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Reached office and ate a few of the kueh burus bought by my MIL. Appreciate that she bought this for me but am trying to cut down on such sweet foods since I’m not eating for myself anymore. Anyway, told her not to buy these at the moment lest it really is bad for the baby. Sigh… somehow she don’t seem to be that health conscious but I guess it takes time to tune her mindset in a way.

It’s another week, and hopefully I’ve got more energy to achieve more things! Still am looking forward to Saturday’s appointment with little milkie, and the Sunday’s picnic with my family. It’s been so long…

  1. Update this blog – 78 more articles to update and publish
  2. Check out information on cordblood
  3. Go for dental checkup – normal
  4. Set up the network at home
  5. Check out price of Starhub TV
  6. Read up and register the points for 20 modules for PMP – 6 read and registered
  7. Read up and register the points for the seminar for PMP
  8. Start working on the writing course
  9. Create Midd and friends
  10. Create cranky fashion website
  11. Start baking/cooking fortnightly
  12. Read up and practise on face reading
  13. Plan for Europe tour (honeymoon!)
  14. Update picture blog
  15. Create video for CNY2012
  16. Find 2 photos for keychain
  17. Change battery for the 2 watches
  18. List down the chinese characters – yin & yang
  19. Buy media player for sis
  20. Join Primary School alumni
  21. Calculate my cashflow for March
  22. Finish knitting the scarf
  23. Check out cloth diaper pants in Gmarket
  24. Photocopy confinement recipe book (2 sets)
  25. Buy media player for our house with LAN port
  26. Change address for all credit cards & banks
  27. Bring a plastic spoon to office
  28. Submit income tax
  29. Buy watches
  30. Wait for Rick to call on arrangement – 3 down, but basin & shower screen still got problem
  31. Wait for Takashimaya Avent to call
  32. Develop photos for MIL
  33. Crochet the birdies for little milkie
  34. Sign up for Starhub mobile lines
  35. Restart and revamp my Shop @ WDL
  36. Download and transfer music to Mp3 player
  37. Bring massage tool back home from mum’s house
  38. Research on electric and manual pump
  39. Organize JC gathering to my house – check with lil’ hub first
  40. Pay citibank and SSC bills
  41. Post letter for Giro of SSC
  42. Buy 2 pillow cases
  43. Ask mum on wine
  44. Get baby clothes from Ah Liang
  45. Check out the swaddle for baby
  46. Wipe the stove with Cif
  47. Transfer photos out of iPhone
  48. Plan holiday to claim $504
  49. Diet plan
  50. Buy pampers for NB
  51. Photo taking on pregnancy – little miss rabbit
  52. Buy bean sprout pillow
  53. Buy latex baby mattress
  54. Buy bread, peanut butter and cheese
  55. Check if Clarity maintenance can be set to evening
  56. Investigate on the errors caused by the “Restore”
  57. Review the current IT Application Procedures (SDLC)
  58. Touch up on the orientation slides for IT staffs
  59. Create FAQ documents for Clarity – Process and Procedures
  60. Audit for BTR and provide findings – deliverables & SCF approvals (1st draft)
  61. Assess the suitability of Sharepoint for Project/Incident Management
  62. Read up on sharepoint
  63. Document SOP for PMO routine tasks (for backup)
  64. Re-create the approver for the workflow of projects
  65. Ensure that the Dev server got backup and kept for 2 years from now
  66. Refresh Dev with the Prod data
  67. Send email to all project managers on project updates and documents required
  68. Create requirements and solutioning document for all reports – daily, weekly, S5
  69. Track RICE projects
  70. Quarterly report for individual
  71. Photoshop the group photo – left shadow
  72. Check and confirm on current conversion of S5 to project
  73. Test and confirm on current conversion of S5 to project
  74. Review and update the current procedures for S5 to project conversion
  75. Document the updated steps for S5 to project conversion
  76. Clean up data
  77. Remove Project S5 from normal S5 calculation and update S5 report
  78. Update daily report to be same as weekly’s
  79. Help to update the wishlist for SIEM

[11.11] I GOT MY PACKAGE! So bloody efficient and I ADORE THEM FOR THAT!

[12.38] Just filled my tummy with fish soup again. Now sipping my apple juice and later on with mixed fruits of papaya, apple and pear. Healthy day today! (Other than the kueh burus in the morning). And now let’s play a little bit of games before I start my work.

[15.45] Suddenly the tummy feels so heavy and my colleague advised me to talk to little milkie and asked her to shift.

[16.59] Time for my milk intake! *Hungry* Wonders if I can go to my mum’s house later… Hmm… but if she never calls, I supposed my little nephew is alright? Heard he probably is having measles… So pitiful… and he’s damn cute!

[17.57] Just alighted from a darn jerky cab which probably have a very old suspension. Almost wanted to puke… I think my little milkie feels giddy too… Poor girl…

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