Ramblings #1252

8.30am – On my journey to work in the extremely crowded bus now. There are actually a few things I had wanted to note down earlier on but due to my lazy self, I procrastinated. Since now, at this hour, I am still on the bus, I guess I might as well do something.

(1) I’m only left with 12% for my battery. So if this post were to be posted a few hours or days later, you know what happen. And that’s also part of the reasons why I’m contemplating in blogging with my soon going to be flat hp. It’s at 11% now.

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Thoughts – Bye, Little Red Car

It’s a dreading Monday, worse when you know something will be gone today. My dad’s little red car.

I don’t really care much about cars but I guess the rules in this little red dot that I’m staying in, doesn’t allow cars to ‘live’ for more than 10 years, due to environmental or economy issues. I believe it’s more for the latter since you can actually ‘extend’ it’s life just by buying another COE (FBI).

Anyhow, so it’s 10 years now and it’s time for the little red car to be killed.


Yes, that’s the little red car that still looks relatively new. It’s kind of sad though, to know that my dad won’t have a car after today. Let’s put it this way, though we are the middle income family, my dad had managed to get a car since I was young, both for ferrying us and his sales work. I was definitely one of those fortunate kids to not have to squeeze in those public transports.

But now that my dad had semi-retired, and that the price of the piece of paper, called COE, is freaking expensive, it’s almost impossible for us to afford one for my dad.

Did I tell you it’s really expensive to drive in Singapore? Correct me if I am wrong but it seems like if I want to buy a car, I need to pay for that COE (which I had no idea what it stands for) + the price of a body. And that easily cost at least $100,000 nowadays. Then you have to pay something called ‘road tax’ which I believe is a yearly thing, for using the roads I guess On top of that, there is the insurance for cars. The worse thing is, we have to pay the ERP to use certain roads (heavier traffix) at different timings to go to Point A! By right it is supposed to ease the traffic but I beg to differ for I hardly see much difference even if the price continues to shoot up every few years. It felt worse when you realised that now it seems like all roads that lead to Point A requires you to pay. No, it doesn’t make sense but people are still paying, and people are still driving, and people are still trying to afford a car.

I’m not going to dwell into that now for I think I can spend the whole day rambling on it. Of course there are always two sides to a story/decision. I’m just not too sure how all these was made other than having the idea of earning money in their head. Okay, that’s also another story for another time.

For now, I can only think of saying goodbye to the little red car, and thank you for the help for the past 10 years. You will be missed.

Sigh… I really wonder how my dad will survive without a car…

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Movie – X-Men: Apocalypse

Woohoo!! Nice movie! At least it is for me considering the fact that I had a relatively disappointing and interrupted Civil War a few weeks back. At least for this, its a totally undisturbed 145 minutes of enjoyment time with the lil’ hub. The best thing is, I’m watching it not when it’s almost going off screen! Oh well, I’m easily satisfied. *LOL*

So yes, the movie. One that I have waited for around 2 years. Basically if you can recall, the last one that they had showed clips of what will happen. I didn’t read those comics so I ain’t sure who Apocalypse was. And initially, before I watched this movie, I had this impression that he was an alien who came from outer space in this era. Turns out, he is not!

Then there were all the parts where it shows how the batch of X-Men (Scotts, Jean, Storm etc.) came about.

And of course, I shall not review too much since its only out yesterday. But all in all, I am quite happy with the plot for it links up a lot to the past X-men movies and answered some of my questions, e.g. how did Professor X become bald?

It also makes me wonder about the origin of human beings. After all, it is still quite a mystery on how pyramids are being built. And I’ve been wondering why does the pharaohs and what not always seems to be bigger. What’s with those masks too? Is it… hmmm…


Well, definitely a great movie to catch this weekends! I’ll give at least a 4 out of 5 stars for the plot and the graphics! And the hardly see much advertisements! (And yes, I am still very very sore about the last Transformers movie)

Hmmm… feels like watching the whole X-men movies now, in sequence (from how it started). Anyhow, enjoy then! ^^

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Ramblings #1250

9.12am – When it’s time to rest, it’s time to rest. I’m on MC today. Not on serious illness, just some constant headaches caused by the not so good sleep. Again, it always happpens every now and then.

Well, a good time for me to sit back and relax.

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Ramblings #1249

9.14am – I just realised that my insomnia is back again. Or maybe it had never left me… just that the fatigue that I’m getting from the kids are simply way too much compared to the list of things that I’ve been constantly thinking. But now that my pumping had (almost) stopped and my parent volunteering will end next week, it means, by right, longer sleeping hours, and that is provided if I get to sleep properly.

