Ramblings #0937

2.01am – I have to stop watching and go and sleep now…

4.53am – Urgh… how did she end up on lil’ hub’s bed…??

5.37am – Okay, can carry her up finally. Sigh… she really can talk in her sleep. Called me “daddy”… -.-”’ But good that she knows she’s feeling cold and ask me (or her dad) to cover her with blanket.

7.30am – Crap. I have to wake up… wake up…

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Thoughts – Kiasu Parents

I’m currently at the period where I’m surrounded by parents. Friends who became parents. Friends who have children around the age of my daughter. Friends who constantly asked me about which childcare my baby is in, if I’m sending her to enrichment course, shinchida (an ex-colleague told me a pregnant lady queried about it while he was there… PREGNANT only), or which primary school, and one who actually asked me when I’m going to start sending her for tuition. O.O”’

Goodness me. My baby is ONLY 2 years old…

Suddenly, it dawns on me that I’m under peer pressure. As much as I’m not as kiasu as my friends or other parents, I would still want my daughter to be not at the “bottom” of the hierarchy. And I’m being constantly being fed with information from them which I didn’t ask for!

A chat with a close friend a week ago makes me started to consider a lot of things, as according to her, the neighbourhood primary school which I attended ain’t as good as it used to be anymore. That, was supposed to be my one and only choice (which will eliminate so many other problems) till now. Like what I’d mentioned, I don’t want my baby to be right at the bottom. So if that school is like a “trash bin”, it’s going to be more or less out of my sight, where possible.

And then after a chat with the lil’ hub and the sis, we realised that there weren’t much good primary schools around our area. Then there’s those stupid criteria which is constantly changing. I did a search (just out of fun) on the school – Mee Toh Primary School and saw this news that says the parents started queuing up for the registration of the volunteer program! I’m like OMG! And a detailed read of the article shows another thing. It’s for children entering in 2017!!! Now it’s 2014. 2017??! 3 years ahead? *facepalm*

What… is the world… becoming to…? So competitive even for this??

What am I going to do now? Honestly, I have no idea. I don’t need her to be the best, but I don’t want her to be around the last either…

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Ramblings #0936

7.54am – I tried taking a picture of myself just a while ago. Trying to see how I fare after almost 3 years of terribly out-of-shape figure. And the result was disastrous. No matter which angle that I tried to take, it looks like crap.


The arms look like it belongs to a giant. The butt is way too big. The waist is the worst of all as I could hardly detect it. And when I when the front, it basically looks like a BLOCK! Then there’s that double chin that is SO SO SO obvious!! Sigh… what is happening to me? I look so old… and that stupid hair definitely doesn’t complement me at all. Gross. That’s one word that came straight into my head. Am I going to continue it this way?

8.32am – It definitely is an achievement for her not to cry (only whine) when going into the school today. I hope she’ll get used to this routine and stop crying soon. Sigh… time to go to work.

2.35pm – Something is wrong. Why do I suddenly feel more needy. No good.

2.50pm – And emo too, for the past few days…

5.02pm – I’m still down. But got a little perk up after hearing a speech from Ashton Kutcher. Oh yes, it’s that oh-so-cute-and-sexy Ashton. So what did he say? It’s quite a well spoken speech really. He said to focus on 3 things: opportunity, being sexy and living life. Opportunity means hard work to him. He said that he never quit till he gets another job, and each job is a stepping stone to another one. Yes, agree that one must work in order to achieve, especially for those who has nothing or little to begin with. Then he said that everyone needs to be sexy, and his definition of sexy means being smart, thoughtful and generous. Nice… everyone should be. Lastly, he said to build a life instead of living in one, because the rest of the people ain’t as smart as you are. Hmm… I didn’t know he’s that smart too. That makes him even more cute! *LOL*

5.25pm – Time to pack up soon.

6.08pm – It’s alright, I shall wait for a few more days…

7.20pm – I’m back here at Nandos @ NEX, sitting on the same table and seat as that day. How coincidence can that be? Hmm… and I was supposed to be meeting another friend for dinner at Nandos. Guess there’s just no luck.

10.03pm – Just got back home, and I was a little shock to see the little one in a “party”. Running around with the relatives at such time. I think I better go and bathe now, and get her to sleep soon or else…

10.28pm – It’s amazing how fast kids can absorb. A song that was probably taught today or a few days and she can managed to sing (without much tune) with such clarity (at her level). Good job! *LOL* Sorry if I’m too excited over such small little things but I simply can’t hide my joy that my baby is learning! ^^ Ah… I am so biased… *LOL*

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Ramblings #0935

8.35am – Singing in head after sending little milkie to school (tune to Lazy’s Song):

“Dont wake me up in the morning, I get mad and I’ll scream without warning. Let me stay here in bed, nice and warm, stop that wake-up alarm? (Wake up, wake up, wake up)

Who did invent the alarm clock? He’d better stay outta my way, I like to wake up nice and easy but the sound of that bell, it spoils my day!

