Where Was I?

It’s been 2 weeks since I last wrote. My attempts failed yet again althought its a very conscious one. Ah… where was I?

I got lost in my dreamland this morning. Indulging a little on that pathetic sweetness, whatever that’s left and can be tapped. I would love to indulge a bit more but it just wasn’t possible. Maybe someday… maybe… just maybe…

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Change of Events

Guess what?

Within an hour from my last post, as I prepared for their school and woke little milo up, I found out that he is having a fever again. Yes, again! Just 10 days after he recovered from one and now here we go again. And then all my plans had to change, such as getting my table top and miscellaneous from IKEA, visiting a friend’s newly open Thai stall and doing some of my work.

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I’ve Answered.

Another week has passed so how’s the progress? Terrible.

Everything is still as messy as ever. To do list is piling up even higher even though TODOist kept reminding me of what I should do. The ad hoc stuffs simply kept on coming.

I have a lot of issues now, be it self inflicted or real. For Continue reading “I’ve Answered.”

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Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

In the dark, I saw a glimpse of light. Is that real? Did you hear my prayers and thus you brought him back to me? Is that real? So soft and warm. It’s real. I am grateful.

And there goes the bubble.

I am still grateful.

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Too Much Noise

Sitting in a corner of the house at 6.28am, enjoying the peace and quiet with a splitting headache. I just realised that I love quiets, a lot, way too much than I know. And it’s getting more and more on my nerves when those noises came up.

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