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7.24am – It’s none of my business, really, to have such a lousy colleague and a CMI boss. Lil’ hub had wanted to take AM leave today to fix his car that had been giving warning signs for the past week. So he texted his boss yesterday night who never replied until this morning. And then, as per somewhat expected, his DEAREST colleague is on URGENT LEAVE for Wednesday & Thursday! Hello! How can urgent leave be on 2 days? Sigh… And not to mention for the fact that she’s already on MC for Monday and Tuesday this week.

8.30am – It’s Good Friday tomorrow but today doesn’t seem like a Good Thursday…

9.30am – Let’s just focus on work and ignore on the rest of the things. Sometimes, am rather pissed with the small little things that’s happening around me. I think I’m not in that good a mood today either.

9.52am – The difference between government and private sectors? SOMEHOW, the salary in government sectors seem to just increase without any reasons, or if any, some redundant reasons. Damn it. And they always seem so free.

10.47am – It’s always a good habit to save those emails, especially requests emails from other people. Just in case, for audit purposes. I’m glad I kept mine.

11.07am – Goodness… I wonder if it’s a good decision to buy a second hand car… Just only less than 4-5 months, and the alternator of the car starts giving problems. And to change it with a second hand one, its cost about $300+. For a new one, it costs $900+… Sigh… WTF… The lil’ hub’s mood is going to be reeeeeaaaaalll bad…

12.17pm – Back in office after lunch. The mood’s not as good, since the start of this morning. Wiped the stove again. Sigh… I felt that I needed to do more things ever since my MIL moved in. Yes, I know that as time goes by, I’ll get used to doing all these without thinking already. But for now… I’m still not used to it. Yet.

3.46pm – Taking a short break and waiting for the boss to discuss some audit things. Tomorrow is a holiday… and my mind is blank now…

5.16pm – Again… I AM speaking in English dude… It might not be really that accurate but I supposed it isn’t THAT bad… Or do you want me to translate it to Mandarin?

5.39pm – Oh… the temp guy that’s replacing me while I taking my maternity leave will be coming in on the 16 April instead of 2 May! Hmm… too fast… another privacy gone.

11.33pm – FINALLY back home after restarting my application’s server at around 6pm. And then having dinner at my mum’s place at around 7pm. And then waiting for the lil’ hub to finish his facial, fetch his car and then me, which is around 10.30pm. And then having quite a heavy supper at the hawker opposite Compass Point at around 11pm. And then now resting a little bit before bathing, eating the bird nest soup and sleeping probably all after midnight.

I’m so freaking tired. And then I haven’t buy the ingredients for the baking for tomorrow yet…

And then… where is Riverview Hotel?

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