Ramblings #0988

9.36am – Write minutes? Hah… my brain is still sleeping… *yawn*

10.55am – I’m totally in no mood to do anything. Gosh… why is it only Tuesday? And why does people have to work?…

12.40pm – Great. Fancy writing the wrong year. 2016… HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE?! Sigh. Now I’ll need to get it changed again. Pui.

1.23pm – *LOL* I hope it’s not too obvious that I corrected it on my own… Oops.


5.23pm – Spent 3 hours to update a 2 powerpoint slides. I am soooooo efficient today.

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Ramblings #0987

9.02am – Darn. Almost forgotten that I’ve got a meeting at 9.30am today. Better grab my breakfast quick!

9.58am – It’s really amusing when you are in the middle of a meeting, listening to the arguments of the manager and his team. Hmm… they are going in circles. Why? Simply because (which I have no idea why too) one of the team members couldn’t understand what the manager wants. And now, I had to try not to laugh out loud. Ah… so damaging to my body. Wahahahahahaha :p

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Ramblings #0984

7.58am – Little milkie must have had enough sleep today, to wake up on her own and ask me where I’m going. So nice… if only everyday is like that, and everyone is like that, then I won’t have to chase sheep anymore. *LOL* “Dream on… dream away…”

10.39am – Why does people like to use the phrase “Please do the needful.”. How the hell do I know what is the needful? Otherwise, they will use “Please do the same.” *facepalm* At times, I really feel like whacking those people who came from there. Can’t they just spell out the whole sentence??? Sigh… Breathe… Breathe…

2.46pm – Seems like the website is down for now. Hope it’s up soon… otherwise, I’m going to log a ticket again.

3.39pm – Okay. It’s up! Not sure what’s the problem but I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as I can blog now.

Today, I hadn’t done much things except talk and talk, or to be exact, trying to wake that friend up from that dream of hers. Fancy falling for an idiotic guy who thought that he is very smart. Sigh.

Anyway, it’s Friday and I hadn’t got the mood to work. The bosses will be back next week and today is the last day to enjoy that little freedom. Ate the sour and spicy kimchi noodle for lunch. In short, it’s just instant noodle but whatever, I’m glad as long as I can eat. It’s just another 2 hours more before I’m deprived of food again. Alas… endure… endure… endure…

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Ramblings #0983

8.50am – The raindrops slapped itself hard against the windows. It’s so sudden. If only we were earlier by that bit, then we won’t be stuck in the car, and I won’t be late for work. If only today is a Saturday, then we can sleep late on a nice cooling morning.


11.02am – The head feels groggy all of a sudden.

6.54pm – Indeed, it’s extremely irritating when you can see your kid getting from bad to worse, and yet the grandparents are somewhat still siding them. Little milkie had once again tried to hit the gor gor again. This time round, with a lego. Not once, but twice, after we told her to stop. And then after that she refused to apologize even though she’s in the wrong. So I scolded her, and she still refused, ignoring me too. And then came the thing that I wasn’t really expecting, she asked her grandma to apologize. I told my mum to stop carrying her but my mum continued. A mountain backing her up. How to? How to teach kids when those mountains are always there to back them up? *breathe…*

7.46pm – Sigh… how can I possibly get angry with little milkie for too long when she’s so annoyingly adorable? She came back from auntie’s house, and ran straight into the room without daring to look at me. I told my sister that she’ll probably just sit at one corner without doing anything. Indeed, that was what she did. And after that, she took a piece of paper and started wiping the floor and cupboards. Gosh… her temper is SOOOOO like her father. Shortly after that, she came out and tried to make conversation with me. I didn’t really reply until dinner time, where she kept looking at me, and finally, I looked up and smiled at her. That’s when she smiled back and told her grandma that she likes me. -.-”’

Nonetheless, she still ought to be taught and disciplined if the need arises. Or else… I’m not sure what’s going to happen in future. Sigh… why is she so tempered like her dad?????

