Thoughts – Highlights of 2014

As I bid goodbye to 2014 and welcome the new year, just want to highlight some of the events in 2014 that brightened up my life, gave me headaches and filled up my 2014, with photos!

Indeed, it had been quite a nice one, though not one of the best. And it’s going to get better each year.

FYI, photos not in sequence. ^^


Me and my finale 3-tier cake. Isn’t it nice? Took me quite a few days to complete it. No wonder it’s so expensive to get people to do such cakes.


A trip to Genting with little milkie and family! She definitely enjoyed the trip a lot, with rides after rides. I really have no idea what’s so fun about the merry-go-round though.


Her first hair cut at the salon and she never cry! She did cry once during the second hair cut, but moving on, most of the time, it was a bliss. She’ll sit down quietly. Good job, little milkie. Mommy is really very proud of you!


Our staycation at Changi Village hotel. Wasn’t the best but it’s still not too bad for that price. The food around that area was definitely nice!


Our first Halloween celebration and it was quite a success! it’s been a long time since I’d wanted to organized one but without much success. But thanks to the help, especially to my dearest sister and cuz, WE DID IT! Will definitely try again next year!


Finally, a staycation at Hardrock Hotel. If not for the flexiclaim, I doubt the lil’ hub will agree to it. But it was a worthy package, which includes the accommodation and tickets to USS, aquarium and adventure cove.


Thank God that the both of them didn’t make noise or cry during the play about Little Red Riding Hood. Nice one!


Went to school and though cried for quite a few months, I’m just glad that she had finally settled down and seems to be enjoying in school. So long she had enough sleep, there won’t be much whining.


Her first encounter of the HFMD. Poor thing. That one week was a torture for her, and for all of us. Let’s hope this is the first, and the last.


Little milo passing the second trimester soon! An active baby so far, which means a healthy baby! And I’m so looking forward to you joining our family soon! Just another 3 months. I’m counting down…


A cake, that I seriously am proud of. Not that it’s not a butter cake, which I usually bake. But one where I love the soldier so much! It’s so cute! Will try and create more, and seriously focus on my Pans & Play next year!

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Ramblings #1051

1.01am – Gosh! Did I doze off again while making little milkie sleep? Oops, missed call from the lil’ hub.

7.23am – Another day. Sleepy. What should I do today? My planning hasn’t completed fully yesterday. And I can’t find the receipt!

10.03am – Sleeping bugs attack!!!!

11.17am – This is from Yahoo News: Earn your first dollar outside of your job

“If you’ve ever considered a career change or even had wild fantasies about quitting your job, that’s just one of the reasons you should start thinking about finding an alternative income stream. With more and more Singaporeans working beyond retirement age, it’s a good idea to start experimenting with earning money outside of the constraints of your job, unless you want to still be sitting at the same desk decades from now.

How you decide to earn your first dollar outside of work really depends on your abilities and your interests. Whether you decide to moonlight as a private tutor, become a pub musician or start a small business, the mere act of earning money that’s all yours—not your boss’s—no matter how small the amount, might have a stronger impact on your future plans than you think.”


11.50am – Frugality starting this week! Shall try not to spend too much for lunch. Every little bit counts. Anyway, not much appetite today. Guess little milo doesn’t like food as much as little milkie. Well, good for me then. So let’s hope I can keep the weight within 62kg this time round. And hope when I measured my weight this Saturday, it’s NOT more than 57kg. I’ve still got a quarter to go, you know.

1.14pm – No mood to work but have to work. For the money!

1.23pm – Little milo, little milo, why are you tumbling inside again? Are you getting bored and restless?

1.38pm – The throat is a little sore today. Weird. Why? I never eat anything heaty… *yawns* Better start working again. Sucks. Okay, I can’t have such negative thinking… Press on. Press on. Press on…

4.19pm – Medication for depression? Throw them away. I never really believe in it. That’s like the LAST resort before someone committed suicide. Yes, I just threw that idea off B when she mentioned it. I have no idea where that came from but the mentioned of the word “medication” sounds basically like “drugs” to me. I rather she just talk it out. Really. Unless there’s totally no one to talk to, otherwise I really don’t see the need.

