Ramblings #0964

3.07pm – Okay. Cannot make it. I don’t like the new Maggi extra spicy curry. Yes, it’s indeed more spicy, but it covers the taste of the curry, and ended up feeling only very hot. Or maybe it’s because there’s some problems with my taste buds now but otherwise, it’s a no-no for me.


11.12pm – She simply brightens up my day… can never forget the look on her face after she saw that drawing… DADDY! You better buck up in your drawing! And stop pushing away your responsibility (even if it’s just drawing)! *LOL*

Milkie: Daddy, 画big bad wolf.
Daddy: 我不会画。叫mommy画。
Mommy: 叫daddy学啦。不会就学嘛。
Milkie: Daddy, 不会就学嘛。
*Daddy busy drawing*
Daddy: Ok. 画好了。
Milkie: *stun for a minute* 这个是什么?


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Thoughts – 7th Day of Quarantine

When one is sick, one is better to be quarantined. It’s the 7th day from the point where little milkie couldn’t eat much due to the ulcer(s) in her mouth.

HFMD. Supposed to stay at home for 7-10 days. So here we are, for the whole day, at the home of my parents. Playing with whatever toys that little milkie can touch. Mum had given a warning to stop us from taking out more toys for her to play, for after that she’ll have to disinfect it. *LOL*

Sigh… it’s so boring but what to do other taking selfies, and more ‘selfies’. Bleh. And her sleeping time is messed up again!


The girl(s) who likes to pose.


Taking selfie using a fake camera. That’s supposed to be a cashier machine by the way.

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Ramblings #0963

10.53am – I was relatively busy in the morning. Not for doing work, but for sort of gossiping a little with my new found group of mummies, and of course, my usual friends, and then settling some of my bills. Amazing. Just merely within hours and I can have the same topic with different groups of people. So let me recount on what was talked about.

Early in the morning, it started off with the lil’ hub repeating about how he ‘shot’ another friend through whatsapp, on the recent news about the increment of salary for the public service. A friend of ours, who was working in the public sector, had commented it’s because they (the public service) had been underpaid all along, and thus the adjustment. But the lil’ hub argued that they were NEVER underpaid (in fact they could be OVER-paid), and that the friend should just go to the private sector to work and have a taste of it shall the friend continues to think that being in the public service is underpaid.

Ask me and I will agree totally. There’s NO WAY that the public sector is underpaid. No way. I’m not saying that because I’m working in the private sector. I’m saying it only because I’d worked in both sectors before, and thus saw the kind of work needed to be done, and the benefits/welfare that comes along with it. Therefore, I will always tell those friends, especially to those who had relatively good academic results, to simply just stay in the public sector if they are looking for something with a lot of benefits and steady increment. You can’t possibly go wrong in public service unless you hated the way their process works.

Then after that there’s the same group of friends who always like to fight on who is earning lesser. And with this increment, they are starting to compare who got the highest increment. OMG. Don’t they have anything better to talk about?

Shortly after that came the shock on the birthday parties for children. I mean, I’m one who love to do parties, but till now, it’s still small little ones. But gosh… I’m so amaze at what some of them did. Spending like $500 or more for a birthday party? And that’s probably just the dessert part! Maybe I should really be a bit more enthusiastic and go into this industry. Why not? Since there seems to be so many demands for it.

Anyhow, it’s still not a very nice day for me and I’m trying means and ways to feel better. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get any worse than this.


12.58pm – Sex is important! Of course it is! When have I ever not agree with that? *LOL* Am at this talk on Men’s Health, quite interesting.

2.18pm – Seriously, I wonder when is it going to end. It feels like an endless job. Hmm… I mean, not that it matters a lot, or that a lot of work needs to be done. But it’s a little disruptive. Anyway, shall only take a look when I reach home. Try. These days, I’m simply too sleepy, thanks partly to the late night sleep.

