Sometimes you really can’t blame me for having lesser and lesser things to say to him. Why is it always my fault? And why can’t he just take it easier?

Went to the wrong lane, then? Why is it my fault? Why rely totally on my words? Are you blind? Can’t you read the road signs? It’s the third day already and you are still asking me for the directions?

Wrong lane? U-turn? Why scold??

Sigh… another stab early in the morning when the other wound hasn’t healed completely. I’ll be bled dry at this rate.

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Getting Old…

It’s been a while, that I have the time to sit down, alone, with such overwhelmed thoughts.

I just had my eyes checked, to make a new pair of spectacles since my old one was still stuck behind the stacks of boxes and the other pair’s nose supports had both dropped. Brought my frame to the spectacle shop and they checked the degree of my eyes. 150 for both. Did I hear it wrongly? The last time that I checked two years back was probably still at 200!

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