9.38pm – Good. She’s asleep. *LOL*

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Thoughts – And She Appreciates!

Today is Wednesday. I took the day off to accompany little milkie to attend a concert or something like that, that her childcare had asked. Why not? It’s some exposure for her and it seems fun to go for an outing with her friends and teachers. That was what I was thinking at the point of signing up but I guess, I received more than that.

So we brought her to the school and despite telling her quite a number of times, as usual, she pulled her stunt and started crying after we reached the gate of the school. And by the time a few hours had passed and we came back again, we heard her crying. This time round, crying and ‘arguing’ with a teacher. I guess the teachers must have find it a little amusing, that a 26 months old kid can talk in such a way – 我不要你了. Yes, that was what she usually said to us when she’s angry, and the teacher had replied what I would have – 我也不要你了.

Anyway, there was a pause but she started crying the moment she saw both the lil’ hub and I. Of course, shortly after that, she began to get so excited about boarding the bus and going to watch the performance – Gloobaloo. And then the funny and sweet thing came when we were on board the bus.

Milkie: Mummy, why aren’t you working today?
Me: Because I took leave and accompany you to go gai gai (walk around).
Milkie: You never work to accompany me ah?
Me: Yes…
Milkie: Mummy, I like you ^^
Me: I like you too ^^

Isn’t that sweet? Yes, indeed. Once again, she showed me how important my presence (and probably the lil’ hub’s too) is to her, and that she really appreciates that I stop working and accompany her. But then again, it’s a little sad too that nowadays, a lot of times, both parents have to work and thus neglected their children, which probably resulted in the increasing problems in teenagers.

And then come to think of it, it’s been quite a while since I’ve last do craft activities with her… sigh…

Well, the show was beyond what I had imagined for children. It was very hip hop and all the children (age between 2-6) were screaming as if they saw their idol and then after that dancing. Little milkie did dance a little and I can see that she somewhat enjoyed it but towards the end of that 1 hour concert, she K.O. But while we were boarding the bus, she woke up and during the journey, we had the cutest conversation ever (and I do understand her agony… because I’ve been through it and is still going through after starting to work).

Milkie: Mummy, Saturday no need to go to school.Me: Yes, Saturday no need to go to school.
Milkie: Tomorrow is Saturday.
Me: -.-”’ No, tomorrow is Thursday.
Milkie: Thursday don’t have to go to school.
Me: -.-”’ x 2 No, Thursday have to go to school. Friday also.
Milkie: Then when is Saturday?
Me: Thursday, Friday then Saturday.
Milkie: *Looking disappointed*

Hope you all have a nice day too! I definitely enjoyed mine! ^^

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Ramblings #0982

9.02am – It’s around 9am and I just stepped into the office. The day didn’t start off as well as it should, and thus probably add on to the I-don’t-feel-like-working mood.

Little milkie finally went back to school after almost a one week break due to the staycation. Well, she started crying the moment I attempted to carry her out of the car. By the time we reached the gate of the school (just 3m away from the car), her tears and mucus were all over. The principal attempted to calm her down but with no luck. In the end, she simply just carried her over while I settled her things and left for work. She, was still, crying for me then.

Sigh… Persevere, that’s what I kept telling myself. How long can I keep her away from school? It’s just another 3 more months before she reaches the year of 3, what is the difference? And by then, it might be too late for her to adjust. It’s easy for the grandparents to say that they can take care but honestly, can they, really? When I tried to recall back on how everyone is so tired a few months back, before little milkie started going to school, I told myself it’s definitely worth it. Voice getting louder, sleep getting lesser, household chores not done, clothes piling up and many others but yet they don’t see it. I do. Why? Because I’m at the receiving end. She’s my child and I should handle her once I get back from work, and probably other things. Goodness. But that’s what I’ll be told. No maids. No part-time helpers. Just me alone, being a superwoman. Right. But that’s their expectations.

