Ramblings – A Day as an “Actress”

Thanks to my buddy who volunteered me and requested that I helped her in her launching, I became an actress for a day.

It was a small production. Just a camera lady with the producer but we had to act based on the short script that was given to us.

I had the role of a simple bubbly girl. Here’s how I look:


At 36, it looks kind of weird and gross to have a hairstyle that you had like almost 30 years ago. I had to dutch here and there to get to my desk to grab something. Goodness. I wonder what will happened when the video is launch. *imagine a dozen people texting me*

Nonetheless it’s fun but at the same time it wasn’t really that easy especially if your character doesn’t match the one that you need to act out. So… kudos to the actors and actresses! I had to raise my voice so that the video camera can capture it. So now, I kept coughing.

That’s a small issue. The bigger problem came when you realised you ain’t having so much fun at your own work. Maybe, I should quit my job and start acting! Anyway, am really grateful for this opportunity. Meanwhile, stay tune! If I’m able yo get the photos, I’ll post it here!

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Ramblings – Decompressing the Brain

12.01am – Kids’ Heguru homework. J-trip itinerary. A-trip plans. Pack luggage. Buy bag. Strategic workforce planning. Monthly report. Ad hoc requests. Websites. Watercolour. Crocheting. Buttercream rose. Halloween night. Money management. Time management. Exercise. Homeschooling. Develop photos. Collate photos. Interior design. Nail art painting. Lessons. Pack the room. Obedient packs. And many others… how… can… I… finish… all of them?

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Ramblings – It’s Been a While

It’s been a while. That’s the words I saw on a friend’s FB page. Indeed it has been a while, just a short while but still a while.

Good morning. Today is Monday and the sky is clear. I’m sitting in my office with a half-eaten breakfast. Appetite’s not back yet and the runs continue. Hasn’t been feeling so pukey since my last pregnancy and don’t worry *pat pat*, I am not pregnant. Two is enough.

Life’s thus far, thank God, still good. Lots of things are happening at the same time and I’m trying to cope with it all. So let’s just have a simple and short recap about my life now.

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Thoughts – From Foe to Friend

In one’s life, there’s probably only a handful of people that will brighten up your day, and that you can talk about anything under the sun. I’m blessed with quite a handful although I did not contact with some of them to avoid any misunderstandings. And I am really grateful to know of this dear friend, who was an ex-colleague, and furthermore one which I had to “beware” of, due to our job scope.

We didn’t talk much in the office previously. At least, initially, for my boss told me to take note of what I said as he is an auditor. I did as per what I was told. It was until a job trip with him that things changed. He wasn’t as scary as what my boss had portrayed him to me. And as far as I know, talking to him about non-work things instead of not talking at all is far more easier.

As the saying goes, “Better an honest enemy, than a false friend.”

He is one darn honest chap I would say. Maybe it’s because of his upbringing. And as he travelled quite a lot, I get to hear lots of stories about other countries.

Anyway, it’s been almost a year since we last saw each other after we resigned from our previous company one after another (such a coincidence!). Today, as I was walking towards the hawker centre area for my lunch, someone called my name. It was him alright. He was as surprise and happy as I was? For he said he hasn’t seen any familiar face ever since he works here. And I happened to be on course for these 2 days. Was wondering what and where to eat when he pops up. He had his lunch and so he just sat down and accompanied me. We catched up on what happened for the past year. It was a nice lunch.

I’m really glad to have made such a friend. Just documenting it because I was really happy to see him again. *hugs*

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Food – Pondok Kartika @ MBC

For a while, let’s blog on something nice and ON TIME! (oops, I know I’ve been owing too much posts)

Just got back from my lunch and abducting an aerodactyl on my way back. Today my colleagues and I tried at this relatively new Indonesian restaurant. We were a tad early and thus there wasn’t anyone else in that small restaurant other than the 4 of us. That was just slightly before 12 noon. It wasn’t until around 12.45pm before you see the place being quite filled up. Yes, the location matters. It was hidden in a corner, away from the main road. And there wasn’t any sign board put outside to capture people’s attention.


We reckoned that the menu sticked outside wasn’t really that attractive too and thus a lot of people read and turned away.

The interior was plainly decorated too but I supposed since we are not here for the ambience, it doesn’t really matters that much.

Well, so much about the location but how’s the food? For a $9.80 set lunch, which includes the food and a drink, it was quite alright for a simple restaurant price.

picsart_09-08-01-53-16The quantity was quite a fair bit. Their set lunch (two choices) is fixed based on the day of the week. I chose the sweet and sour fish, and it comes with a veg and tahu goreng. Not too bad, I would say. The 4 of us all gave a thumbs up! Of course it might not be splendid but for the price that we paid, it’s worth it.

If you are working near to the MBC (Mapletree Business City), you should hope in and try the food. Lastly, I love the chilli. Definity don’t mind going back again.


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Ramblings – The Heat is On

7.27am – Let’s see how long you took. We are supposed to be out by 7.50am.

7.33am – SHOUTOUT: Go back to your mom! I’m not your maid! I don’t pamper you like sh*t, you pampered prince! If my mom is a pampered princess, you are a hundred times worse! How many times do I have to tell you to remind me at night and not early in the morning where I might be rushing for work too?! Your mom don’t appreciate people celebrating for her? I doubt you appreciate my parents helping you to take care of our two kids either! You are used to being late for work but I am not! I took it only because you kindly offer it! If this is going to be such a torture to wake you up, then I rather go on my own. That black face and as if we owed you something, is not something that I asked for early in the morning. Sorry but f you.

7.45am – Breathe… cool down…

He who angers you conquers you. ~ Elizabeth Kenny


1.31pm – Caught another one. It’s the 3rd one so far. Not bad. Not bad. *grinning*


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Ramblings – Quitting Pokemon GO

12.56pm – Just got reprimanded by my mom for abandoning my kids tonight for Pokemon GO instead and not giving them enough rest. Am having thoughts of taking a laid back pace in playing this game now. For I don’t have the mood to play after that…

Once you have kids, life will be different…

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