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If I tell you that the aliens are coming, or probably are already on Earth, would you believe me?

I got stuck in the rain under a flat just now. The lightnings and thunders are too scary, and thus, I dare not proceed. I wondered… does it seems like the lightnings and thunders are getting scarier recently? Have you noticed it, or was it just me? And it seems a lot more frequent recently. Not to mention the fact that the weather’s a little disrupted these recent years. Example, raining when it’s not supposed to (not the season).

There’s a lot of claims out there, such as, the thinning of the ozone, the ice cap melting and thus affecting the currents etc. But what happen if there’s a theory saying that’s it’s because of spaceship(s) coming into our atmosphere and thus causing such changes? Where’s the spaceship(s) then? *LOL*

It’s just a thought that came into my mind while I’m sitting there. If there were to be such a big object, probably in stealth mode to prevent humans from seeing it, and in our atmosphere, it should create an impact to our weather, isn’t it? Since there will probably be some electromagnetic field etc.

And then I thought of the Mayan Prophecy. A prophecy that I read a few years ago. It stated somewhere that on the 20 Dec 2012, which is the end of a cycle, it will be a time of awakening for the humans. Is it a time for human to know that, they are not alone?

You may call me crazy, but in such a big Universe, are you sure we are the only living beings?

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