Thoughts – Summing Up My State

How did I end up like that?

I looked at myself in the mirror every morning and asked myself that question. In that mirror, I couldn’t see myself, or the one whom I remembered. All I could see was an auntie with messy and dirty hair, sticky face and an out-of-shape body in unmatched clothing, and one whom frequent the coffeeshops and supermarket, carrying bags of groceries. Alas… Again, how did I end up like that? Or is that even ME?! *in shock*

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Thoughts – Triplicate Myself

“It’s not enough to duplicate myself anymore, it’s time to triplicate…”

I should be sleeping at a time like this after the pumping session. After all, sleeping time is scarce and every minute counts. But after a short miscommunication with the lil’ hub yesterday that caused some arguments, I’ve been seriously re-thinking about this – I feel so stupid.

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