A Panda Is Born

@.@ I look like this today. Why am I working today? Why are there so many emails? Sigh…

The time is 3.33pm. How I wished I’m at home, sleeping now. Or best, I’m at Zhu Zhu’s house, hugging him to sleep now. I’m sleepy. Really sleepy. But then I’ve got work to do. 1038. Why… Sigh… Am I to stay? Or not to stay? Take it? Or don’t take? Life is always so contradicting…

I felt like I’m going round in circles… Almost gotten out but failed. Why?… *SAD* Seems like I’m stuck with SK again… Can’t do on .Net… Maybe… Just maybe… It’s because my knowledge on .Net is limited… *SAD*

Argued with WZ. No… more of… showing attitude. Yes… Because of the stupid game again. Maybe should really stop playing… So impatient…

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