Ramblings #1004

10.32am – IT’S A FRIDAY!!!! Alright, and so I’m back here again but I wondered how long it’s going to last. It’s getting really so troublesome to log in. Not to even mention the pile of blog posts I owed myself. I’m supposed to write on a daily basis, you know? Just to date down what happened in my life so that I can read back, shall there be a day where somehow I lost my memories for some reasons (yes, I probably watch too many movies and dramas). Though at times it’s a little boring, but boring is still better than having too excited things. I probably had enough of that! Unlike my dearest colleague, who at this point, is still searching…

Sigh… I don’t blame her for that. After all, I do really understand that kind of emptiness. I just hope she can fill that emptiness with something else and divert her attention towards other things too. It’s getting a little mundane with her daily rants on this boy and that boy, when she don’t even know what she REALLY wants. Fantasizing, that’s what I feel.

Oh! Talking about that, it seems like it’s been a little while since I’d watch movies! But hmm… can’t make it tonight, nor tomorrow or Sunday. Gee… looks like I’ll have to postpone till next week.

October’s ending soon. It’s really scary when month after month, it just pass and nothing much seems to be done other than Milo being brewed, which also seems a little scary when I can’t feel much yet, other than some flutters every now and then. The lil’ hub is even worse, he actually asked me which week/month I’m into now because he totally has no idea. Sigh… guys…

Well, I’m going to draw some blood (ahhhhhhhh… ) tomorrow for some test. Hope I don’t faint tomorrow. Pray hard.


Ah… am feeling really bloated now after having that mee rebus in the morning. It costs $3 for an extremely big plate but it’s really waaaay too much. At the canteen above Sheng Siong along Serangoon North Avenue 5. Darn. I hate this feeling. Okie, shall try and catch up with my blog! I’ve got so many things I want to write about!

11.26am – Have you seen a human merlion before? Although it seems somewhat similar to the times where I puke because I’m drunk, it definitely doesn’t seem fair when I haven’t even touch a drop of it! Sigh… an hour ago, I was still complaining about the bloated-ness. But apparently little milo caught signs of it, and pushes the mee rebus out so that I can have my lunch soon. Yes, I’m almost hungry now, but with a burning throat, I doubt I will have much appetite. One thing that really puzzles me though, where did all those fluid, that came together with the mee rebus, come from? Have I drank that much water since morning already?

Wait a minute.

I thought my pukiness normally comes at night? Why am I puking my breakfast out for the past 2 days?? O.O??

1.56pm – OMG! My sh*t smells of Arnold’s chicken! *GASP* Wahahahaha…

Heartburn’s gone. Stomach half-filled. Fluid topped up. Lunch’s over. Boss’s not around. Life’s good!

But! I think I need to increase my fibre intake. Seems like Mr Constipation is here to visit me. 3.5 more hours before I can knock off from work, what should I do for now? Work or blog? ^^

2.40pm – HOLY CRAP!! Forgot to help to do the daily report!!

3.11pm – All done. Sigh… I can’t even deny that I’m not old. Sigh… my memory is failing me… heeeellllpppp…

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Thoughts – Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC)

I almost laugh-out-loud when I saw the note pasted on little milkie’s communication book. Did I see it wrongly? I wondered, as I re-read the title and content of the printed note a few times – “PTC”, which stands for Parent-Teacher Conference. Erm… little milkie is only 2 years and 3 months old, and I sent her to a childcare under the Playgroup class for her to socialise and learn a little bit of things, what kind of parent-teacher conference do I need? Wahahaha… to tell me how “tao” or ya-ya-papaya my little milkie is? Or how she actually talked back to the teachers? Oops :p

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Shopping – Club 21 Bazaar 2014 @ F1 Pit Building

It’s here again! The annual Club 21 Bazaar sale! Ending this Sunday, on 26 October 2014!

I took half a day off to meet my sister who came early in the morning. Thanks to her, I managed to get 3 pairs of pretty shoes for little milkie. It started yesterday already, for their staffs, but today ain’t so bad. Morning will be a preview for Club 21 members, and after 1pm, it’s for Citibank credit card holders.


Crowds? Yes, as usual, there’s A LOT OF crowds. The lil’ hub had warned me times and again to be careful of my big tummy but honestly, there’s nothing to worry about because I’d personally seen a few preggy ladies like me, and some who seems to deliver soon (even bigger tummy)!

Anyhow, the items and prices seem to be slightly different this year. A few things that I’d noted is, firstly, jeans cost cheaper than last year. A pair of DKNY jeans that I got for the lil’ hub cost only $30! Secondly, there weren’t as many Calvin Klein dresses/jackets, though I did manage to get like 4 dresses. Lastly, the way they categorize the children’s clothes is a little irritating. 3 years old to 10 years old. GOODNESS! It would be so much better if they can have a smaller range! I had to dig through the clothes to find dresses and tops that can fit my little milkie. Thankfully and luckily, I managed to find 2 really cute cardigans!

