Ramblings #0988


9.36am – Write minutes? Hah… my brain is still sleeping… *yawn* 10.55am – I’m totally in no mood to do anything. Gosh… why is it only Tuesday? And why does people have to work?… 12.40pm – Great. Fancy writing the wrong year. 2016… HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE?! Sigh. Now I’ll need to get it…
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Ramblings #0987

9.02am – Darn. Almost forgotten that I’ve got a meeting at 9.30am today. Better grab my breakfast quick!

9.58am – It’s really amusing when you are in the middle of a meeting, listening to the arguments of the manager and his team. Hmm… they are going in circles. Why? Simply because (which I have no idea why too) one of the team members couldn’t understand what the manager wants. And now, I had to try not to laugh out loud. Ah… so damaging to my body. Wahahahahahaha :p

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Ramblings #0984


7.58am – Little milkie must have had enough sleep today, to wake up on her own and ask me where I’m going. So nice… if only everyday is like that, and everyone is like that, then I won’t have to chase sheep anymore. *LOL* “Dream on… dream away…” 10.39am – Why does people like to…
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Ramblings #0982


9.02am – It’s around 9am and I just stepped into the office. The day didn’t start off as well as it should, and thus probably add on to the I-don’t-feel-like-working mood. Little milkie finally went back to school after almost a one week break due to the staycation. Well, she started crying the moment I…
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Ramblings #0980


11.32am – There are times where you might feel like scolding your kid in public. That is exactly what I feel like doing now but then… thankfully, I managed to hold it back till my dad came to my rescue. Little milkie started coughing ever since we came back from the staycation yesterday. More or…
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