Become A Central Manager?

Uncle BY asked me if I want to become a central manager. CM you know! It’s like a big jump! But… a CM will have to be based in TW… =.=”’ Well, that totally puts me off. They thinking of getting Q to do it. So be it. I don’t want to continue to stay in TW already… End of August. That’s it.

It’s only 5pm and it’s freezing cold. 1.5 more hours to go. No mood to do work or should I said, I just can’t focus. Maybe it’s because of the CNY, or maybe it’s just… me? Today, Zhu Zhu is a little funny. Because of the noise that I made yesterday, today he attempted to SMS me once after every few hours. I mean, I am happy that he made an effort to but I’m just not sure if he finds it “stressful”. I mean… it wouldn’t do any good right? But… I realised I really love him a lot… … … Hmm… … … I WANT TO QUICKLY GO HOME AND HUG HIM!!! ^^ 11 more days!

Okay… it’s 7.13pm ALREADY and I don’t feel like eating already. I mean, I don’t wish to eat after 8pm, and considering the fact that Uncle still wants to go back and put the things down… I wonder what time will I take my dinner again. That’s why, I don’t really like to wait for people. Sometimes I rather be alone. Want to eat, then eat… Instead of waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and then all your plans are messed up. No, I don’t feel like working. I’m NOT a workaholic. I just want to go back to SG and sneak up beside my Zhu Zhu and hug him to sleep on his bed… Damn… I miss him again. I realised this time when I’m back in TW, I got no mood to do work. Totally.

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