Blog #0245

Just finished a plate of Mee Rebus, from the canteen in my office building. Totally no satisfaction at all. No, it’s definitely more than enough and I”m damn full now but the satisfaction is just not there. Shall not tried that anymore.

It’s Wednesday already. 2 more days of work and I’m off to a short getaway! Can’t wait for that to happen. Meanwhile, I still got lots of things to do.

And I am, still thinking of yesterday… Really missed that…

[10.42am] Alright. My baby don’t like Mee Rebus *in nauseous mode since then*

[4.49pm] And the report kept running… and running… and running… *yawn*

[11.28pm] I am… still… feeling… rather nauseous… Lost my appetite for whole of today. Damn Mee Rebus. >.<

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