Blog #0324

6.53am – The nose kept on running and the throat remains as sore. I’m definitely going to visit a doctor today. And with that time at home, shall I do some revamping on this website?

6 articles in a page. Total of 109 pages. And yet for most of the time, there’s still a need to click on ‘Read more’ so… hmm… You will probably love or hate the layout of my website if I were to implement whatever that I’m thinking in my head now. *Oops* Morning! It’s a Friday! TGIF!

7.14am – *Applying the stretch marks cream on my tummy* I wonder if I’ll get those stretch marks… Now I still can’t seem to see anything… But in the first place, how does it look like? O.O?

8.55am – I just reached my parents’ house and finished setting up BOTH my PC (Personal & Work)! Going to make full use of my time today!

11.10am – Finally managed to find the portion I wanted in the CSS. Hmm… it’s raining now, can’t go and see the doctor. Shall wait for it to stop and cross over. Nose still running… *Sulk*

12.02pm – It’s still drizzling… and I can feel my whole body heating up. Damn. It’s the weekend!

1.30pm – Just visited the doctor and received a lozenges, flu and inflammation medicine. Somehow… now I had to start monitoring little milkie’s movement. Doctor advised not to take the cough syrup unless really necessary as it causes drowsiness. Sigh… I should have controlled my food intake a little and rest more. After all, it’s only 2 months left! Little milkie… don’t scare mummy… must keep moving okay?

4.38pm – Woke up from a nap. So drowsy… but it’s time for tea break.

5.45pm – Great. I just spent hours trying to change another format, and in the end, I only remove the right column and joined it with the left… -.-”’ But at least I knew I don’t like things to be cluttered together.

6.30pm – Damn it! I still like my initialy layout! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I JUST WASTED MY WHOLE DAY!!!

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