BBQ @ Kim’s Old House

Good morning! I’m in office already. Eating my usual cereal now… Hmm… Felt like eating other food but those food doesn’t seems like its for breakfast. Having gastric recently, today also don’t really feel too well, but I can’t possibly not come right? I’ve got so many things to do. Plus some more, this week I’m on duty for L3 support. I’m waiting to restart my computer now but at the same time cleaning up my HDD, so now I’m just waiting. How? I think I’m under stress. These few days, once I lied on my bed, I’ll K.O. Good? Yes in a way… I’m trying to save money now… Saw that 2 pairs of heels that I like… But… Must control… Sigh… Hope my finance will get better…

Went for the BBQ after my detox. My BMI was alright but the fat % was too high! 27.2%. But after going through the process, the fat % dropped to 26.9%. By right, if its 26%, then it should be good enough. But then again, I think it dropped… I remembered last time I measured was like 30.1%? Well, I gained it back at the BBQ after that. And was caught to do some work, which I did till 2am. I didn’t want to go back to the office tomorrow, so…

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