Day 27 of Reboot

I reached office and finished my Mac breakfast. Listed 21 items to be cleared on a half day work day. Will probably be going for pilates though, depending on my colleague. And then for my dental visit.

So let’s get ready and start the busy day!

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Day 26 of Reboot

It’s 10.27pm. My brain is dead. My sister is watching the World Cup soccer match on TV. It’s watching me.

A lot of things happened today. For one, I realised that I’ve been kept real busy since my portfolio’s changed. It’s a good thing I would say but I ended up packed and drained and lost at certain point. I tried to keep up with it by using a calendar to schedule the things that I need to do but its not as easy as I think.

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Day 11 of Reboot

Felt sabo-ed. Working from home today. By right it’s the whole team, now it’s only me.

Pissed with the lil’ hub. Pushing all the responsibilities to me.

I need to start planning.

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Day 10 of Reboot

Back to work. Boss sent me the list of new items that she planned for me.

Am I gear up for it?

13 months. I need to get out of this comfort life to fly. This life is not for me.

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