So, NO. Despite the fact that I really do find little milkie a little pitiful at times, and it hurts too, but NO. I’m not withdrawing her from school just to satisfy the oldies. You know, sometimes it gets really tiring ‘fighting’ against all these pointless odds. How nice it would be if only my decisions were supported fully by my family members. But more than half the time, it’s not… I’m always almost alone…

And then it’s as if there’s not enough stupid people around, my sister told me that my youngest cousin apparently got scolded by one of his friend’s mum because his son did something wrong. Oh gosh, did I write correctly? Yes, I think I did. Yes, his friend is the one that did something wrong and thus my cousin went to report to the teachers, and in the end that friend’s mum come and scold him. I’m pretty sure his son lied about what happened. Parents. Stupid parents raise stupid children, and create this stupid society. Do I need to elaborate more?

Yes, I know I probably shouldn’t be getting so work up because of such small things but I really am disappointed at times with this used to be beautiful world that I know of. It probably doesn’t seem like so anymore.

9.52am – I can feel my blood boiling as I waited and waited for the reply. I feel as if I’m talking to a wall. Is it that difficult to check? Why are some people so slow in whatever things that they do? There’s totally no sense of urgency! For goodness!

10.12am – It doesn’t feel good to have to make decisions, of any kind, early in the morning. Should I penalise or should I not? It isn’t fair to just penalise one party but yet there’s no way I can penalise both. There’s no such system here. So I should just ‘cover’ it up and highlight? And then remove that option? Sigh…


3.03pm – I wondered what’s the reason for me to get this soft toy for little milkie. Is it because of dumping her at the school? Or that I simply needed to buy something to cheer myself up? Or that the look on grumpy’s face simply reminded me of myself today?

Lunch hasn’t been good. The vinegar’s a little too much for that fishball kway teow, which probably makes everything bad. That’s probably the only time where I can try and eat before I start to puke anything and everything out at night. I’m glad though, that the errands are completed, after procrastinating it over the weekends.

My boss is online, which means… hmm… nothing… okay, am just a little emo today, which I’d been trying to avoid all these while. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop. Shall stop here for now *headphone’s up*

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Thoughts – Expectations on Affairs

First and foremost, I’m DEFINITELY not encouraging people to have extramarital affairs. I’m only setting some expectations here, known or unknown, because I’d personally heard of several cases where people expect lots from the other party, as if they are in a NORMAL relationship.

Hey, wake up, you are not in a normal relationship. You are probably married (or attached), or else, he/she is, and maybe still is.

I got a not-so-big-shock when I saw a text message early this morning while I was doing my “business”. A friend, X, had for the second time (after not so long ago), an affair with a married man. *facepalm*

It wasn’t unexpected, from all the signs that I picked up every now and then whenever I talked to her. It’s easy, really. Though expected, it still took me a while to accept the fact that she never learned anything from her first lesson. And this one seems to be worse than the previous.

Then, I’d already told her not to expect too much. One can’t expect the other party to give you all the attention you want, especially if the other party is already attached, worse still, with a family (and kids). If you want such relationship, then take things lightly, do not expect to get all the attention you want, anytime of the day. Do not expect to be loved and cared for, the other party is not obliged to. Do not expect to be the one and only one, and be the first priority. No, and most likely you will be the last. If you can’t get these straight and not forgotten in you head, my advice to you is, don’t even go into one.

There is totally no point and perfectly dumb to constantly argue with a married person (not to you) and ruin your everyday. But if you enjoy being with that person and keep your expectation low, and insist on going ahead, fine, go ahead. The bottom line is, you must be happy!

Leave. I know. Easier said than done. Agreed. But if you don’t even try, then you are as good as a gone case.

