrain from all… Must restrain from all… I can do it… All these people just want me fat, because they are fat…


12.45pm – More than 90% of the breakfast burnt! WOOHOO!! But now my legs are aching like crazy. It’s okay, no pain no gain. I will press on! Not the extreme exercise though, am still having slight cough. Yes, I know, it’s been almost 2 weeks but what to do?

1.04pm – EAT THE GREENS! That’s at least 2 portions of vegetables. Will probably skip the sweet and sour pork the next round and aim for those black sauce ones. I’m starting to wonder what kind of meat they use for sweet and sour pork. Nonetheless, I love this stall in this coffeeshop beside Djitsun Mall. The portion is a lot and it’s relatively cheap!


4.20pm – I’m done with the proposal. Am going to leave it to the lil’ hub from here. I’ve done enough. *wash my hands off*

7.58pm – *faintz* Why can’t he just be a little bit more generous?? Fragrance hotel? Really???? -.-”’

11.21pm – At times, I do really feel like strangling that lil’ hub of mine, as in REALLY strangle him till he faint. For the past week, we HAD been discussing about getting a queen size bed, and then thinking how to arrange the layout in the room, and if anyone wanted the old bed and mattress. The whole idea was to have the queen size mattress (for little milkie and I) with the single foldable mattress (for him since he is not here everyday). But suddenly, out of nowhere, he looked shock at the idea that he has to sleep on the foldable bed, and then made a stupid comment that sounds something like, ” Do you expect me to sleep on that? How to sleep?”

Goodness!! Your dearest baby and wife HAD BEEN sleeping on that for the past 1 year +++++!!! *takes a deep breath*

Never mind. Shortly after that, he said, “It’s okay, we are moving back soon.”. Great. I didn’t know that but fine, I’m alright to move back to my own house PROVIDED little milkie and I won’t be late for school and work. So I started planning out what time to wake up, and the moment I said, “We need to wake up at 6am+.”, the next sentence that came from him was, “You stay at your mother’s place.”. F*.

Tell me, how do I talk to a BN guy? [BN = 无脑 = brainless]

Alright, I might sound a little bad over here but it’s exactly what I was thinking at that point in time. There’s NO WAY I can communicate with him if he never thinks before he talks. Trust me, one fine day, I’m just going to get so pissed off, till I grab the baby and drive his car away. He will be, TOTALLY, of not much use to me from then on.


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Ramblings #0911

7.22am – As usual, when the big auntie is here, I wouldn’t have a good night sleep. But thankfully, I could use this excuse and ignore the lil’ hub’s continuous speech and little milkie’s questions, and grabbed some sleep. Sigh… time to wake up and wash up… If only today is Saturday, then I can get to watch the free Transformers! Ah, never mind.

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Thoughts – Blame it All on Me

It doesn’t make sense, really. A lot of things doesn’t. WHY is almost everything my fault???

Early this morning, I was reprimanded by the lil’ hub for waiting at the carpark under my block instead of going to the MSCP. It was a mis-comm, really. At that point I wasn’t thinking about MSCP at all. There could be 101 reasons for not thinking of that, yes stupidly, but do you really have to scold me for that??? And then earlier on this evening, he, again, reprimanded me for telling the higher of the known price to the idiotic merchant who refused to divulge exactly how much he’s selling the milk powder. Damn it, the NTUC normal price was the ONLY logical price I could thought of at that moment!! Goodness! These are just 2 things that happened TODAY.

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Ramblings #0910

1.26am – Oh gee… did I doze off? *switched off Tutitu*

7.51am – Ah… it’s definitely a very nice sleep. Could it be the rain? Or the massage? Hmm… can’t wait to change my bed to a queen size to get a better sleep every night and probably won’t affect my fertility (you never know), instead of sleeping with half my body sharing with little milkie, and the other on the small playpen mattress. Can’t imagine? Let me draw out for you.


Can visualize it now? Okay, I swear I can draw better on paper or computer than on the phone… -.-”’

8.58am – Keep cool. Calm down. Don’t argue. It’s just a mis-comm. Don’t get work up just because he did… *Breathe* Oh, but it’s definitely nice of the neighbour to offer a walk to not sure where (I was on the phone with the short tempered lil’ hub). Can’t imagine him talking to me when he used to “siam” me even when taking the lift. Weird guy.

9.14am – I was still talking to the lil’ hub about me having lunch alone if my admin and the mother of 3 weren’t in the office, and then it came true. Admin’s taking half day leave, and the other is not back from holiday yet. So, alone? Or hmm… there’s only one more person I can think of. *LOL*

10.16am – I really miss those times where I’m not being tracked on my blog and I can freely just access it anytime during the day… *sob*

10.53am – Seems like I really have to lunch alone. Hmm… where should I go?

11.15am – OMG. I can’t seem to make up my mind on what to eat. If I go home, I’ll be too lazy to come back to the office but I had to. But there’s nothing to eat around here so I will have to definitely go out and eat unless I finish up the cup noodle that I bought previously (but it’s so fattening). There’s no place that I need to go today. Gym’s out as I haven’t fully recovered. Sigh… … … and the handphone’s out of battery soon, with my only cable lent to a colleague. *facepalm*

11.22am – Okay. Let’s go home.

3.04pm – Did I see some pinks?? Its here?? Its here!! Hooray!!!

5.36pm – An accidental read up on my ex-boss’s FB sent the lil’ hub and I on a searching frenzy for cheaper milk powder. Why is there another price hike in milk powders??!!!!!! Thats an additional of $7 per tin! Sigh… and the government still expect the people to have more children. Or am I supposed to lower my standard of living and change to e.g. petpet diaper (which is a little too stiff and not so absorbent? Sigh… my increment in salary can only match the increase in price for milk powder, diapers and other baby’s necessities. How about the rest?

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Ramblings #0909

8.43am – Why can’t the lil’ hub zip it up? O.O”’

9.53am – Alright! Finally everything’s fix! I hope there’s no more broken links or images. If there still is, please let me know and I’ll proceed to fix it. Okay, so what now… let’s see… The boss is not around and I’m connected to my phone’s wifi. Hmm… maybe shall try and clear things up a little? Shall do that.

2.54pm – Everyday, I’ve got only 4 hours. How should I use it?

5.24pm – Done! Now, left the MOST difficult part – strictly sticking to the plans! 10 years, I cannot waste it like that, must work harder!!!!


7.40pm – OMG. Did that auntie just climb onto my back??? O.O”’

9.21pm – Massage: Pain but SHIOK. Ah… I feel so much more relax now. Should do this more often, but definitely not this treatment. The mud, or whatever cream that is, is making my skin itch a little.

11.41pm – Baby, let’s sleep… *kiss goodnight*

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Ramblings #0908

心情果然还没那么好。一整天做有做没的。天气又那么的热, 都快被煮熟了! I really wonder where did all my motivation go to… Gone with the winds?

Sigh… slight hiccup on the website now and thus some of the things are down. Hope it’ll be solved soon. Never mind, I have faith in Vodien!!

Monday tomorrow… Would it be better?

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