Ramblings #1197

6.22am – I can’t believe I’m already up and awake for the past hour! On a weekday! *stoned* Ah… don’t be surprise, I’m extremely tired now but yet I can’t sleep because I have to ensure that my little girl reaches her school on time. It’s a promise, if she sleeps early, I have to keep it. So… hang in there…

7.16am – She’s so funny… my little milkie… what’s with all the kids and make-ups… *recalling those times when I was young and was fascinated by my mum’s cosmetics*

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Ramblings #1196

9.45am – Early in the morning, puking blood… I no know how to communicate with them anymore…

*After reading one email*
Me: I’ve already shifted the training to 8 Oct, so are you ok?
B: Ok.
Me: Ok then.
B: But we got a training at 9am to 11am, which conflicts with your training.
Me: *Then why the hell did you say ok? In which part is it OKAY?* -.-”’

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Thoughts – Intentional Living

“Intentional Living”. It’s the first time that I’ve heard of this term. It should have been there all along except that I didn’t know. In fact, it actually is similar (or even the same) as being mindful, aware of your own life etc. Intentional living is any lifestyle based on an individual or group’s conscious attempts to live according to their values and beliefs. That is the definition written in Wikipedia.

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Ramblings #1193

9.17am – Don’t you find my life getting repetitive? Yes, it’s Monday again and I’m back at work. And I still got my pile of work and tons of stuffs that I felt like doing but hadn’t got the time to. I’m still as fat, and the lil’ hub finds me entertaining and burst out laughing when I said the following while out shopping at the clothes section:

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Thoughts – The Luckier Ones

I never considered myself as the luckier ones. All too often, I grumbled and complained about life, especially when I was young. Maybe it’s still considered quite minor compared to some of my friends for I’m still considered as a positive and happy person in general, but deep inside, I DID grumbled. It started to worsen as I got myself attached, and then detached, and then attached, and then detached, and so on, till I met Joey Yap, who (sort of) enlightened me, through words ~ “It’s actually not a problem. You think it’s a problem and you created it yourself. So the best solution is – Don’t think”. It’s not those words that he exactly said but it’s something like that.

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