Pregnancy – Post-Pregnancy Brain

If you think that you are getting oh so forgetful while you are pregnant, wait for a while and observe after you had given birth. I have to admit, really, that the brain will somehow deteriorate after the birth of the baby. The first born is bad, it will be worse for the second, at least that’s what I think after spending hours cracking my brain, trying to recall if I deposited little milkie’s CNY ang bao money into her bank account already or not.

It’s definitely frustrating, as I searched high and low for it hours ago to no avail. And I thought I kept seeing it since I’d put at some place that’s quite prominent. I don’t remember putting those money into her account but yet I ain’t sure. And somehow, that pea brain of mine can’t seem to recall anything, if there’s any at all. It simply don’t move. Sigh…

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Ramblings #1132

2.41am – Why didn’t I hear my alarm ringing again? But luckily my body alarm woke myself up. It’s time for a new day! Ganbatte!

8.15am – The lil’ hub is soooooo nice…

Hub: Baby, you should thank me. I switch off your alarm so that you can get to sleep more just now.
Me: Oh. No wonder. But you didn’t wake me up for pump.
Hub: I wanted you to sleep more *evil grin*
Me: It’s alright. I switched off yours too in the morning ^^

“I believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other.” ~ Jet Li

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Ramblings #1131

12.46am – Last mission for today. No, I mean the previous day, and I’m off for some good rest. Am waiting for the breastmilk to get heat up for little milo. Gosh, you have no idea how exhausted I am. Am aching all over the place and massage alone won’t help for long.

Little milo is doing his usual eh-eh and orh-orh. But whatever he does, he still has to wait.

Not too bad for today. At least I manage to make an appointment and transfer my Pans & Play website to another server. That will give me a real good reason to revamp the site which I’ve been trying to do. And…

…okay, back from making the milk, burping little milo and brushing my teeth. I can finally go and sleep now! Gee… Left 1 hour and 15 minutes to sleep. Better do so quickly or else I think I will oversleep and miss my MOTN (middle of the night) pump again. Bon nuit!

5.42am – AH!!!!!! I overslept and missed my pump again! Urgh. the time will sure get mixed up today. Damn. Damn. Damn.

7.01am – Shall catch a 30 minutes nap before I get up and start preparing my day…

7.56am – Goodness. Did I oversleep AGAIN?!!!!!! Milkie’s late. Milkie’s late. Better quickly get up.

8.15am – Sigh… See. At night don’t want to sleep. Morning don’t want to wake up. And now she’s had her milk bottle in her mouth, but not sucking as she’s sleeping… -.-”’

8.47am – Hi! Good morning! We are both so sleepy! Isn’t that wonderful??


10.04am – Oh great! The battery for the pump is flat! Sigh… *tap* *tap* *tap*

11.11am – Rise and shine. Yes, I shone earlier on. Anyhow, would like to be a little more awake and TRY to pack my things a little. But first of all, let me have my daily happy dose of the Ellen show! ^^

11.21am – I love Anna Kendrick!! And I want to watch Pitch Perfect 2!! But… hmm… that will need some planning…

12.45pm – The head is starting to ache…

1.25pm – I’m going to switch on the air-con for a few hours and start packing my room. 2.15pm – 2.30pm for my next pump. Let’s hope I’m a quarter done by then. Better get his milk out first. Or… should it be fm for this session?

1.59pm – Lunch is… half done. Wasn’t really nice today. Dad cooked bee hoon and noodle which somewhat tasted a little hard. Thus I only ate till half full, so that I can pick up some milo and biscuits later on. And I haven’t taken my brewer’s yeast and milk maid’s tea for today! There’s so many things that I’m supposed to eat. Honestly, I’m not sure if it even works. Probably not, since I don’t see any drastic increase till now. But anyhow, since I already bought it, so might as well… I’m on LIVE (almost) updates today!

Gee… I only managed to tidy my bed and it’s time to prepare to pump… time flies…

3.40pm – Power pump done. Headache still there. Time to continue packing. Where do I start…?

