Thoughts – Partnership, in Deep Thoughts

It’s a Sunday. I’m wondering why I ain’t lying on my bed. It’s simple. I’ve been pondering about the discussion that I’ve been having lately with my partner at work, especially at some of the things that she mentioned yesterday, which I disagreed greatly. That’s the problem. Partnership in work, is almost like having another relationship. Gosh, something that I hated most. That explains why this friend and I didn’t manage to start it out a long time ago as we would have wanted since before graduation.

But then, something made me wanted to really try it out with her this time round, and so I pushed, and I believed she wanted it too. Everything seems fine other than the usually procrastination issue that we both have. Until 2 days ago, where we were discussing about some grant issue. Gee… it’s a difference, definitely. She thinks a bit way too much, not that it’s no good but in certain areas, I felt that it’s a bit of erm… overdoing. I blamed it on her own character, her past experience and her working environment. It just makes her even more less risky as she already is.

Another point that I just remembered last night. A thinker. Now I truly understand the sentences when JY said “Thinkers cannot be entrepreneur because they think too much. By the time they finish thinking, the opportunity is already gone.” Right, that is exactly what I’d been feeling and now I’m wondering if I made the right decision to go ahead, or that I should have try it out on my own (or with the lil’ hub).

And since if this is true, that brings me to another point, this month, “Avoid taking any risks”, that’s what JY wrote. So should I just take a step back and let this past, and go by the safer road?

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Thoughts – Peace Comes From Within

At last, I finally finished what I promised a long time ago, to make a baby mobile for little milkie. Yes, I know it’s a tad late but better be late than never, right?

I haven’t been feeling as balanced for the past week. Hormones? Work? Busy schedule? Weird friends? I don’t know. I tried not to think so much and assumed its a bit of all.

The lil’ hub had went for reservist early in the morning in a sleepy state. I didn’t sleep much after that. But I guess the half day leave that I gotten today did help me to look forward to something else other than work and work. And also to get me off from some people who simply don’t have any self-discipline, and instead, need to be RESTRICTED by putting up rules, fines and what not. Sucks. I’m getting so sick of this.

So the meet up wasn’t that bad. We did manage to do a little bit of things, though lesser than what we planned, which is always the case. But again, it’s better than nothing. I’ve already sort of got used when I do things with this friend of mine. It has always been an issue with us. Sigh…

Now that I’m home, I forced myself to just take this sweet coloured papers out no matter what. And it’s nice that I did it. Though it’s not to the perfection yet but as long as it can lift off some negative feelings away, I’m good enough.


I love the colours, really. I’m just wondering where I can hang it now. If only life were really that colourful, but yet peaceful.

“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” ~ Unknown

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Thoughts – Grievances “Hotline”

Of recent, I think I just had a new job scope added to my JD – to maintain a “hotline” for grievances. I’m a little amused though especially while I was reading the Dilbert’s comic. Immediately, I fell in love with this picture.


“My work has meaning, but it’s not the good kind.” Indeed, it’s not the good kind. Imagine going into a training (wrong, it’s 2 consecutive training) and 15 minutes later, it became a complaint session for the employees on their bosses, indirectly. Yes, they did try and ask to see if we can somewhat improve the process such that some stages can be controlled. But as far as I know, there’s totally NO point in adding additional steps just to slow down the process because whoever that is supposed to be verifying the work, DIDN’T verify at all!

At my work place (or I think it’s just my department), signatures are worthless. You can sign on something but yet it doesn’t mean anything at all. So, really, what is the point?

So there I was, an hour of training became half an hour of training, while the other half, I let them rant all they want. I do hear them but what can I do other than feedback it to my boss? I know of this issue but it’s a human issue which can’t be controlled by processes. Unless those managers (which I never felt that they are fit to be one) really know what they are doing, nothing much can be controlled. If I’m given the power, I probably would just change the whole lot of them. The ones that only knows how to talk but not work.

Let’s now only hope the new boss can see and do something about it…

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Ramblings #1029

12.15am – I’m late. Am supposed to try and sleep before 11pm. But I came home late so… sigh…

6.37am – There goes the lil’ hub for his reservist. Poor thing, he must be really tired.

6.54am – Constipation. Why will it caused constipation? Finally, I can feel the “stopper” out of the entrance, though it came with a price. Let’s hope the journey will be smoother from here on… And I shall continue with the “a fruit a day” and “8 glasses of water”.

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Ramblings #1028

12.37am – Oh… who’s that coming in? Gee… why is my sis still awake at such hour? *looks at time* Oh… it’s only past midnight. Gee… feels like I’d slept for hours…

3.24am – Huh? I’m awake again?

5.54am – … and again…

6.47am – … and again… and I’m staying awake… Poor little milo… Got woken up by me everytime I tossed and turned around…

7.15am – Really feels like taking an MC, or half a day’s leave and stay in the library. Not really in a good mood. Wrong, it’s more of feeling a little depressed though there’s absolutely nothing to be depressed about. Sigh…

8.38am – Cute things about little milkie this morning…

(1) I sang “put your head on my shoulders…”, and the next thing she did – she put her head on my shoulder. *LOL* I was just singing for fun as the song suddenly pops in.

(2) Me: Do you dare to climb up (the playground)?Milkie: (replied very fast) No, I dare not. I only dare to swing at the bottom.

Glad that she’s grew accustomed to the childcare. ^^


8.52am – Santa Chan came early today! This used to be one of my favourites.

9.15am – Am waiting for my colleague to come in so that we can go for breakfast. But really, I thought I need to stay a little further away?

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Ramblings #1027

12.23pm – There’s really lots of weird people around and getting weirder. I was having lunch with my admin at Burger King @ NEX. There was a very thin file or voucher-like thing on the table that my admin had sat. The initial thought was that someone left it behind and thats it. But half way through the meal, suddenly the file was taken away. We were too engross in the topic that we are chatting and weren’t noticing who took it (we thought its the cleaner). Minutes later, an old uncle approached n started reprimanding us. Telling us off at why we sat at a table with other people things on the table. My colleague (who was in a very bad mood), started shooting him back also. And then the uncle left, calling us uncillvilised. Is he being civilised by talking to us in that manner. I had wanted to apologize but he didn’t give us a chance to with his ranting off. Anyway where did he come out from? If he is really in the queue, why did he confront us only now? Half way through…

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Ramblings #1026

6.34am – Sometimes I find myself crazy, to not force myself to sleep, but to wake up and do whatever things that I need to WHILE I’m still so tired. I don’t know. I simply can’t get back to sleep anymore despite trying out for a while. Subconsciously, there just seem to be too many things that I need to do, think and worry about. There’s just too little time to do all the things I want to. It’s going to be a busy day ahead yet again. I hope I can take it. Nonetheless I’m thankful that it’s Friday today.

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Ramblings #1023

7.11am – Maybe I shouldn’t have chatted with the lil’ hub till so late at night (past midnight) but then again, how can I neglect him after I got married and have a kid? I’m already not beside him everyday and a lot of times, the young one has already taken a lot of my attention. Hmm… time is soooo not enough. And my throat seems to be getting worse. I… don’t want to get sick…


9.35am – Seems like the body is unable to contain the virus. Been getting this heaviness on the head since I woke up. No good. Maybe I should really just rest at home? I doubt this medication that I got previously from the doctor can help either. Hmm… and I look a little unwell today…

10.08am – *sniff* *sniff*

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