It’s every morning. The same old story. When we reached outside of the gate. And little milkie will then start her crying. ‘I want to go to granny’s house…’


8.55am – THIS has got to be one of the worst junction ever! Look at this, the road in front of us is totally clear but yet we are unable to move because of the blockage caused by those vehicles turning to the right! Goodness! Whoever that designed this layout should be fired if he/she is still working. Terrible. Simply terrible. And the people that are currently working should be sacked too as they can’t solve this issue. Sigh…

8.58am – Okay, I shall go for a fat breakfast today.

9.54am – It’s another day. I’m still feeling tired despite sleeping at 12am last night. Or maybe it’s the quality of the sleep. I did wake up twice in the middle of it. Ah… ok never mind, let’s just try to stick to the plan… whatever plan(s) I have… Good morning.

10.31am – I’m thinking… maybe I should drop her and her out of the picture already. Seems like they weren’t as enthusiastic as they seem to be… Sigh… I’m back to square one. Indeed, it’s not easy to find a good and lasting partnership.

11.09am – Lunch appointment cancelled. Back to lunch with my lunch kakis.

11.27am – Wow! It’s already going to be lunch time soon and I didn’t realize it! Gee… I guess it’s time to log off my own network. *Yawn* Should I try today? Hmm…

12.59pm – Colleagues commented that I’m emo today. Am I?

3.00pm – In the meeting room, correcting on the spelling, punctuation, grammar and tenses of my teammate, again. It’s funny, really, when we have to go through such sessions. *LOL*

4.54pm – For the whole of today, my mind seems to have drifted to the land of dreams. And my hunger for food can never be satisfied as I threw down the food one after another with short breaks in between. What is happening? The fatigue that I’m experiencing Also definitely doesn’t help. Sigh… I want to go home…

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Ramblings #0934

7.41am – Felt a little somewhat emo today. Must be the lack of sleep and the Korean dramas that caused this. Oh yes, and not forgetting my dearest colleagues with the same repeating problems. And I’m constantly hungry these days. Sigh… how depressing can that be…

Tuesday, but yet like little milkie (she cried when the alarm went off today), I dread getting up and needing to chase the sheep. But that’s how life goes…

Nonetheless, I shall try to perk up and plan my things yet again! Yet again… hmm… how I wished I don’t need to use that word and instead, plan it once and for all and press on. But alas, my moon kept shifting and I have to shift with it… shall I get my moon to motivate me?

2.13pm – When you are not in that good a mood, I think anything just pisses you off, be it falling into place or not. Probably even the slightest noise irritates you, what more can I say about the random discussions beside you, ALL around you.

Suddenly I missed my old office, where there’s peace and quiet almost everyday. With hardly any discussion going around nor people walking behind you. These are all, what I consider as “distractions”. Sigh… *puts on the headphone*

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Food – Nandos @ NEX

I’m lucky today! For I get to have a nice FREE lunch and at the same time, try out a new branch of Nandos! So where am I today? I’m at NEX, and Nandos had taken over the place where Cafe Cartel used to be, at B1, located near to one of the MRT exit. It’s a tad sad that Cafe Cartel isn’t around anymore, but nonetheless, I’m glad that they replace with something that is nice too.

So here’s Nandos!


Everything’s still quite new for it’s open only for a month or so. The service’s also not too bad and best of all, it’s not crowded during lunch time! Maybe a lot of people didn’t realise its existence yet, despite all the posters around the shopping mall. Or maybe because it’s right at a corner and thus not in sight.


Anyhow, the chicken still tasted as yummy and juicy as ever. We took the Ramadan set which cost about $39.90, and it comes with 2 sets of 1/4 chicken, 4 side dishes, 2 small desserts and 2 glasses of soft drinks. For side dishes, we took the sweet potato mash, coleslaw, potato wedges and fino salad (if I am not wrong). Personally I like the first 3 but it would be even nicer if the amount is a little bit more.

The ambience is nice too. Quiet in a corner and away from the crowded shopping area. There’s even a view of one small man-made waterfall outside the restaurant!

Nice! Definitely nice and will go there again. Finally, one that is nearer to home! I LOVE NANDOS!

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Ramblings #0931

9.24am – It’s a Friday morning and I’m already going into a war zone. But it’s a tad unbalance though, with 3 against 1 plus one neutral. Will see how…

Anyway, it’s a dark Friday with another Malaysia commercial airplane crashing into Ukraine. This time round, as per the news, it had been shot down. What has the world become?

RIP to the passengers and crews On board.

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Ramblings #0930

2.38am – *In the dark, without my spectacles* Where’s my little milkie? Hmm… here’s her butt with her legs towards me, but where’s her head? *Sits up and facepalm*

How can she sleeps lying on her stomach, with her head on the lil’ hub’s mattress, while the body and legs are still on her bed? FYI, the lil’ hub’s mattress is beside mine, but is at least 3″ lower -.-”’

2.43am – Wow. And I thought it’s almost dawn. Hmm… shall go and brush my teeth. Seems like I dozed off just now. Gee… am I so tired?