3.16pm – For once, I really do pity the lives of those really well known celebrities. It’s like, they can’t seem to live in peace. It’s no wonder so many of them gets so stressed up and probably turned to drugs. I just read about the wedding between Brad Pitt and Angelina. Well, I quite like their movies but ain’t exactly a fan of this couple, for somehow I still felt that they betrayed Jennifer Aniston. Of course, Jen wasn’t spared after their wedding was held. Papers had been speculating that she’s pregnant (again)! Nonetheless, I do hope that she is indeed preggy so that she don’t look that pathetic. For some reasons, all those tabloids are making her look so pitiful after Brad Pitt ‘dumped’ her. Sigh…

3.34pm – Hmm… seems like the new boss ain’t a good chap either. Fancy quietly observing on the arrival time of people while smiling everywhere he goes.

3.42pm – OMG. She woke up at 12pm?!!!

3.44pm – I’ve got no mood to work. Help.

4.06pm – Ah… the bread tasted so nice. Should have bought 2 instead of just 1. Now, I’m still hungry. Damn.

4.18pm – I really, for the umpteenth time, shouldn’t be working in this line, in this industry! Gosh. But then again, I’m too lazy and too tied up to change. It’s an excuse, but I needed the money for the bills. This isn’t the time for me to change.

6.13pm – So glad that little milkie is recovering. How do I know that? She ate a mouthful of ice cream just now and is asking for more! ^^

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Ramblings #0961

2.24am – Do not think that I will not scold you just because you are sick. Being sick gives you some privileges but not all. Including screaming and crying in the middle of the night, and throwing a tantrum.

7.31am – Let’s sleep a while more…

7.42am – Just another while more…

8.29am – “Are you working today?”. Darn. I’m late.

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Thoughts – It’s Been Confirmed. It’s HFMD.

The outlook already wasn’t that good before we went but I guess we (or I) needed that confirmation. To confirm if it’s HFMD and the kind of precautions or things we had to do or prepare in order not to further spread it to other people, especially children. And so earlier on, we went to the PD…

It didn’t take long for the PD to diagnose and confirm that it’s HFMD (though it’s with some struggle), after the PD saw some ulcers in the mouth and few spots on the arms and legs. It’s a classic HFMD.

HFMD, which stands for Hand, foot, mouth disease, is a disease that’s common among young children, of age 5 and below. But that does not imply that adults or children above 5 will not get it. It’s spread through direct contact with the contaminated surfaces (or person). Normally it will begin with a fever, and then slowly ulcers and/or rashes (spots) will appear in the throat/mouth and hands/legs respectively.

Little milkie had only gone back to school last week in the hope to avoid the HFMD spread that was occurring in her childcare in the previous week. Last Friday, a new case in her class was found out and we had thought that she would not have gotten it as she was with the Nursery class instead of her Playground class. But alas, how and where did she get it from? Their principal must be wondering why too. The only conclusion I can think of, was that the childcare wasn’t cleaned as thoroughly as it should be. Or that the children who previously had HFMD, are still somehow carrying the virus. Yes, it’s a tad too late to ONLY separate the children according to their class now, but better late than never…

Poor thing. I’m pretty sure she’s in pain. Imagine not able to eat all the food that she likes, and living on milk only. Top up with her own imagination of eating all the sumptuous food that she has with her toys. And then requesting us to let her smell on all those nice food that we are eating. Sigh…

I’m not spared either (mentally). The moment I stepped out of the clinic, my dad greeted me with a statement that said, “I think it’s too young to send her to a childcare. The other auntie also commented that they always get sick.”. And then shortly after that, I’ve got this from the lil’ hub, “What’s the point of spending so much money to a childcare which can’t even control the spread. And since your parents are willing to look after little milkie, why don’t we just save the money? It’s not as if she’s learning a lot of things. And she’s already quite smart.”.

Letting her staying at home, is not a long term solution for me. Never. Not only does it not benefit little milkie, it makes my parents more tired, makes little milkie more rebellious, makes me more pissed off, and makes everyone’s timing go haywire. No. I will not back down. I can let her got to a school but NEVER staying at home. But what is the difference then? Between a school and a childcare. If the idea is just so you think that the chances of getting sick is lesser, I can tell you, it’s not. A friend of mine put his daughter in a relatively prestigious school, and yet the school can close down because there’s almost 1-2 cases of HFMD for that period of time.