Anyway, it’s all because of the effects of actions that she did this year that led her to where she is now. All she needs is to tune her lifestyle and things will definitely get better. I just wrote a list of 2015 goals for her. I sure hope she follows it. Even if its a few is good enough.

5.49pm – The idea of leaving early ended up leaving even later and that I have to wait at the lobby. Goodness.

7.04pm – That’s how zucchini looks like, if you have no idea what it is, like me. *LOL*

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Food – Sakae Sushi @ Hougang One

This is by far, one of the worst meal that I’d taken for so long. Probably it’s due to my poor appetite too but I attribute mostly to the food (and services). There wasn’t much choices (to my mum) to consider for dinner at Hougang One. So after pondering for quite a while, we decided to go for Sakae Sushi, one which I used to hang out really often (like more than 10 years ago before all the other Japanese restaurants started popping out like nobody’s business). But then, I stopped going to Sakae Sushi after the company’s direction decided to change where instead of offering cheap and good food, they started to come up with a lot of new innovation and combination of food, and INCREASED the price of it.

Anyhow, I cast that thought aside and decided to give it a try again. The first impression was already bad. I stood at the waiting area for minutes but yet no one came out to serve us. Wrong, I didn’t even see any waiter or waitress at all. I would have assumed that they were closed for business had not for that few customers having their meals inside. It was only after around 5 minutes, when my dad carried little milkie inside, then suddenly one lady came out from nowhere. I seriously wonder where they are hiding. Well, or should I say, probably they were a bit shorthanded for I only get to see 1 waiter and 1 waitresses throughout that dinner. To add on, it’s 2 person who has equally bad face.

Service, I would say. Was bad. I didn’t even get my green tea… Sigh…


Taste? Sigh… even worse. None of the food tasted nice. I couldn’t even really find what I want to eat in the menu. In the end, I decided to eat a bit of whatever they all had ordered. I’m glad I did and save that money. Little milkie’s udon tasted tasteless. The salmon was a little too dry. Chawanmushi is tasteless too. My tuna mayo is those from the cans and there’s so little. Tori karaage sucks. BBQ chicken tasted like those that I ate at Sazeriya, which means it’s oven-baked. What else is nice? I wondered…

Price? Gosh! $97+! When there’s only 3 main course + a kid’s main course! How did it add up to that??? I would have a lot more tastier food had I went to Ichiban.

So that’s it. No more Sakae Sushi no matter what. That’s my review for it, after sooooooooooo long. Thank you.

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Ramblings #1050

1.54am – It’s the middle of the night and I swear that I’m freaking sleepy. But with that bulge growing bigger by the day, sleeping once again, proves to be difficult. I read my luck for next year. It wasn’t too bad. Asked me to manage my money better, which I certainly hope so. And also to stop procrastinating. Sigh…

6.48am – It’s more or less quite expected that he won’t be going for the test. Furthermore, it’s such a nice cooling morning. I just hope he won’t get lazier and lazier.

8.53am – Early in the morning and I’m thrown with such wonderful questions. Nice greetings for the first day after the one week break. Sucks to have such colleagues who like to “aim” at people and the moment they stepped in, they start asking questions after questions about work. There should be an official time given for settling down!

10.45am – Frugality. Frugality. Frugality. I just looked back on my past expenses and oh my! Did I use up my 5-digit savings last year? I think I did. Perhaps I would have done better had I taken note a little bit more. Nonetheless, with the lil’ hub’s irregular income like that, with me trying to help out in some of the groceries and expenses doesn’t seem like an extremely wise decision. And him not taking on some of my advices is plain stupid. But I’ve said whatever I want and there’s no point repeating. In 2015, I will try not to take so many responsibilities. At least, not the utilities. WHY am I paying for it when I’m not even using it (most of the time)!

