Ramblings #1210

10.16am – ALRIGHT! Out with the stoning! I need to get things to work. First of all, PLANNING. And break them into tiny weeny pieces. *LOL*

10.22am – *Phew* And I thought I’d forgotten to bring my external hdd. Forgotten that I left it in another drawer just before I went to the pantry.

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Thoughts – The Power to Freeze Time

If ever one day, I can have any power, I would love the power to freeze the time. Let everything be in a standstill while I get the next day prepared and get all the things done. Tons of it. It would be nice, just like Do Min Joon from “My Love from the Star”. Hadn’t he done so many things while the time stops?

But I know, this is reality. Until now, it still seems impossible though at the back of my head, something tells me otherwise.

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Ramblings #1209

9.27am – Good morning to a relatively messed up morning, where I forgot to take little milkie’s water bottle (and thus my dad had to detour back to take) and I didn’t grab the bread that the lil’ hub bought last night for my breakfast. Sigh… what a way to start the day…

It’s Wednesday today and I’ve got exactly a week to clear up whatever I need to in the office. Someone had already asked me why I haven’t start packing yet. Well, mood, mood, mood. Where is the mood? You need the mood to start packing.

And now I have to go for a meeting… *poof*

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Ramblings #1208

9.45am – Once again, the lazy woman prevails! And the sticky goes down the hole! *LOL* Good morning to a nice sunny day. It’s been a few days since we had nice air and I honestly hope it stays this way, so that I got to have my picnic before the next job starts. Well, indeed it’s a little difficult for me to want to stay afloat and keep up with my goals and what not. I know this and I know that, BUT I just simply can’t bring myself to keep it up when I’m simple so darn exhausted for most bulk of the day.

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