Ramblings #1115

10.48am – Hey! Good morning! Oh yes, I’m STILL around carrying my enormous tummy that’s STILL pressing on my pelvic area, which clearly shows that my little milo is still comfy inside my womb! Yeah! How nice… big and spacious with lots of cushioning and good food. Maybe I should try starving myself and probably he will decide to come out. *LOL* Alright, I’m just joking.

Well, it’s the start of another probably boring day with me having not much mood to work. Had initially wanted to go to the library to borrow and return some books but looks like my dad won’t really be that free today as he needs to help my sister to bring her car for repair.

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Ramblings #

11.12am – It feels like a new start, especially for a Monday. Life seems to have gone back to normal, with a lot of people changing back to their own profile picture and cover photo today. Me too. But yet the news kept on flowing, both negative and positive.

I’m currently sitting in the kitchen of my parents’ house, with the China auntie gossiping about her recently divorced tenant. It’s the 4th couple already, to have rented and lived in that room, and split after that. Could be some bad fengshui with that particular room? Another auntie of mine had amusingly commented to my Uncle, to tell him to sleep in that room with his China wife shall he wants to divorce (since they are always arguing). Alas… I wonder, is she going to stay here for long, since her toilet is under renovation now? Hmm… I can’t really stand her voice, to be honest, after hearing her complaining for more than 10 years, about anything and everything.

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Pregnancy – ‘Nesting’ Instincts Kicking In?

I’d wanted to write this since hours ago, but was caught up by the news that was broadcast on CNA, on the transporting of Mr Lee’s body to the Parliament House. And then subsequently by some of the work but no, today, for some reasons, maybe because little milo had decided to come out (probably today?!!), the ‘nesting’ instincts that some of the mothers had swore by, has finally kicked in early in the morning. Finally, there seems to be a burst of energy (other than the swelling legs) that kept on pushing me to plan, so as to clear up the work and my extremely messy room. And I hope it’s strong enough to push me despite the weight that I carried with my swelling legs.

If those ‘nesting’ instincts are really true, I wonder if little milo will come out this week, and before the lil’ hub’s birthday. If yes, then I think I had really better prepare and get ready before he pops out. Things are really in a mess now. I stepped into my room and almost wanted to faint. How can one live in such conditions? (They can, when they don’t have the energy to do it)



These, are just 2 corners of the room. I doubt I want to show more of it.

So that’s it. Planning starts now! Firstly, I’ll need to go run some errands and get my lunch before I head home to clear the work but where’s my dad? O.O?

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Thoughts – Remembering LKY

How contradicting life can be? To mourn for the death of a great man and yet at the same time, a new life will soon begin. Life and death, it can never be separated, I guess. Had initially wanted to lump a lot of things into one post but I guess maybe it’s not that good an idea. For there already is a lot of things to say just on him alone…

Today, yet again, the day started off in a sadder tone, with tons of news and articles everywhere on the man that had left us. Today, is the day where the public can pay their respect to this man at the Parliament House. I’d just watch it on CNA, that shows the coffin being transported out from the Istana, led by Mr Lee Hsien Loong and his sons. Gosh… I guess there’s no way where I can try to stop the tears from flowing. It’s weird. A person whom you ain’t close but you seem to have known him and that he’s there to “protect” you for all your life.

I tried telling it to little milkie about this man since Monday. She knows the name by now, but hasn’t had much idea what he had done, except that she knows he had passed away. A very young nephew commented that it was scary to keep showing clips of him on TV, when he already went to heaven. Kids, of course, how would they know. Even those generation younger than mine probably won’t even know, won’t feel the attachment that we had. And again, of course, those feelings that I felt now, can never be compared to those of my parents’ generation. But then, children of Singapore, remember this. Even though you and I may not know him that well. Even though the way he did some of the things might be a little too harsh. Even though there might be hidden agendas everywhere. You can’t deny the fact that he did build Singapore him and make it successful (as compared to a lot of our neighbours). Without him, we probably wouldn’t be where we are now. To proudly say that we are Singaporeans.

Lee Kuan Yew What have I given up My Life

Yes, indeed, there are still flaws in the transport system, living standards, policies and what not. But is it that easy to manage a country? Try to manage just a team of people and you will know the kind of problems and expectations you will face. So, don’t just complain until you really experience it and do it on your own, and is sure that you can do it better. Otherwise, let’s just try to make things a little bit more balance by looking at two sides of the story. But I’m glad, really glad, that at least for the past few days, there isn’t any negative story about this great man or his team. I mean, it would be really nice if people can just let the others mourn for this week.

Another few more days before life will probably go back to a slightly normal pace with all those programmes reducing on TV. And I do hope that after this, Singaporeans will indeed come and unite together as one, just like how we felt that Singapore is our home land when we were young. Don’t waste the foundation that was already built…

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Thoughts – Lee Kuan Yew (1923 – 2015)

Woke up for bathroom and saw this message being shared in my Facebook.


It’s true. Lets hope he can finally rest in peace and join his beloved wife who passed away a few years back. And of which since then, he aged so much.

Honestly, if there wasn’t him, Singapore wouldn’t be where it is today. It’s a fact and one can’t deny that. And all these are still credited to him and his panel of decision makers at that point. Would anyone else have done it better?

It seems like a day to mourn for all. It feels extremely quiet today or is it because its still early? I wonder where we will all go from here…

Today is the 23 of March, 2015, a Monday.

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Ramblings #xxxx

4.23pm – I never thought that it would end up like that. For a director to personally edit a document because his subordinates couldn’t seem to handle it. It was actually a little amusing especially when I received the email. Indeed, I was surprise by that action. And I would like to give special thanks to my boss for supporting me! But how not to when I’m not in the wrong. Like what my boss said, they can’t just go and look for the police on their own and divulge all the crimes like that. Friday ends on a happier note. Not too bad.

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Thoughts – Waiting for Him to ‘Pop’

It seems like donkey years had passed since I last wrote on my blog. No, I never forgotten about it. It’s still always at the back of my mind, almost everyday. But it’s just that the inertia and occupancy of other chores (including my own laziness) made it really difficult for me to come in and blog. Or even update whatever brief notes that I wrote here and there.

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