I seriously hope that he can get a job soon. Preferably before the baby is due. The market outlook ain’t that good and he’s so picky even in earning some little income. Maybe I should get him to start doing some odd jobs. Something is seriously wrong if he still can’t get a job by April. Anyway, who Asked him to think so highly of himself. This period of time will make him re-think about his own capabilities. Honestly, it sucks a little. Meanwhile, I guess I can only endure and hopefully bite it through…


1.01pm – I’m so full now. Just finished my lunch and am now rotting and chit chatting with my bosses and colleagues. Today’s our potluck day but only half of them joined. Little milo seems to be enjoying the food too for he’s kicking every now and then. Hmm… I wonder if he will be as active as little milkie when he’s out. 3 more months, I will probably know 😀

5.20pm – The secret is out.

5.24pm – She really got the patience to “play” with these 2 little boys… If its me, I would have already kicked them far far away if I suspect so many things…

5.28pm – Little milo, what are you doing inside? Doing a somersault or learning taekwondo? Why is mommy feeling so many kicks and punches? 15 more weeks or less to go. Will see you this saturday. Hang in there okay?

5.31pm – What would have caused someone to be so angry and don’t wish to talk to him, and subsequently slamming down the phone IN the office?

10.30pm – Let’s try and make little milkie asleep early so that I can read and sing to little milo later on. ^^

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Ramblings #1048

6.42am – I swear I just heard the sound of some shooting and a whistle while playing. But… everyone is still asleep and my handphone is definitely in silent mode. The sound is too near to come from upstairs. So where did it come from…? O.O??

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Ramblings #1046


12.45am – Right. The lil’ hub’s friends are coming over to play mahjong. That’s more like it. What’s the point of asking me to come back and stay over when you will be out at another place. I really don’t see the logic.

1.00am – Little milkie’s so cute. Want to go out to see the uncles but yet too shy too. Yes, it’s cute, but it isn’t when she blocked me from going into the room to sleep because she’s standing at the doorway of the room, trying to come out and wanted me to accompany her. Kids…

1.13am – Santa Claus is coming to town… I’m glad the being GOOD story for pressies still work. Nights…


9.17am – I wondered if I should consider this a good news or a bad news, to know that it’s the screen of the lappie that is having issue only, and not the data. I’m glad, definitely. But at the same time, I’m wondering now… HOW, am I supposed to use my lappie then? When we only have one monitor that is currently being used by the lil’ hub for his desktop, and that it’s in my house and not my parent’s. Even if I do bring over eventually, where do I get the space to put it? And then if I were to retire it, wouldn’t it be a waste when it’s still functioning rather properly? Furthermore, I don’t have the software that I require in my new lappie. Ah… this is such a headache. And I know I shan’t think about it on Christmas Day. Anyway, Merry Christmas! Hope you will enjoy your day. In a few hours time, I’ll be munching food and then opening my pressies! Too bad that my books ain’t here yet. Must have been stuck somewhere…

Sigh… how how how? Everything will be delayed at this rate…


9.58am – Let’s hope this will save the dayS for the time being. I hate computers! Okay, time to wake up the 2 sheep.

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Ramblings #1045

8.54am – Sigh… now then send the Christmas greetings card to my sponsored children. Feel so bad for neglecting them. Am I neglecting little milkie and milo too? Hmm…

4.55pm – This is like my worst nightmare. Firstly, I was told that my Baby G’s batteries weren’t spoiled, which means it’s the watch. Then now my lappie only gave me a black screen. Gosh… It’s the eve of Christmas Eve. Can’t I have a peaceful and happy one???


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Ramblings #1044

6.14am – Why is now the time for milk?

7.15am – It feels weird, when you don’t have to work but yet have to wake up at the same time, and then wake the 3 sheep up as per usual. Why oh why?

8.16pm – Money dropping everywhere… Little milkie just took out her coin bank and *POP* the cover gave way… *LOL*

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