Ramblings – Short Bursts of Shocks

7.44am – It’s still relatively early in the morning but it doesn’t feel good to get burst of shocks one after another.

The first one came while I was doing my ‘business’ just now and clicked on the HayDay icon on my phone. I didn’t notice it till a while later… where did my diamonds go?!!!! From 200+++ till 99 left!!!! Little milkie. That’s the name followed by the image of her pressing to get the crops done. Gosh. And what did she sell in my shop????? Gosh… it all looks cheap. *pulls hair*

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Ramblings – School Holiday is Over

7.56am – Bling! It’s officially over!! I meant the school holiday. *LOL* Oh well, it doesn’t really affect me, I’m still working and I’m on my way to work after a noisier morning compared to the rest as it’s the first day my little milkie took the school bus, which means an earlier waking up time for my parents. I’m not really affected again as I woke up earlier, not by default, but by forcing myself.

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Ramblings – Lost Trust with Muhammadiyah Charity

It’s been dragging and it still is dragging, after almost 2 months. I’m not too sure what kind of Charity organization anymore and whether it is TRUSTWORTHY.

Some background history. I put 2 big old bags of my items (mainly clothings) for my yardsale, outside at the corridor area. It wasn’t outside my door, it was on top of a table together with some chairs and barangs that we had put outside. For months, nobody touched it.

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Ramblings – Bottle-less & Arrowed

7.50am – It felt like thousands of arrow had been shot at me earlier on, suddenly, when my RO asked me to sit in for her for all her 3 meetings today because she fell sick. *strike off the earlier plans that I had made in my head for myself*

It wasn’t really that bad, to be truthful. The worst thing came when I’m already nearing my bus stop and attempted to take a big sip of water, and realised that I had forgotten to take my bottle out *shock*. I brought a bag without my bottle… had I not walk over to take the piece of bread first to munch, I would have gone directly to the bottle… my bad…


And no, I don’t have a spare bottle in my office, and I hated using cups because I need to keep on walking around. Darn.

I am dehydrating on the bus… and if you noticed that my ramblings running numbers stopped, that’s because I have decided to go back to cute titles. Or maybe my brain is drying up, so I’m not sure what I’m thinking anymore… whatever… *dried*

6.56pm – As I look out of the window from my seat, the sun begins to set… I wondered, did I make the right decision to come to this department, where I know nuts at all? And when at this time, ALL of my team mates are still here? Hmm… I hope not… I hope not…

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Thoughts – 3 Cycles of My Zodiac

So… in less than 15 minutes, I would have officially gone through 3 cycles of my Chinese zodiac. Goodness. 3 cycles. Can you imagine that?

I never would have thought that my life would be as such at one cycle back. At 24, I just got myself attached and having the idea of getting detached (looooong story). Trying to make sure I graduated and shifted my study table and what not based on fengshui. (that was when I started believing in external unseen forces). Am probably also trying to think of the jobs that I can do after I’ve graduated, including starting a business with my dear friend (which till now we haven’t succeeded). Life was rather carefree but routine due to me ex-routined-boyfriend (that was just part of the reasons for the earlier statements).

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Ramblings #1259

10.54am – I’m not in a good mood today. In fact, it had been a few days since I’m feeling this way. Even the baking and cake decorating with the kids yesterday doesn’t help to lift my spirits up. Is there something wrong?

The head felt heavy.

Had been feeling nauseous (no, there is no way that I’m pregnant).

Lack of sleep.

Out of breath.


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Ramblings #1258

7.45am – It was one of the weirdest dream that I had. Come to think of it, it seems to be linked to the blue ostrich dream that I had a few years ago, for the colours appeared to be similar. Nevertheless, the one that I had last night, is already weird by itself…

We (not sure how many of us) were seated at the back of the van which my sis drove. It feels so real. Chit chatting away as we are on our way out to somewhere but then I started to see some weird looking insects coming out from the metal bar area. Bright orange and green, was it spiders or just some 6-legged insects? I know there’s a small version of a frog hopping by, moving to the back of the van. Then more and more came out and I asked them to look. There were chaos in the van and then the scene jumped…

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