Ramblings #1226

6.42am – *knock knock knock* Huat ah!!

7.57am – I wondered if I knocked the wrong sector. Got pushed by a stupid guy wearing a yellow polo t-shirt, who apparently is someone working in SBS Transit (because he showed his pass and walked inside), and almost fell down. People are getting so no manners nowadays. And definitely bringing the company’s image down. SBS Transit… Sigh…

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Ramblings #1225

7.56am – For a while I thought yesterday’s draft wasn’t published again. Then I re-think again and realised that I did post it. But when I opened the application in my hp, it shows as a draft! Ah… but there is a difference. My post wasn’t up because there is some upload issues. Hmm… think I will have to try and fix it tonight.

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Ramblings #1222

7.54am – It definitely is not my idea of an ideal day where I had to lung a bulky and heavy bag packed with items for both the course (half day) and back in office for work (including my pumping gear). And then to rush around in the morning due to a sudden (false alarm) increase in little milo’s body temperature that sent my mum into panic mode. And then a promise to little milkie to prepare her school snacks. It is not, what I had expected. I am only glad (very) that the lil’ hub had sweetly volunteered a day more for my duty so that I get to rest from the diarrhoea and tiredness.

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Ramblings #1221

5.45pm – Right at this moment (Idiot phone call disrupted my thoughts. Of all the times that I’d waited, NOW THEN YOU CALLED).

6.26pm – Right at this moment (When I am finally on the bus instead of in the office), I felt like puking. I’m pretty sure its due to the lack of sleep. Let’s hope little milkie will be a bit more obedient today. For now, I need to endure and collect the items from Nemo before he goes touring for months…

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Ramblings #1220

5.30am – Darn. What happened to my first 2 alarms. Did it ring???

6.16am – Little milkie told me not to go to work again. And little milo is crying for hugs and milk. What a wonderful morning on my first day of duty. Lol :p

6.39am – This is bad. It looks like I will have to wake up earlier than that.

6.51am – I’m a traffic warden.

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