Games – Tips for Pokemon GO!

How long has it been? Barely 2 weeks and so many people are “hooked” and I am more or less too except that I need to contain myself since I need to spend some time with my kids. If you are wondering why its so quiet here, that’s because my attention had been drawn to throwing balls… and walking… and walking… (it’s definitely a good exercise for me)

Well, Pokemon GO, which finally came to Singapore about 2 weeks ago, had definitely created some news. I didn’t really want to start it but the temptation, for a person who quite likes to play game, is too great. And so, I downloaded and installed it. Then I started catching the pokemons and collecting it. Friends around me, who are playing too, gave me LOTS of tips. So, I’m just going to note it down here for some referencing:

  1. There are 2 stats that are important and will be used to so-called check the potential IV (individual values) to see which pokemons are good. Apparently looking at the CP (combat power) itself is not a good indicator. The higher the maximum and average IV, the better it is.
  2. To check the IV of a pokemon, you can go to this website, which I’m currently using: I’m pretty sure there are others so feel free to use whichever you like.
  3. For those pokemons that are in their final form, i.e. they cannot evolve anymore, the moves are important. I check it at this website, but again you can use any others. I’m just lazy to search and test out. Note: I am not a pro.
  4. Catch as many pidgey, weedle, caterpie and rattata as you can. Because these are the cheapest to evolve. Transfer them and collect as many candies as you can. The higher level you go, the more difficult it is to catch the pokemons (‘cos all also higher level) and that would mean more difficult to get the candies.
  5. At a high level, use the lucky egg and evolve all the cheap pokemons as well as those to-be-evolved pokemons that you don’t have yet. That will boost up lots of experience.
  6. Spin the ball if you want to get extra experience.
  7. If you intend to use incense (although not much use), make sure you are moving. Every 200m will spawn a pokemon. Else it will be every 5 minutes. I tried that while sitting on a bus. To note, incense doesn’t lure the nearby pokemons. It only spawns for you. You will see a pinkish circle around the spawned pokemons.
  8. There are apps and websites that can detect the location of the pokemons. For iOS app, search for “GO RADAR”, a blue icon with the word “GO” on it. There’s none for android, or not that I know of that’s tried and tested. You might try this website though.
  9. A lot of more rare pokemons come out only late at night. Not that it won’t appear during the day, it’s just that the frequency seems lower.
  10. Vivocity is a nice place to go and catcg magikarps. Carl’s jr and Kim Gary are 2 places that I’ve tried with a relatively good food and location.
  11. Lastly, its fun to chiong and catch those pokemons but safety comes first. There are lots of people driving around to hunt for pokemons and they might be rushing from one destination to another. I’ve seen it and it was… well, just be careful. A live is more important than catching a pokemon, after all it is still only a game.
  12. **10k eggs could possibly come from only certain pokestops. So start taking note of which pokestop you got those 10k eggs and then try it again!
  13. **If you take a bus, just switch on your Pokemon GO as it will take into account of the distance travelled. The bus is slow enough because it will stop and go. For what? To hatch your eggs ^^ That will save you from walking. Any speed more than 40-50km/h, you can switch it off.
  14. **Fight ya own team in the gym to increase the prestige such that it will increase the level. Once it level up, there will be one more slot to put a pokemon! But I guess you will have to put it quick before anyone does it first!

**newly added

Well, that’s about it for now. If I have anything, I will update it here. I’m just at level 21, not sure how it will last. Shall see… for now, the hunt is still on…


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Ramblings – 3 Hours of Light Sleep

8.06am – It’s already bad enough that your sleep ain’t enough. It gets worse when the sleep was light and bad. Darn. Today is Friday and I really thank God that it is. The partly self-created lack of sleep for these 2 days is going to drive me crazy.

Deadlines. Plans. Future.

Yes, it’s back again, planning for our future. Had a talk (again) with the lil’ hub on our plans in the future with regards to our career. Fruitful? I’m not too sure. He seems stuck as usual. I seriously am not sure what is holding him back. I know for myself, I procrastinate and thus the delay but otherwise my choice had been made since years ago.

Anyhow, shall use today for planning and catching up of some work. I’ve got tons of things to read.

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Ramblings – Books Addict

9.37am – It’s a struggle for me. Should I or should I not? Had I still be in my old workplace, there wouldn’t be any second thoughts… I wonder how is it like other than the first day. Would it be less crowded? Will there still be nice books? It would only be a 45 min stay at most if I decided to go. Hmm…

2.20pm – In the end, I did go for it. Oops. 4th day of the book sale at Ang Mo Kio, Pansing Distribution building. So how was it? Well, I reached there about 10 minutes before 1pm and it wasn’t open yet. There was already a queue, like around 40 people in front of me, which wasn’t too bad. It opened at 1pm sharp and then we went in orderly. I headed straight to the cooking section whereas most of them went for the children’s and fiction corner. I was very happy that I managed to grab some books that I’ve wanted. Had I reached a little later, it would have been gone. Meaning? There wasn’t as many books as on the first day. Some sections were half the size as the first day. It took me quite a number of rounds to grab the books and fill the box.

