Am I Really Not Supportive?

*Ouch*… those words really can hurt… “Why my gf so not supportive…” and before I could explain myself, the webcam was off… What kind of reaction was that? I said bye and hang up the phone. The next moment, he was offline… Am I really that unsupportive? *sob* He never even hear my explanations about not wanting him to “attack” my family. He never have a sister who cancelled so many policies because she don’t have enough money to pay. And every now and then, people will call her because she’s in debt. How can she buy a policy? Dad never earn a lot but just nice to raise the family and car. You think he got money to buy policies? Mum isn’t working. Who’s the only one left? Me? C’mon use your brain… do I look like I got money to buy some more insurance? Whatever that I get for myself is the maximum for now already. How to support? I don’t think I have enough to support my parents either. But does he know all this? Why am I here in TW suffering? You think I love to be away from home? I don’t really have much of a choice because I need money. And now, just because of that… you said I’m not supportive… Can I say you never think for me? *sob*

No network again… Today… I think it’s QQ’s birthday. Wonder what he’s doing now? Zhu Zhu?… I don’t know… in a way, I don’t wish to know… I still feel like crying, you know? Maybe he didn’t mean what he said but… to hang up like that… it did really hurt a little. After all, I ain’t in SG… Maybe I really shouldn’t care too much.


Couldn’t take it anymore, so went back to apartment and work. Called my mum, then my stupid Zhu Zhu. You know what he said? He said I’m the one who put down the phone first!… See I told you… he always indirectly hurt people without knowing why. But shit… I really love him a lot.

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