Blog #0320

7.38am – Yup. Time to wake up and do the weekly routine… Woohoo… I’m so enjoying it…

9.14am – STOP STARRING AT ME LIKE THAT! WTF! I’m HITTING MY LIMITS OF YOU KEPT STARING AT ME WHEN I’M DOING SOMETHING! F! And you STILL continued to stare after I asked you, “Mother, why?” TWICE in a roll!! WTF?!!

I had to tell her “Mother, you made me feel very uneasy when you kept staring at me like that.” before she started walking away. Do you have to make me say that out? It doesn’t sound nice at all, do you know that? I bet you don’t like it either. SO STOP STARING AT ME LIKE THAT FREAKILY! I’M NOT AN ALIEN!

8.12pm – Sometimes I really find it difficult to stay together… As much as I tried to accommodate the differences but quite a number of times, I just can’t…

It’s okay if I still complained, because at the very least, I’m venting it out… But there’s a lot of times that I actually don’t… anymore…

“You are being incorrigible again. I don’t want to care anymore.”

So easy to send out such messages but it’s so difficult for the one at the receiving end. “Don’t you feel tired?” You think I don’t?

And if you were to see my red eyes now, what would you say? “Why the f*** are you crying again? Crazy.”

*SOB* Are you sure you are the best?

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