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Shopping – SG Book Deals

Can you believe it?! It’s a box for $50! You can fill in as many books as you can so long as it can be ‘taped’ up relatively flatly!

It was the first time that I went for such event. Apparently it seems like a yearly one but I didn’t know about it until now. And so, I decided to apply for a half day off and try it out.

I was late, actually. It started at 1pm on the first day but I only managed to reach at around 1.45pm. I would say lots of good stuffs are probably already taken but nonetheless, I still managed to get a box of 25 books, which are generally those bigger hardcover books!!

The crowd was so overwhelming so much so that they have to stop people from coming in. Thus whoever that came a bit later had to queue up and wait outside. But thankfully for that, I was able to move a little bit more freely.

Some tips that I’ve learned. If you are coming by car, or someone is fetching you, good. At least you save the trouble of wondering how to carry it back because it really is quite heavy. The parking is terrible so preferably don’t park too near. They don’t allow cars in too (not sure if you went in early though). If you have a marketing trolley or carts, bring them. It’ll save you a real lot. I came from work and so I didn’t bring any but I was glad that I brought 2 reusable bags where I dumped my books in (and threw away the carton after that). Lastly, there’s no point carrying the box around. Find a corner, use an empty bag or what to cover the books in the box, and go shop around (if you are alone and there’s no one to help to look after for you)!!

Enjoy!! I am so tempted to go again! *LOL*

booksale-2016 25-books-in-a-box

Totally satisfied with my loot!!

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Thoughts – Short Changed Rest

It’s no wonder that I felt short changed at times with regards to my marriage and taking care of the children. Why would I feel that if I’ve got ample help from the other half of mine?

It was a nice 3 days holiday away from the work and world. We came back and the lil’ hub went back to our home instead as usual while I went back to my parents. There wasn’t a plan for the next day but I did expect or hope that the lil’ hub would come around to help since my parents would be busy washing and unpacking everything.

So my day started at 7am when little milo woke up and came to my room. Definitely insufficient sleep if you were to ask me. Parents were exhausted and so I had to look after my OWN child on my own while fighting off the sleeping bugs.


The demanding sister woke up later but as soon as she woke up, she wanted me to accompany her to play the memory game. But it didn’t stop there. It’s time for her antibiotics which I dreaded. Why? For the past few days, I had to spend 30 minutes on average just to feed it to her and ensure that she doesn’t puke it out. It was a test of my patience and it’s wearing out. I’ve still got the requests to watch Youtube again and again, which I had to keep on rejecting. And with little milo learning to walk, his attention for me increases too…

Then I’ve got my mom nagging at the background asking me to unpack my luggage and look after my kids especially the young one, fearing that he will fall down, and asking us not to bring out more toys. But then mom, it’s difficult to do it all together!

Then came the time where I thought I can gather up some energy to continue clearing my to-do’s list to only realise that all had been cancelled out by that cheeky little milkie -.-”’

By then it was around 3pm. An exhausted me finally received a call from the lil’ hub saying that he just woke up (wtf) and he will prepare and come over soon. Great. It was somewhat reassuring since at most he will reached at 5pm. I supposed 2 hours should be more than enough.

I was wrong.

It’s time for antibiotics again and then little milkie started crying (fake cries) and wanted my nephew to come over to play. When he’s here, my little milo became the outcasted one and I had to keep my eyes on him to make sure those 2 older sister and brother never push him. And then this whole look after the kids thing continued all the way till 6pm AND THE LIL’ HUB WAS STILL NOT HERE.

A call to him to check if he’s having dinner tells me that he decided to play some games before coming over. F. You slept till 3pm and still have the cheek to play some games while your wife is trying to keep herself awake and alive?!!!

Chill. I told myself. Chill.

He finally came around 7-ish and then I FINALLY had the time to bathe. Mom was a little sarcastic to him when he asked why I bathed so late. Of course, who wouldn’t?

And then he suddenly said that we should discuss about the details for J-trip. All I did was to stare at him and said, “You felt guilty for not doing anything, right?”. He laughed and admitted. Yes, that again is my lil’ hub and I can’t fault him for it for I married him in this state. I, again, can only blame it on my own decision.

Seriously, it would all still be barely bearable until late at night around 11pm, while I’m trying to get little milkie to sleep, that brainless lil’ hub of mine had to make a stupid comment to say that he wanted to fill in the forms for the bank loan (which basically is telling me that it involves me and I can’t sleep yet).

Dear lil’ hub. You woke up late today, took breakfast and went back to sleep till 3pm. Had lots of peace, quiet and rest before you decided to pop over. Your wife had the opposite. She woke up at 7am against her will and continued to force herself to be awake (because her freaking mom said that the more she sleeps, the more tired she would be – yah, I know, she’s just another manager). She’s exhausted beyond words and while you start work at 10am, she starts work at 8.30am. Wth were you thinking? Or were you not at all?

Sigh… have I rested? The answer is an obvious “no”.

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