Ramblings #0937


2.01am – I have to stop watching and go and sleep now… 4.53am – Urgh… how did she end up on lil’ hub’s bed…?? 5.37am – Okay, can carry her up finally. Sigh… she really can talk in her sleep. Called me “daddy”… -.-”’ But good that she knows she’s feeling cold and ask me…
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Thoughts – Kiasu Parents


I’m currently at the period where I’m surrounded by parents. Friends who became parents. Friends who have children around the age of my daughter. Friends who constantly asked me about which childcare my baby is in, if I’m sending her to enrichment course, shinchida (an ex-colleague told me a pregnant lady queried about it while…
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Ramblings #0936


7.54am – I tried taking a picture of myself just a while ago. Trying to see how I fare after almost 3 years of terribly out-of-shape figure. And the result was disastrous. No matter which angle that I tried to take, it looks like crap. The arms look like it belongs to a giant. The…
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Ramblings #0935


8.35am – Singing in head after sending little milkie to school (tune to Lazy’s Song): “Dont wake me up in the morning, I get mad and I’ll scream without warning. Let me stay here in bed, nice and warm, stop that wake-up alarm? (Wake up, wake up, wake up) Who did invent the alarm clock?…
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Ramblings #0934


7.41am – Felt a little somewhat emo today. Must be the lack of sleep and the Korean dramas that caused this. Oh yes, and not forgetting my dearest colleagues with the same repeating problems. And I’m constantly hungry these days. Sigh… how depressing can that be… Tuesday, but yet like little milkie (she cried when…
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Ramblings #0931

9.24am – It’s a Friday morning and I’m already going into a war zone. But it’s a tad unbalance though, with 3 against 1 plus one neutral. Will see how…

Anyway, it’s a dark Friday with another Malaysia commercial airplane crashing into Ukraine. This time round, as per the news, it had been shot down. What has the world become?

RIP to the passengers and crews On board.

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Ramblings #0929


10.01am – I saw her coming, with that glow on her face. Oh no. It must have been love, again. But didn’t I warn her from going towards any? Not even close? Indeed, she never heed my advice. What can I say? I just hope things turn out better than the previous times. Sometimes, when…
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Ramblings #0927


1.07pm – When you are helping some IT illiterate people halfway through the course, this is one of the norms that will happen – nobody knows anything. Gosh. I just needed a simple help on the settings but I’m now given another login password by another company. I really want to faint already. 1.33pm –…
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