Blog #0332

3.29am – Good morning! I’m awake after taking a 2-hour plus nap on the sofa. Oh yes, the big boys are STILL playing the game, SAME game. And STILL scolding each other =.=”’

3.45am – Rude boy. Disrupted my thoughts by reading it while I’m trying to write. Rude boy. *SHAKE HEAD*

3.52am – Raining heavily… so nice if I’m on the bed… sleeping…

4.33am – (Me) Are we home yet…? (Me replying to Me) No… the boys are still playing. The last game.

5.25am – *Back at home*
(lil’ hub) What are you doing? Why still don’t want to bathe? Cleaning the stove again?
(me) *Showed him the new stains* Have to clean else after it accumulated, it’s stuck.
(lil’ hub) I seriously wonder if she cares or can’t see.

Seriously, does it matter? I’m only worrying about next week, and the month where I’m doing my confinement… And I just realized something. The laziness, messiness and dirtiness that my lil’ hub possesses, are probably not inherited by his dad only… The power of genes… But then again, does it matter? Sigh… Time to go bathe and sleep…

11.47am – Bye to my house… Let’s hope you are still intact (especially the stove) when I’m back home a week’s later…

1.18pm – Yeah! The food is finally here! I’m famished! By the way, HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!

1.50pm – Time to run for a friend’s baby shower! Luckily it’s nearby…

2.59pm – Done with the shower. Seriously, there’s really a lot of babies this year! Anyway, saw my friend’s baby, so cute… am I really looking forward to little milkie’s arrival? YOU BET! Miss my little milkie… never mind, I’m going to see her this coming Saturday!

8.31pm – Hmm… the lil’ hub is going back home soon… without me… *pout*… I miss him already… Ever since we got married, there’s never a day that he’s not sleeping beside me at night… *pout* One week… Sigh… But I can’t possibly go back to my own house… It’s too far away from my work place…

11.42pm – Sleeping soon… little milkie, let’s sleep too, without daddy today, and tomorrow, and the day after… and all the way till Friday okie? Daddy said he’ll try and see you on Saturday, if he can ^^ Love you, love my lil’ hub…

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