By the time we were home, another came bombarding me. My mum. I kept quiet. There’s no point replying them. I only hope my daughter will recover soon, and began eating, like she used to. But at the very least, her general mood wasn’t dampen off by that pain in her mouth (most of the time), and that the fever had gone away.


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Ramblings #0960

7.27am – I lied on the bed. I knew the alarm is going to go off soon, so I picked up the phone and switched it off. Everyone else is still asleep, and I’m glad, especially little milkie. It hasn’t been a good night rest, for she woke up almost every hour or so, crying and screaming for her granny. The lil’ hub was pissed. I was simply too tired to do much. I’m pretty sure little milkie was tired too, for her eyes were close even when she’s making so much noise, and half the time, it was some random ramblings. Nonetheless, nothing much that we can do except to “decode” what she wanted in her sleep, which switches any moment. Anyhow, I sent the lil’ hub into the room to sleep (we were in the living room) right after he shouted at little milkie. That was earlier on.
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Thoughts – NO! Not Antibiotics AGAIN!

I stared at the patch of redness on the sole of her foot. I prayed silently that it wasn’t HFMD. If it is, the consequences would be drastic, to me…


24 hours ago, the fever came suddenly. Paracetamol wasn’t of any help and we were called back while out for dinner. Ibuprofen was given after that and it pushed the fever down for 3 hours before it started shooting up to 40 degree celsius again. That does it. Ibuprofen was not to be taken till another 2-3 hours later. Sponging only managed to lower the temperature by a little. We still hadn’t see the effect of the peppermint oil and little milkie seems to be shivering. We were helpless and so we went to the 24 hour clinic at Mount Alvernia. KKH wasn’t an option anymore for their medication sucks big time.

But is Mount Alvernia any better? Yes, in terms of the waiting time but otherwise, the doctor that little milkie visited is still a general one (not a pediatrician), and the moment when he said antibiotics have to be given due to the redness in little milkie’s throat, I felt like slapping him. Is it really needed? I asked myself.

As far as I know, a PD doesn’t give out antibiotics to a child as much as possible unless really necessary, example, sick for a week or more, or that the fever cannot be controlled. Why? Because antibiotics ain’t good and it’s probably the WORST medicine ever to be invented! But why does all these general doctors just give them out so easily?! And if it really is HFMD, would antibiotics help? I doubt so…

Anyhow, there wasn’t much symptoms for the doctor to diagnose that it’s HFMD, and all we can do is monitor. But other than just the sickness, I have to handle my mum and the lil’ hub.

One said to withdraw little milkie out of childcare for she kept getting sick (and probably both times weren’t transmitted in the childcare, but at home). And the other wanted to send little milkie to the school so that she can spread it to the other kids if it’s really HFMD, because there are those stupid inconsiderate parents that does the same thing too. He, too, will withdraw little milkie from that school as he said there’s no point in sending her to such an expensive school when the teachers can’t even ensure that parents don’t do such silly things.

I’m once again, fighting a battle alone. Against the use of antibiotics. Against withdrawing her out from this school. As much as I am a little pissed at those inconsiderate parents, I do not wish for her to change school when she’s slightly bonded and have some friends that she can called her own.

My MIL ain’t any better. All she can do is comment that little milkie is weak and thus kept on getting sick, and that’s because I never take care of myself when I’m pregnant. It’s the same as when she got jaundice at 3 days old, the reason was because I ate curry while I’m pregnant.

Right. Blame it all on me, peeps. I think I got used to it already. But I’m not giving a damn as long as I think I’m right.

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Ramblings #0959

7.24am – Lower abdominal aching. Was it because I stood too long and exerted too much energy yesterday night? Gee… I better rest more today.

8.36am – Hmm… never cry today? Nonetheless she kept on watching… But baby, it’s okay! Today is Friday and mommy is not working tomorrow! Let’s go bake some cakes!

9.32am – Not much appetite today. Am I getting sick? Oh no! The virus is spreading!

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