Sigh… I seriously hope she listens to me from now on, instead of ignoring my advices, for finally at the end of it all, who should be the one that will be there for you other than your spouse (hopefully)? What is the purpose of those vows? Is it really merely a piece of paper? Yes, it is (to me). The paper is indeed just a piece of paper, but it’s the meaning of that whole process where 2 person promised to… (blah blah blah…) that matters…

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Ramblings #0981

5.35am – Crap. Her cough better be over soon. I don’t like the idea of her waking up at such time, crying for her grandma… Sigh… I can look forward to a tiring Monday later…

7.03am – Time to wake up. Sucks! Hahahaha…

7.05am – Crap. Fancy giving me a shock early in the morning… -.-”’

7.56am – Little milkie not going to school again because she’s coughing. Gosh, her school is indeed expensive if such scenario continues. But anyway, no more holidays or staycations so I hope things should get better. At this rate, it’s very unlikely that she’ll ever get used to going to school.

8.47am – Hmm… weirdly, am a little more refresh than expected. Is it going to be over soon??? *grinning*

1.40pm – Shall leave all work till tomorrow. With that cutting grass sound somewhere far away (though quite loud), I doubt I can concentrate. It’s Monday, 22nd of September. About a month since I last tracked on my bills, followed my planned schedule and what not. It’s a mess, and thus probably more delays. I wished I could have done more but I just can’t bring myself to. I do really hope that I can start picking things up again. It’s been quite a while since I last do things with little milkie. Sigh… and I missed my baking and decorating too… but… it will have to wait for a little bit more…

2.25pm – I really don’t want you to go crazy, though I do admit indeed, I don’t like you that little bit. Then again, I do really admire all those things that you did. You are really quite capable. Take things easy and things will slowly get into place.

3.18pm – The new boss has talked!! I hope it’s for a better change though. I’d been here for the past 3 years, attempting to help the change, but the top had not helped much. And promoting those u****** a******** definitely doesn’t help at all.

Anyway, I won’t quit yet. Will wait until things are a little more settled down before I even consider this option again. There’s way too many things to consider now. Sigh…


3.53pm – Can this curb the hunger?

7.38pm – O.O”’ Sh*t. I thought I’m still talking to her just a while ago?? How come she’s asleep now?!!!! Sh*t.

9.14pm – Should I go and sleep now, in case little milkie woke up later?? Hmm…

9.35pm – Okay. Too late. She’s awake. And crying, demanding to go over to my auntie’s house. Sigh…

9.43pm – Kids are kids. It’s soooooo funny. I just carried her over, in a jogging pace to “run away from the big bad wolf” that’s loitering around the neighbourhood, to knock on my auntie’s door. Luckily, it was closed and we managed to tell her a lie – that my auntie is out and nobody’s at home. And then after that we ran back and closed the door. *LOL* Well, as long as she’s satisfied with that.

11.02pm – They are sooooooo imaginative…

Milkie: *picks up the small bottle of moisturiser* I call daddy, okay?
Me nodded my head.
Milkie: Hello daddy. (in mandarin) Just now mummy carried me and we ran to kaipo’s house, then we knocked on the door, but nobody opened the door. Then we quickly ran back to popo’s house and closed the door. Then the big bad wolf was behind, chasing us! And after that he huffed and puffed and…
Me: Nong, just now where got big bad wolf?
Milkie: *puts aside the ‘phone’* Mummy, I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to daddy.
Me: Okay… -.-”’
Milkie: Ya lor… Oh, daddy coming over to see me ah? Okay, bye bye. Mummy, daddy says he coming over now.
Me: Huh? I thought he’s staying in Punggol to accompany Ah Ma?
Milkie: No, he said he’s coming over now to see me. Really.
Me: Okay… -.-”’

… and so adorable…

11.23pm – A friend just asked me if I want to transfer little milkie to a church kindergarten, which means it’s just 3 hours. Hmm… doubt so. I need little milkie to sleep in school. There’s too many distractions back at home and my mum is unable to make her go and sleep, not to even mention my dad. *LOL*

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