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As I took the first bite on my breakfast now (a nice sandwich with ham and egg mayonnaise), there’s only one thought in my head – for the next 30 minutes, I am NOT going to look at any emails, pick up any calls or reply any SMS (put my hp to silent mode and threw into my bag). I didn’t realised how hungry I am, with an empty stomach since my last meal until now, where I finally have some food going down the throat, and into my stomach. It felt so GOOD. Before I got into office today, I had been checking out my emails on my handphone (not really sure if this technology is really that beneficial) just to ensure that I won’t get a shock when I reach office. And the phrasing of an important email today was on-going too, inside my head. Yes, it’s a bad habit, but that’s me when it comes to work.


With the commissioning of my project soon, there’s a lot of last minute issues to tidy up and thus, explained the busy-ness and tired-ness of me. I didn’t even have the time and strength to update this website, but rest assure, once I found the time, I’ll do it soon as I’ve got it written down somewhere but just hadn’t port it over yet.

*Takes a deep breath*

Work is busy. Personal life must also be busy for there must always be a balance between work and life. But if both are busy at the same time, what’s going to happen next? Collapse. But if it’s not balance, then what?

*Takes another deep breath*

Seriously, I’m quite sure I’m not thinking very right. For the past 2 days, I’m late for work. I couldn’t wake up in the morning. Probably it’s because I slept late because of work. But it’s more than just pure tired. Its mentally and physically drained. And prolong of this is definitely not healthy. I need to do something but what? Alright, I think my thoughts is coming out in bits and pieces, and somewhat I’m not sure what I’m writing.

*Chanting: inner peace…* (mimicking Po from Kungfu Panda 2)

And I totally am speechless with both the ends. One, gave me things too late and made last minute changes, but it’s something that I can’t really complained about. On the other hand, the other one, though they made a lot of noise and mentioned that they are trying their best. I DON’T SEE ANY OUTPUT! So how do I judged whether you are doing any work at all?

*Takes an extremely deep breath* inner peace…

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