Blog #0331

2.33am – Little milkie… It’s time to sleep and stop kicking your mummy… You’ve been kicking her for the past few hours and she can’t get to sleep…

3.02am – I give up. Go on and kick. I’m sleeping… zzz…

7.12am – *Lying on bed* Hmm… MIL is out… But… I’m still so freaking sleepy…

8.53am – Okay. Too late. There goes my jelly. Will have to do it on another day. I don’t really want to squeeze in the kitchen.

12.38pm – Shall take a short nap…

4.49pm – OH DAMN! I feel so stupid! For weeks, we’d been going a big detour before reaching the classroom! And today, we decided to explore and see if there’s any shorter route and as we open the back glass door, we are at the classroom for the antenatal course already!! Damn it. Dumb (me) & dumber (lil’ hub).

9.53pm – I walk like a penguin, with my legs and feet that resembles that of a pig. What am I? *LOL* Gosh… it’s really very swollen this time round… And the aches in my ass is *aaaaaaaahhhhhh*

11.41pm – The two big boys are playing their usual wrestling games again. And scolding each other vulgarities as they played =.=”’ I seriously wonder what’s so nice about it…?

11.56pm – And now they are going to start sabo-ing each other in the game =.=”’ Boys are still boys. Doubt few will really grow up.

12.20am – Right arm suddenly covered with rashes. Did I eat something wrong? Tamago sushi, doughnut… Thai food? No, no prawn. Hmm… *itchy*

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