Blog #0266

When you are feeling so blue and down, all you are looking forward to is that time where you get to finally spend time, just with each other, alone. You said that you will try to come back earlier. I’m glad you said that…

I waited and only to know that you’ll be back late. And then I waited some more to know that your mum will be moving in tomorrow, so which means tonight will be the last night. And then I waited EVEN MORE and finally you called and said you are coming… and your mum is coming with you too… All hopes are gone. I’m pissed.

Don’t really want to kick up a fuss… but I thought you missed me, and I do miss you too… especially when I don’t feel too good and needed someone there. And what’s worse, to know that this is the last night that we will spend together alone in a house. I hope you really understand how I feel…

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