This will be my motto from today onwards – “AIM FOR THE TOP!”. Synet will be at the top by end of this year! I’ll strive, hard. Of course I also won’t neglect my zhu zhu ^^. Strive hard together!

Busy for the whole day, till I’ve got no time to finish my coding AGAIN. Yes, again. Sigh… Anyway, I’ve got one whole list of things which I haven’t finished yet. And I don’t intend to stay too late ‘cos mum wasn’t feeling well, and sis will be out watching a movie. But in the end, I was so tired, I fell asleep at WZ’s place, till 11.30pm before I left for home. Oh yes, gotten my Citibank Clear Platinum card! But too bad, they got the “T M” wrongly. But I’m too lazy to change also.

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