2nd Day @ TW

Actually the day seems to pass much faster than in SG. Probably it’s because we ain’t sure with the place, so most of the time, we spent it on walking around. ^^ Today forgotten to put sunblock. Then now I felt like going to the toilet to shit. There’s about 4 cubicles but only one is sitting one, the rest are all squating ones. 28 more days to go. Am I going to count down everyday? Luckily yesterday never woke up too many times.

Today eating LUNCH BOX! Ordered in, 鸡排饭! Cost like TWD$60, which is like S$3.00… This one seems more logical. These few days all paid by BY… How to pay him back? Hmm…

Back in apartment, now waiting for uncle BY to finish bathing. Watching Korean drama now.

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