I know I’m not, for I kept waking up for nothing.

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Thoughts – Education and Money

Dear little milkie and milo,

Firstly, I’m not trying to sow discord here. I’m just simply trying to tell you to choose wisely when it comes to one lifetime partner in the future. Your dad is a, relatively, good man. Don’t drink, don’t smoke and at most play some mahjong (like now) and that’s about it. He loves to save too, which is a good virtue that I hope you guys can inherit some (please, not all), unlike your mother, I. It is definitely a good point compared to my usual, unless I curb myself, spendthrift character.

But as much as I am a spendthrift, as I look at my current financial status now, bulk of my money goes to your livings and education. And the latter is something that I don’t mind providing to you guys especially when I seriously believe that knowledge is really important. If I have the choice and means to be a stay-at-home mum, I would already have done so, so that I can teach you guys myself. Though I can do that, I still believe that certain things can only be taught in school or by other professionals as your mum is generally a half-filled-bucket, i.e. Jack of all trades, master of none.

If you are wondering why I’m writing all these. Well. I’ve been looking at my monthly and projections for the next year or so for the past 30 minutes. Trying to see if I’m able to handle little milo’s pre-nursery fees if I were to start him next year. I would love to, of course, to start him early when he was around 2 years old but it seems like I might not be able to unless little milkie’s school fees were to drop. And then I remembered what your dad reiterated this afternoon. “It’s your money, you decide when you want to start, but I’m not going to pay for it.”

You see… Years back, long before you guys were born, while your dad and I were discussing about how we should handle our finance, I told him that I will handle the kids, for one main reason – I am SO afraid that he will shortchange you guys. Why? Well, let’s just say that he will compare the way he was brought up with the current common way of bringing up children, despite the fact that he did complain more than once that his mum never sent him to any classes before. I’m not saying that he won’t send at all but there will be a limit. Example, he only feels that a kid should only need to take one enrichment and one sports related class. And for things like right brain training is definitely something not beneficial at all. Sorry to say bad things about him, but I felt that he had never expanded his brains and get them exposed to such things, and thus did not feel that by doing all these things, it will actually help in the development of the child’s brain and thus probably aid in their life in the future. And worst still. He has got a stand-by-his-own-theory friend who believes that just by exercising, it will be good enough. To your dad, any method that doesn’t requires any cost, IS a good method.

You know, today, you, little milkie, walked passed the ballet school and requested that you wanted to learn ballet. Mummy had wanted to enrol you in one, previously, in fact I did, and even brought you there with Yi-ma but after that we found out that it was meant for older children. The one for younger children started a few months later but the timing wasn’t right. Anyway, as financially I’m already very tight, I told you to ask your dad, who had agreed to sponsor for your ballet (in the community centre) previously. Sadly, his reply was “ask your mother”. I wasn’t really expecting that. My fault that I should not have raised my zero expectation to something like “Baby, can you help to check those community centre ones again?” (Since it’s not really expensive). I’m sorry to make you feel disappointed, if you does really feel that. And I am sorry that you have to feel that way because I married someone who doesn’t really value the importance of any sort of education. I will try and fight it for you even if I could not afford to.

And my dearest little milo, mummy is trying hard not to shortchange you just because you are born later. I will try and give you the best I can, if not better.

My little milkie and milo, there’s always a balance in everything. Is education or money more important? Both are. So do not be too stringy with learning, for life is all about learning. And listen to my wise words, (try) as much as possible to find someone who has the same beliefs so that you won’t spend so much time trying to fill up the gaps, like what your mummy is constantly doing now. It’s hard work.

Goodnight my two little sweetie. In case you are wondering why your mummy’s got the time to blog, well, little milo had slept and little milkie is going to sleep soon after watching YouTube x 6 (thought she only requested for 1 initially). Sweet dreams, and love you both. Muak.

P/S: The willingness to learn is a choice.


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Ramblings #1246

6.30pm – Felt shortchanged? Yes definitely. But what can I do when I needed the cash. And I can’t possibly appear too disppointed in front of my director, right?

I left my previous workplace to be at one where I think I will quite like the job. But who knows within 6 months, I had to change my job scope due to an internal reshuffling. And though I’m given something totally out of my scope initially, I was anticipating it and feeling excited. But now that my director asked me to reconsider the final choice, honestly, I really am a little affected. It feels so wonderful to do things out of IT but now I might still need to be stuck in it. Worst still, it’s really IN IT. Is there no way out, really?

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