3.47pm – Got kidnapped to feed little milo. Urgh…

6.45pm – Wow… time really passes so fast and my room is in a mess!! Worse than before *face palm*

11.25pm – Finally…

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Breastfeeding – All the Abbreviation

Alright. I’m on it. I’m on it. Can’t you see I’m trying to catch up with my blog (lots of drafts – half written – in the list) as well as catching with my sleep!

It’s been 6 weeks pp since I gave birth to my LO and my world is still spinning and moving in random mode. But thankfully and hopefully it will stabilize soon so that I can start to do what I planned previously. I’ve been saying that very frequently and like what Ellen mentioned, let’s discuss about ‘procrastination’ and then the next she said, ‘maybe we will wait for another day’.

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Thoughts – Day 27: Strictly Eat, Rest & Pump Only

7.00pm – I’d been trying hard to recall when did the supply start to drop a little, and when did my right boob start to have that throbbing pain every now and then. Was it during Friday when I went out for that few hours of shopping? Or was it on Saturday when I delayed my pumping and then suddenly pumped it out too strong, thus causing some strain on the tissues or nerves.

Anyway, it was bad from my record. From a pump of around 80ml per session, it seems to have dropped back to around 60ml, or otherwise, 70ml but with great pains (since I try to put to one suction level higher). No good. Especially when the little one is having a growth spurt now. Of course, like I mentioned somewhere, I stopped playing the chasing game with him, and I simply can’t out win him with that 2 hourly feed. I still want my boobs, honestly. *LOL*

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Thoughts – Day 26: Milo’s Full Month Celebration

Well, amid some unhappiness (such as doing things to make yourself look rich [WTH] and over-preparing food just for one person with special diet), I’m glad that it ended with generally praises on the buffet catering as well as my dessert table from the relatives and friends (especially HIS relatives). Great thanks to Neo Garden Catering for providing such wonderful promotion (for Jubilee Babies) and service, and yet not affecting their quality and quantity of food. I’m able to hit the minimum number of pax, and they are able to combine it for different timings! Which means the food will be fresh for the guests! What’s more? You can even opt to choose different kinds of food for each timing. So seriously check it out at their website at, but to order, I think it’s better to just give them a call instead so that it’s much faster, especially if you need special request.

Of course, I have to thank my dearest sister for helping me out again on the decorations as well as the food for the dessert table, which got me quite a handful of praises just on that, especially when I’m almost “handicapped” and can’t go anywhere without permission on my own. It came out well and beautiful. Love it! So far, it seems like the best one that we ever did. And I think we are getting better and better each time! I’d also received several comments, asking me to start a business, which I seriously did intend to after my confinement.

Anyhow, the day started off really early, with me waking up at 6-ish in the morning to pump it out. By then, the supply was already affected. I can feel my whole back aching but with all those unfinished tasks, I just had to press on and pump out whatever pathetic drips of milk I can provide. I didn’t, of course, stress myself too much over this either. Did tell the confinement auntie to go ahead with the formula milk if required as I don’t want to play the chasing game.

Then it started as I continue to do up the leftover stuffs and pump again and finally, tada! My sister came and the whole table was completed. So here’s some photos on the eventful day!


An overview of my dessert table.


Never baked this time round. Don’t have the time. And I’m glad we made the right decision.


The star of the day, who couldn’t get to sleep for the whole day until the late afternoon. Awww… isn’t he cute wearing that tortoise romper?


Somehow, they all seem to have similar features other than the eyes. The aunt and her niece & nephew. Such a nice picture!


Lastly, a family photo at the end of the day, with the little one kept turning towards my boob’s direction for a drink. I guess the smell of milk must be really strong. Ah… of course, don’t forget I’m a cow right now… Moo… *LOL*

So that marks the end of the night, with my back almost breaking and eyes closing, and then my milk supply dropping. It’s just at most 2 days and I can see a significant drop. Let’s hope I can get it all up and running tomorrow.

Today is day 26, another 4 more days to go and I’ll be back at my parents’ house again… *grin*

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It’s not really that bad. It’s not really that bad. Well, it is bad. Ahh… I can’t wait to go back to my mum’s house. Gosh…

I had, actually intended to find a nice day, probably next week, sit down after my lunch or pump and slowly type out the days of my actually relatively nice and yet irritated confinement. But at this point, I just couldn’t endure anymore and had to shout it out. GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

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