Blog #0301

7.15am – Crap… Have I slept? My alarm clock never ring… hmm… oh… Forgotten that I switched it off last Friday…

7.23am – I’m freaking tired and am sitting and stoning on the toilet bowl now. Definitely not enough sleep after experiencing a session of little milkie’s hyperactiveness. It must have been the late night movie that caused her to be so happy. Okay, will take note of that and prevent this from happening again. Wondering what happened? Well, since the end of the movie, especially when I’m trying to sleep at about 12am+, she had been kicking and punching me for the whole night, until 2am+ where I couldn’t take it anymore and dozed off… That’s what happened…

9.02am – Settled down already. Time to do that stupid workflow. Have to get it to work by today by hook or by crook, or else, I’m going to have more problems later.

10.48am – I’m quite sure I’m eating more than usual. After a cup of milk and a piece of bread, I’m already hungry at about half an hour ago. Will need to go for early lunch later.

12.42pm – Back from lunch and my whole shoes are wet! Thanks to the slightly flooded pavement due to the heavy rain a while ago. Had fish soup with rice again today, and then bought a piece of papaya and honeydew. Healthy day today!

1.39pm – CRAP! I’m hungry again! I don’t think my weight is going to increase at 500g per week. Damn it…

2.01pm – After some snacks, it’s time to doze off… Jesus… I’m really either hungry or sleepy. And the time is so difficult to pass while you are working, especially when the brain is not working.

3.11pm – Feeding time -.-”’ I’m already trying to pace it out… but an hour once, that’s really a little bit too much!

5.01pm – Just came out from the weekly meeting. Let’s take a toilet break before I take my last piece of snack!

10.31pm – What’s going to happen to my kitchen if I decided not to clean it from now on? Sigh… Came back home, bathed and went to put the moisturizer. Maybe I shouldn’t have switched on the kitchen lights but too bad I did, and I got 2 very nice surprises. One, a relatively oily stove and two, a pot of I-have-no-idea what beside the washing machine in the service yard. Yippee… so nice for a Monday.

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