How do you feel today? Lethargic. EY sent me an email on… Business Computing and MBA… Sigh… Not that I don’t want to study but… I don’t think I want to spend money again. I just cleared my study loans. $10,000 more to go on other things… Not now… *sob* Trying to start the business with NN again…

I think I’m sick of the work that I do. No matter how hard I tried to psycho myself. Sometimes, its really difficult to make a choice to leave, especially when you know that, there might be a small little chance which you can go for those courses. But will those courses really come? Or that WT is going to bombard you with questions after questions to ensure that you are worthy enough for them to sponsor you to take up the course. The number of years you worked there doesn’t matter anymore. Its how you PERFORM. How you can SHINE above the rest of the people. … … Then after a while, someone pressed the “RESET” button and thats it! You start all over again… Good, isn’t it? … … Probably I really need a change of environment. The opportunity here… isn’t for me… I went in, being promised this and that… In the end, everything ended when there’s a revolution. Worse than ended. I should have gone a year ago. Why didn’t I? Because I was lost. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. With that little knowledge that I had learned over the past year… But now, though the knowledge may still be as little but I’ve seen more. If I don’t try, I never will go… And if I never go, I never will know probably how beautiful or ugly the world is, out there. I’m still young. I should go and see the world…

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