6 Issues Of Beads Friend

I got it! $77.40! Sigh… Spent money again. Today meeting C&G for dinner. *Stretch*… How to achieve so many things? Own shop, cafe, beads, bags, jewellery making, interior design, fashion design, Japanese language, belly dancing, career…

Am I changing my outlook a lot recently? Weird that DC said that. No, I cut my hair long ago, just that it’s too ugly so I tied up my hair all the while.

Interesting network… MSN…

Oh… not again… lame ones… a lot of questions one… blur areas… To write? Or not to write? Secrets. You know what I’m trying to say? Saying the un-say-able…

So nice to meet up with C&G. Only LL and CT came, DP wasn’t free. Heard that she took a make-over, which cost like $1000+. O.O”’

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