Ramblings #1239

7.49am – I can never imagine my life to be surrounded by just technology. Gadgets, new techs, news about this and that and blah. I’m working in the technology industry but it definitely doesn’t mean I am interested in it and thus I joined the company. I joined because of my qualification and experience. And that all came about because of a long time decision whereby I chose my degree course through elimination AT that point in time. If you asked me if I will change anything, I probably would. It was relative horrendous for me, to go through that 5 years of torture. But whatever! It’s over and I shall not look back.
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Ramblings #1238

12.31am – It’s been quite a while since I have such feelings. To get out of corporate world and set up my own business entirely. Am I at fault? Yes, I admit that I am, partly. But again, for such things, there is no need for such great reactions. Likewise to some of my previous posts, if I did post.

Over-reaction. I can tolerate you once, twice and even thrice. But even if you are the manager, you have no rights to reprimand one till like that. And all these things can be corrected by positive guiding.

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Thoughts – Trust in Them, No Need Minutes

My ass. There isn’t a need to write minutes because we trust them? No need to push them? We are not the people running this project? My ass again.

I’m sorry but I’m a little pissed now with myself for not insisting on writing the minutes for this particular project just because my senior manager told me there isn’t a need to when I first joined and asked. Fine, I mean if this is the culture then I shall not try and change it. But now people are turning around and saying things that we did not do!

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Ramblings #1237

8.09am – I’m late for work, definitely. Cause? I decided to not run and catch the bus that seems to be waiting for me, thinking that soon there will be other buses coming, as usual. But it did not. Effect? I missed my bus and now I’m on a later one, which means I can only reach at around 9am, and then go and grab my bread, and be in my office at around 9.15am. Gosh.

For every decision you make, please make sure that you are able to take the consequences…

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Ramblings #1235

8.12am – It’s another sunny morning and I’m on my way to work. Feels good today with thoughts and ideas flowing smoothly. I wonder if it’s because of the side of the story that I heard from the senior. Indeed, there is always two sides to a story, and one should not deduced anything just by listening to a side. I have made a mistake and I gladly admit it.
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Thoughts – Weekend Battle’s Over

I stared at the brightly lit sky. It says 28°C on my phone today, I wonder if its true… It’s a Monday, albeit a blue one. The thought of ending the weekend battle to face the weekday battle wasn’t as welcoming when negative aura started to surface since the senior had repeatedly bombarded the temp with extreme remarks. I don’t blame her for her anger for a part of the blame is true. But I definitely don’t agree with the fact that she reprimanded him as if he is like a child (of hers). And no, I will not do him a favour, to let her know that she’s leaving shall the time comes. Its between the two of you. Leave me alone. I shall not make any more comments hence on.
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Ramblings #1234

4.03am – It’s amazing how someone, who is not beside you and hadn’t talk to you at all, can somewhat pissed you off right in the middle of the night. Why oh why, of all the different kind of themes, do you have to choose one which I had intended to do? Why do you always have to do the things I like? WHY?!

“Let it go…”

8.22am – It’s Thursday and I refused to lose. You shall wait and see…

12.34pm – I just wasted half of my morning listening to my senior lecturing the temp guy because of his incompetencies. Its partly my fault to, to not manage him tightly, and instead, let him do on his own in his own timings. I should have known, after one experience but yet I made that same mistake again. Sigh… not everyone knows what to do. And I do agree that it should be done fairly quickly though I disagree with the fact that he did nothing for 3 months, for its a decision that we waited. Anyway, its over and I’m trying to cheer up by having some nicer food which exceeded my daily allowance.

Heck! I need some food to compensate for my lost time and mood. I cannot let someone else affect my future… will have to be stricter from now on. I’ve got 3 days. And I’m keeping track tightly from now on, to save all of us.

It’s time for scrum!

13.20pm – Such a coincidence! To meet my traffic buddy, who is working around the area, while I’m on my way to take the shuttle bus back to office. He was walking in front of me ans I thought from behind, he looks really familiar, including the way he walks. Indeed it was him after he stopped in the crowded area. Of course, he was surprise to see me. Well well, will see him again tomorrow, my traffic buddy.

6.43pm – Keeping on track for today despite the sudden lecturing. All is fine. I know ways to salvage and also, after all, its just a job. I don’t want to make myself lose sleep over it. I do, after sitting down and pondered for a while, think that the senior is a little hush in scolding the boy.

Well, it’s not really my problem so I’m not going to dwell into it. Am going to have dinner with the lil’ hub later on and going to watch my Descendants of the Sun! Ah… I am sooooooo in love… ^^

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