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It’s a Friday (again) and I’m getting so restless. 3 more hours to go before I can pack my things and fly back home.

Work is piling but I simply don’t have the mood to do. Too many other things occupying my brain and I realised I seemed to ramble about the same things recently again and again. Damn. A sign of things getting really BAD and out of hand. All I can see are the words “DANGER AHEAD”.

Appetite’s today was bad. Took a part of the rice, skipped the steamed egg with pork that the Uncle took wrongly (I actually wanted steamed tofu). Bought some chopped fruits – papaya, banana and honeydew but till now, it’s only half eaten.

Stomach felt a bit bloated, probably from the water that I’d been drinking to recover from my cough or from the fruits that I’d tried to finish so that it won’t start turning yellowish. Took meds just now and thus, still feeling a little groggy.

Googled a lot for information but still clueless on who to choose, or what is to be done. Brain’s a little dead or slow. I need a holiday. Pure holiday with nothing in my head. But I doubt I can do that for the next few monthssssssss.

Gotten my new spectacles yesterday and yes, I look really cute (*shy*) in it but that’s about it.

What else? I don’t know. I just feel like rambling today, or at least now. Too many things occurring at the same time and my pea brain doesn’t have enough RAM to process it. What can I say, we (and I) have got so many things to look and ponder – the PANs, sweetie pea, xiaobai, the wed, and work, and my list of PROJECTS WHICH… okay… is still untouched.

The neglected side of my brain is attempting to go on a strike soon. If things are continuing in this way. But what can I do?

My extra time (recently) had been left to fight against this suddenly sickness. Or trying to keep myself awake. Oh yes, I almost forgotten about the package that will be arriving some time next week but should I be happy about that? Hmmm… somehow… it doesn’t seem very useful soon… or at least for a period of time.

Damn. After rambling for so long, I still feel like rambling more. OH YES! Bebe’s been really sweet, getting sweeter and sweeter. But it’s not the *beep* that’s important isn’t it? Well, it’s been quite a while but it doesn’t really matter. Alright. I admit. I’m probably having PMS. A suddenly influx of hormones. Urgh.

Okay okay… I’ll try and find other distractions… Sigh… *stuffing in my last piece of papaya into my mouth*

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