All in all, I definitely still find this bazaar a good one as a lot of apparels sold outside with good quality aren’t any cheaper nowadays.

I’ll still go for the last day, to see if I can get some other items after they’d slashed their prices. Today, it’s more than what I’d expected, spending almost a thousand for the lil’ hub, little milkie and myself. And to note, it’s only the FIRST day. Though tired, I definitely enjoyed the shopping experience. *LOL*

*more photos coming soon…*

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Ramblings #1003

5.49am – I guess it’s only been a while after we both slept, but I have no idea what gave her that idea to sleep at where she is now. I had a big shock, though, especially when I’m half dreaming already when suddenly something big knock and fell onto my waist. I was sleeping on my left side and couldn’t really see what it was. Had initially assumed it was her leg but it couldn’t be that heavy. And a side glimpse towards that direction confirms that it’s her head. Goodness, why is she sleeping on me?? -.-”’

8.53am – Stomach aches. Sucks! I’ve got a meeting at 9am!!!!

9.51am – Let’s rush to the sharing session. Urgh. Hungry.

10.38am – DONE! Let’s ROT!…

… NOT…

And the boss just came by my seat to ask me to clear up the audit issues before I go off for my half day’s leave… *CRY*

10.41am – And another issue came up… on personal work. Ah… why does it have to come at the same time?? Let’s search for some information first so that I can save some time back at home.


11.48am – CHOP CHOP! Let’s go shopping!!!!!

12.53pm – I’ve got a pair of very funny parents. It’s apparently for the reason that I don’t want to trouble you guys, and thus didn’t tell you where I’m going. Urgh… and now I’m waiting… waiting for them to get ready to go out, and send me to the F1 pit building. *Yawn*

1.40pm – I AM HERE! WOOHOO!!!

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Ramblings #0995

1.52pm – My brainless idol is talking again. And thanks to him, I’d been so busy since morning till lunch. Now I’ll need to wait for my boss to be back on Monday before I can close this issue, again, THANKS to him.

Sometimes I wondered what all these people are thinking, or maybe not thinking at all. To come up with such illogical reasoning, and still thinking that he is smart. *facepalm* Yes, that’s the kind of people I chose to work with instead of travelling far to my workplace or getting a higher salary with better prospect. Am I making the right decision?

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Ramblings #0994

3.36am – Huh? Looking for grandma again?? -.-”’

5.01am – Great… I wonder how I can survive later on…

9.14am – I knew it! Something always has to go wrong when I don’t have enough sleep and woke up late in the morning. Firstly, I forgot to take my MC so that I can submit. Then now, I realised that I forgot about my vitamins. Sigh… looks like I’ll have to make a trip back home in the afternoon.

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Ramblings #0991

9.56am – It’s funny how some totally not compatible couples are staying together. Was just reading up on some of the Yahoo news, and then came across one on Robert Pattinson. Apparently, he’s currently dating a singer called FKA Twigs. Seriously, I can hardly believe my eyes for they seem totally weird together. I don’t understand what causes that big change in Robert, to move from Kirsten to this FKA Twigs. Of course it’s not for me to comment much, as long as they really enjoy each other’s company but I simply find it extremely weird.
Anyway, it’s probably none of my business.

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Food – Rokeby Bistro Cafe @ Jln Riang

Earlier this morning as I was writing my blog, I was still thinking that it had been quite a while since I’d tried food at a new restaurant. Maybe my boss had somehow heard my wish, and so she brought us to this I-have-no-idea-where is it place, as she turned and turned into small roads in between landed houses somewhere in Serangoon (near to NEX). Jln Riang, that’s the road name where she stopped and parked her car. What’s over there? Nothing much other than landed houses but yet there’s a roll of shophouses. Honestly, I really wonder how people managed to find such nice locations.

Anyway, there were actually quite a number of small cafes/restaurants. We went to one at the corner, called Rokeby Bistro Cafe. And apparently by night, it will be a bar. It’s relatively quite small, but the ambience was rather nice.


There wasn’t much customers during the lunch time, so I guessed most people will probably come only at night to chill for such a place. We placed our orders and the food came shortly.



The portion of the food was quite alright. I won’t consider it as big portion though. There’s the luncheon cheese sticks which is the “in” thing right now. As for the menu, there wasn’t a wide list of selections, especially for the mains. And as most of it are steaks, it wasn’t really that cheap. For the fish and chips that I ordered, it cost around $16. The taste is okay except that they put a little too much salt for the fries and at certain areas, on the fish too.

Service was alright but since there’s only 2 groups of customers initially, I can’t say much if the crowd starts to get in. There’s also free flow of water (self-service) which I love it.

This place is quite good to chill out but provided you drive because it’s located right in the middle of landed housing with no public transport. And even if you DID drive, parking might be an issue as there’s limited lots available. I’m not sure how enthusiastic are those parking attendants over at that area but otherwise, it indeed is a nice place to relax, and away from the noisy shopping centres.

Can try it out.

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