Day 42 of Reboot

Eyelids are heavy. Head crowded with thoughts. I need a bed desperately.

Will be going for body combat later. Can my body take it? Or should I just go for a walk? 17 more minutes to decide…

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Day 33 of Reboot

Rashes attack!!! Yeah, it’s attacking again! And today I woke up with a swollen left eye and rashes on both arms. I wondered what went wrong…

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Day 31 of Reboot

11.18am – Had been pondering on an email which was sent to me, cc-ed the director, in one of the email. I never reply it because something felt amiss. So I kept thinking of a better way to write it until I forgotten at the end of Friday. Maybe it is a good thing. Colleague told me that the email feels loaded. What is loaded? Hidden agenda. *facepalm*

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Day 30 of Reboot

It’s 12.03am, just finished my office work and shut down the lappie. Oh, correction, it’s stop doing. I haven’t finished yet. I’ve made it a point to sleep earlier every night, today I’ve already failed to do so, thanks to my old boss who asked me to provide the data to her which usually I probably could only do it earliest on the 6th. Providing the data early is not as issue so long she don’t expect me to do a nice and swee swee (pretty pretty) one for her.

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