5.15am – “Where’s mummy?” That startled and woke me up.

5.26am – Sitting on the sofa in the living room, accompanying my baby to shit (she shits, not me) with my eyes still almost close. Urgh. And now I feel like shitting too.

5.49am – Great. Now my mum’s awake and she’s drinking milk while I’m having diarrhoea, like her.

6.24am – Finally, she slept. I hope tomorrow she will be a good girl and go to school. I shall go and grab a cup of milo. My stomach is growling. Why am I so hungry?

6.46am – URGH! I’m having stomach aches again!!!! Crap. Doubt I can sleep already. It’s almost 7am!!!!!

8.15am – Little milkie shits for the second time today! Had initially wanted to let her stay at home today, but she shouted back at the lil’ hub when he told her not to school today. Hmm… seems like she did enjoy her school.

8.37am – … or maybe not. Sigh… She must be having a lot of self-conflicts. To come out happily from home, and now crying like nobody’s business, insisting that she wants to go home. Too bad her favourite teacher ain’t around.

But it’s definitely nice of a mother to make us feel better by telling us that we will never break her son’s record of crying for 7 months. And she even said she cried at that time too, but she don’t really have a choice. Yes, I know how it feels. It’s heartbreaking. If I have a choice to work from home, I would love to. But no, this is by far, the best arrangement yet, which again (reminder to self), I have to endure and “sacrifice” little milkie as well as my money for the benefits of all, especially the old.

12.13pm – Once again, though you kept on denying, you are on the route to self-destruction. Haven’t I told you to rest for a period of time before engaging into another relationship. Just friends? You will be cautious and be in control? Are you sure? I have had enough past experiences to tell you what is going to happen in the near future. You are going to keep on going out with this guy, and as time goes by, somewhere along the line, you will still simply give in. It’s not the status of this relationship that matters because it’s the heart. Once you soften, that’s it, your “natural” self will be out and then suspicions come. Wait a minute, did I just hear you saying you suspected something, already? *facepalm*

12.27pm – I really don’t understand why is there such a long queue. Is it really that nice? I don’t even bother writing a post purely for it. What’s the name of the store again? Fu something… (the one on the left for that 2 fishball stores beside each other) but hey, there’s like a total of 8 balls and the taste is alright. But I supposed the price pays for it. A bowl costs $3.50, which isn’t considered really cheap. Furthermore, it’s at a hawker. Don’t like the thick kway teow too. Worst thing is the long queue. I really can’t take it. If not for my colleague helping me to buy, I doubt I’ll eat this, really.


12.49pm – Sometimes I felt that some aunties are really brainless or seriously not using their brain to think. I’m pretty sure she’s not the only one. Well, minutes ago, I ordered a waffle and was waiting around the counter. There’s another lady A waiting too, and she ordered before I did. So this auntie B came walking over and ordered hers as well while the 2 of us were already there. When the waffles got cooked, the lady cooking it handover it to lady A, and thereafter, prepared mine. It was (from my point of view) very obvious and logically speaking, be mine. But yet when the lady cooking it packed the waffle and was about to pass over, this auntie B reached out her hand and thought it’s hers. Hmm… am I transparent? Or dumb to hang around there?

1.02pm – Maybe I should catch up on my posts later on. After all… I don’t think I’m that busy today, am I?

1.54pm – The admin doing the security quiz now as I can heard her complaints on the length of those videos, as well as the difficulty. Hmm… but I thought those questions seem a bit more of GK (general knowledge)?

1.59pm – I probably am very bad to not help my admin out on the security quiz, and on top of that, still reminded her that she’s got only ONE attempt. But hey, I have to be honest, right? How can I help her answer those questions? That would defeat the whole purpose of the quiz. I am, a relatively, honest person. *LOL*

2.01pm – Now, she’s complaining that 20 questions are a tad too long, and asked if can changed to 15 questions only. Erm… I think she asked the wrong person. I’m not the one coming up with this quiz.

2.31pm – The auntie’s here to wipe the tables and seats. But I fear there’s a smell… smelly smell…

3.01pm – I can’t take this anymore… I feel so high…

3.06pm – My security team mate is really cute. He’s got all these spelling mistakes which I think my boss can’t take it anymore. *LOL*

4.11pm – As promised, the granny brought the little carebear to pick little milkie up. And according to the granny, little milkie was kissing the little carebear like crazy. OMG. Well, at least I sort of kept my promise to bring the little carebear. A promise is a promise.

4.50pm – Did I just see the boss taking her bag and left? Oh! I remembered! Must be collecting her car. Heehee… Boss free… ^^

11.09pm – Is it time for another makeover while waiting for the lil’ hub’s call? *grin*

11.56pm – How’s the new colour? ^^ That’s all for tonight. Will continue another day. It’s going to be a not so long day tomorrow. TGIF! Goodnight!

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