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8.56am – A GOOD MORNING TO ALL! With a greeting such as that, it won’t be difficult to know that I’m in a relatively good mood. Why is that so? Because today is FRIDAY! And my boss is working from home. The new contract staff won’t be coming in today because his dad got chest pain (though I hope it wasn’t for that reason), and my privacy area expanded again! Then I’ve got a new idea at 5.30am this morning! Will be working on that later. Yes yes I know, I don’t have the time. But then again, I need to keep myself occupied or else my mood will just go down hill…

So now let’s all start the day by having an extremely HEARTY BREAKFAST!

9.44am – DAMN IT! I KNEW IT! Sometimes you just simply can’t rely on other people to do your job totally… Urgh.

10.19am – Let’s clear up my TO-DO’s! I guess it’s still better if I do it on my own. And today’s the day since the momentum is there, and that I’d already finished drafting up the baby shower for little milkie yesterday. Will be going for the porridge buffet tonight. Yippee! FINALLY… Muahahahaha…

1.33pm – Back from lunch and bought a lot of things! Didn’t expect that it’s going to be so heavy… so took a cab (again) back to office. Anyway, let’s see what have I got… the white paper box and plastic holder for the cakes & such, and then the toothpicks as well as satay sticks. And UHU glue! Going to start trying out and preparing for some of it tonight. So exciting! Hmm… now I’m just wondering how I can get the rest of the things BACK HOME. Don’t feel like spending more money on cabs… Yes, wallet is tight recently. Like what a friend said, don’t anyhow spend money on unwanted things… But as she said this just now, her hub (which is my lil’ hub’s good friend, the one always playing game with him) dropped his phone into the toilet bowl… =.=”’

Life… sooooo unpredictable… and so coincidental…

4.04pm – Okay… my bet, my bet. I should have been a little bit more careful, and check it over and over again. Especially the dates! Sigh… damn it…

9.04pm – After one day of work and knowing that I messed up something, an early rest back home after a nice little dinner with the lil’ hub was the best thing that I can ever wished for. But then, I guessed the previous late nights back home made me forgotten that my MIL is staying with us. She’s awake, and with a welcome gift. The “open concept sunning” of the uncooked noodle is back!! Yeah! Hoooooow niiiiccceee… No idea what that is? Basically, she will leave a bag of uncooked noodles wide open on the kitchen top so that it can be “aired”. Sigh… And I thought its not going to happen. Seems like testing my limits. The fridge is getting more and more packed everyday TOO.

What’s the worst thing? As I stepped out of the kitchen after boiling the water, I got stared at as if I’m an alien. And then I was confronted with a “Why are you boiling the water?”… Erm… Because its finishing soon? WTF. She only stopped starring after the lil’ hub told her to stop asking. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU, MUM??!!!! =.=”’

It’s as if the day is not bad enough. The lil’ hub was deciding whether to eat the noodle or steamed bun. And an impatient MIL simply just couldn’t wait today. I supposed maybe her PMS is back to visit her. Crap. What a way to end my Friday night.

10.23pm – *Humming in head* How wonderful life is… If you’re not staying here…

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